Yash Patel

Yash Patel is a co-founder and CTO of Sunflower Lab. A dynamic entrepreneur well versed with the full spectrum of proven business practices and leading-edge technologies, he likes to spend quality time with his family and have fun with friends and colleagues – When he’s free!

Unique problem-solving capabilities, he has extensive knowledge and sound experience across multiple business domains and project management disciplines such as resource management, strategy and planning, solution design, product design and go to market strategies. Yash Patel is a seasoned solution architect and specializes in cloud, IOT and digital product designing and development.

At Sunflower Lab, apart from leading the solution architect team he focuses on IT strategy and execution, team building and client relationship.

The app development space is a very competitive market. In fact, Clutch lists over 10,000 companies that provide app development services! So how do we stand out amongst the crowds? First, we deliver the best work our clients could ask for. With big clients like Nationwide, you know we mean business!

Clutch - Top Mobile App Developers

We then request our clients leave us feedback on our Clutch profile. Clutch, together with their sister company, The Manifest, are doing research on app development companies all over the world. They want to help businesses find the right partner to work with. They collect detailed, case-study style reviews for Sunflower Lab and rank companies on their directories, like this mobile app development companies directory!

So many companies on Clutch collect 2-3 reviews hoping to gain some exposure and maintain a good digital presence. That’s great and all, but we do go above and beyond when collecting reviews through Clutch. Our most recent review was from this summer and it marked our 20th review on Clutch’s platform. This Dallas based client summed up their satisfaction by saying,

“This product is extremely important, and we’ve been satisfied with Sunflower Lab’s work.”

Another recent review of ours was from an Atlanta based sports startup. They were really happy about how we communicated and our dedication to their project. They said,

“They’re highly responsive and willing to work outside of regular business hours.”

We’ve got so many wonderful reviews on Clutch’s platform that they named Sunflower Lab a top app dev company in the New York area! You can see our presence on The Manifest here and our Clutch profile here. We’re excited to hear from you about your next app development project!

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