Why AR and VR Applications?

AR apps are based on virtual data and real life so users can interact with the virtual world while being in real space. On the other hand, VR is an artificial world completely different from AR. These technologies require serious development skills and only a handful of people in the world can do it. Our engineers are capable of delivering:

  • Mobile AR and VR Development
  • VR Website Development
  • Eyewear App Development
  • Facial recognition, motion tracking, and depth perception
  • 3D Spatial Programming and Learning
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D UI/UX App Design
  • Deep Learning System Development
  • Business Intelligence and Data Science

Sunflower Lab’s AR and VR App Development

Sunflower Lab equips your business with AR, VR, and various latest technologies in one place. Our mission is to produce a solution that boosts your business potential and brings value to your products. Our world-class service provides the following benefits:

  • Customized apps and games for any AR/VR device
  • 360-degree virtual games and apps from experienced developers
  • Lifelike experience for customers
  • Real-time assistance in maintenance and control

How Sunflower Lab is Best for You?

There are vast number of uses for this new technology! Our development methods for AR and VR apps not only helps elevate your brand to a new platform, but also opens new potential for your business. Sunflower Lab is the best for your business because:

  • Starts with you: Our developments methods is based on what you want for your business
  • Certified Professionals: We are certified developers who follow a holistic approach
  • Quality Resources: We provide the best UI to 3D experiences
  • Security Assurance: We have strict NDA policies preventing any detailed disclosures

Sunflower Lab wants to help move your business ahead of your competitors. We do so by integrating your business with customizable AR and VR apps, on devices such as smartphones, smart-glasses, tablets, PC’s, and more.

Recently Developed AR App

  • SeeMore’s Interactive m-Commerce Application

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