Native Cloud Mobile, Web, and SaaS Application Development

Sunflower lab has proven track record to build highly scalable and available and resilient cloud application with many of our clients. We also accommodate and migrate the existing legacy application using cloud technologies

We offer traditional custom application development using technologies like IOS, Android, Java, Net, Node.Js, Angular.Js, Python etc.

We believe in Getting It Right at the first time. At the beginning of the process, we are being very careful about which cloud service can be used and which will be the best fit.

Our Cloud Application Development pillars

Build Modular Application which can integrate with other cloud services, which makes maintenance and updates easy.

Build high performance, scalable and available and flexible application.

Automate the development, test, and deployment for continuous delivery and reduce the risk and increase the agility.

No Lift and Shift for the legacy application.

After launch support

We provide full detailed AWS infrastructure and service documentation which helps in-house staff to get on board easier. We also serve our client who needs ongoing support with our managed service.

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