From conceptualization to after-product launch, IoT development challenges can stop a project in its tracks. Here’s the top challenges developers face and how to overcome them.

The Internet of Things is an instrumental technology driving digital transformations in business processes across the world. But IoT development it is not without challenges. Despite over 26 billion devices being connected on an IoT network, in the world, the technology is in its youth. A Cisco study reveals 61 percent of IT specialists believe they’ve yet to scratch the surface of IoT capabilities for their business. This means opportunities are limitless– so why are companies finding their IoT projects failing? Turns out companies surveyed find only 26 percent of their IoT initiatives prove successful.

IT and Business Executives Have Varying Focuses

Of IoT projects taken to the Proof of Concept stage (PoC), IT executives believe 35 percent become complete successes. But of their business counterparts, only 15 percent share mutual agreement. One of the major IoT development challenges stems from the different objectives IT and business executives have. IT decision makers naturally place greater significance on applications used and how to improve it. They rely on an organizational culture and expertise. Business decision makers, on the other hand, have a broader scope when it comes to data analysis and marketing sales. They want focus on strategy and business cases, setting realistic milestones to measure progress. Other factors become involved that present IoT development challenges:

  • Project taking longer than predicted
  • In-house expertise of analysts and developers
  • IoT migration with legacy systems
  • Going over budget

Because of this, it’s important for IT and the business department to maintain open communication. Each party must make their priorities clear when beginning a project. This drives development in the right direction to satisfy both sides. Otherwise, expectations won’t be met and the project may not exceed PoC.

Handling Security and Data

Security is the most talked-of IoT development challenges within the IT community. As this technology is in its youth, there’s an ongoing struggle to push the boundaries of what IoT can do, while simultaneously developing necessary security features. Networks and the physical devices connected to them may produce significant weak spots open to potential hackers. While protective measures are available– firewalls, defense mechanisms, preventative updates– the issue stems from a lack of personnel. The number of qualified professionals to consistently maintain an IoT network (especially one that is expanding) are few. Some companies simply cannot afford in-house developers. In this scenario, consult verified third- party developers who can assist in maintaining your IoT network, at a rate viable for your business.

A similar challenge exists with big data. Big data is the influx of information mid-to-large size corporations pull from their IoT devices. Management of this data provides actionable insights to boost business processes– in the right hands. A shortage of qualified business analysts means companies struggle to shift through the vasts amounts of data they receive, from inventory tracking devices to information collected on consumer buying behaviors. When looking for business analysts, ensure they have years of experience in handling big data for companies. Inquire their process for discovering valuable insights and determine how they can bolster your existing analytics team, or oversee a new team.

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