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Sunflower Lab is an Information Technology Company, who regularly works with world industry leaders in building small to large scale software in the various industry. We build custom software, web application, mobile application and cutting edge cloud applications. We have found IT solutions that work and those which have not done as well, so our clients can gain knowledge from our experienced IT consultant.

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Our consultants analyze business requirement thoroughly to ensure the best outcome. We help to build secure, scalable, robust, and high-performance software. Our consultant can help in various field in IT, such as

  • Cloud applications and cloud migration
  • Automation testing ( Unit, Integration, and Functional)
  • Agile practices and process implementation
  • Software architecture for high volume application
  • Mobile application strategy
  • SAAS application
  • Big Data and Data Migrations

In strategic IT consulting service, Sunflower can provide consultant on-site, engage in new or existing project and be the development partner. Sunflower can provide IT consultant on demand.Sunflower also can provide the team which can take over a project or works with the client team.

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Our polyglot team of engineers excels in every technology powering native, hybrid and custom software development.

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