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Mobile Usage

Why Mobile App?

Statistics show that the average American spends more than two hours a day on his or her mobile device.

Day by day mobile usage is increasing, it is really important to offer end-user mobile apps with all functionality available on the web and another platform.

Mobile app comes with the advantage of mobility, GPS positioning, and tracking capabilities, augmented reality/virtual reality, making phone calls from an app and much more.

How Sunflower Lab can help?

At Sunflower Lab, we have helped many clients to convert their ideas to the mobile app. We deploy apps to every major smartphone platform which include iOS, Androids, and Windows. No matter what platform you want to build your smartphone app for, Sunflower Lab has you covered. Sunflower Lab has the team of experienced designer and developer to build the world-class mobile app.

Our expertise in executing mobile app development using the robust and scalable architecture with enterprise grade quality helped many clients. Our polyglot team of mobile app developers has been building products that have helped clients to reach to next level.

How do we do at Sunflower Lab?

We take any idea or business needs and go to different phases to convert to mobile app.


During this phase, business requirements and needs are discussed. We create the prototype to visualize how mobile application would meet that requirement.


During this phase, Team builds and tests mobile application. Testing happens on targeted mobile OS versions and hardware.


During this phase, Mobile application deploys to google play and/or apple store.

Measure& Market

Once mobile apps deployed, we can measure customer usage, app performance, user experience, market penetration using various analytical tools.

Selected Work


Our polyglot team of engineers excels in every technology powering native, hybrid and custom software development.

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