Biton unique is something we like to call ‘relay-style messaging’! We’ve created a way for individuals to share content in a group by grabbing and passing the group ‘biton’, or virtual baton. Whoever has the biton gets to post to the story. All your pictures and videos can then be played back together like you’re watching a group created movie!

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A Social Search Engine Built for Everybody

Bridgi is a new way for users to search for recommended and trusted people and businesses. More to come in the following weeks.

Web Application

IOS Application

Android Application

Bridgi combines the roles played by referral apps

social media platforms to focus on the theory of linking users by up to three degrees of separation. If a connection or a connection of your connection has recommended a restaurant, child care provider, doctor, lawyer, realtor, even someone to add to your evening pick up basketball game or book club, those individuals and/or businesses will bubble to the top of your search list.

Bridgi - Search for Professionals, Restaurants or Activities
bridgi- find people

Find People you know. People you trust.

It’s like asking your network “Have you used or know a reliable, reasonable landscaper?” and getting the answer in seconds instead of days. Bridgi provides a platform for businesses and individuals to be located in a passive manner of advertising their services/skills that utilizes the “word of mouth” theory of having people that are within a similar social sphere of trust leading a user to them with other users’ referrals.

Bridgi - Expand Rating
Bridgi - Messaging
Bridgi - Add Your Business

What Client Say's

Ed Brown

They were patient with me and would tell me what I need. Again, this is not my background at all. I know that all the pieces work, just not how they work, and they're patient with me. Customer service was great more than anything. I love the work that went into it, how much they cared about it and wanted to make it right. If they thought it should go one way and I thought it should go another way, we'd have live discussions about what I wanted, and this is why they think, in the technical world, it should be this way. We'd go back and forth. Sometimes I'd say yes, but sometimes I said, “No, we're going with what I said.” We'd end it there, but we'd always have a discussion about it, so I appreciate that.

Ed Brown. Founder, Bridgi

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