Sunflower Lab specialize in Augmented and Virtual Reality application Development

We develop customer-centered applications to make your brand innovative and distinctive.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Application Development

Augmented reality applications are based on virtual data and real life so that users can interact with the virtual world while being in real space. On the other hand, virtual reality is an artificial world completely different from augmented reality. These technologies require serious development skills and only handful of people in the world can do it. Thankfully our engineers are capable of delivering you:

  • Mobile Augmented and Virtual Reality Development
  • Virtual Reality Website Development
  • Eyewear App Development
  • Facial recognition, motion tracking, and Depth Perception
  • 3D Spatial Programming and Learning
  • Business Intelligence and Data Science
  • Deep learning System Development
  • 3D Modeling and 3D UI/UX Application Design
  • IOT Application Development
  • 3D UI/UX App Design

Sunflower Lab’s Augmented and Virtual Reality Application Development

Equipping your business with augmented reality, virtual reality, and various latest technologies at one place. Our mission is to provide you a solution that can boost your business potential and bring value to your products. Our world class services provide following benefits to the clients:

  • Give you real time assistance in maintenance and control
  • We make games and apps close to lifelike real experience for your customers
  • Our experienced developers deliver you 360-degree virtual games and apps
  • We give you customized applications and games for any augmented and virtual reality device

Recent Augment Reality App

SeeMore  Interactive mCommerce Application

The next generation of mobile commerce.

  • Shop Anywhere, Anytime
  • Bring Retails to Life
  • Scan the Image
  • Unlock Exclusive Experience
SeeMore Interactive

How is Sunflower Lab best for your business?

Our Augmented and Virtual reality application development methods not only help your brand but also bring out the true potential of your business. These technologies are still new so you might not know the vast number of uses it has, but we are excited to help you with our innovative methods. Here is how we are the best for your business:

  • Flexible for you: Our development method is based on what you want from your business
  • Certified Professionals: We are certified professionals who follow holistic approach
  • Security Assurance: Our expert professionals follow NDA and never release detail to anyone
  • Quality Resources: No lack of resources in your project, we give you best UI to 3D experiences

Our goal is to help your business move ahead of your competition and we do this by integrating your business with breathtaking experiences on multiple platforms. We can customize your augmented and virtual reality applications for these and more.

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets and Televisions
  • Personal Computers
  • Smart-glasses

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