Sunflower Lab has won “The Best Software Development Company in NY” award from They organized the first 33 Under 33 awards for NYC Entrepreneurs. Yash Patel was nominated among a cast of talented tech entrepreneurs from the NY/ NJ area. The Sunflower Lab was grateful upon receiving the award and Yash personally thanks, all who supported the dev team.

Sunflower Lab prides itself upon delivering timely solutions for clients in a variety of industries. From manufacturing, to e-commerce, to transportation, Sunflower Lab has successfully reimagined the business process with cloud solutions and app development for a host of industries. We have worked with our clients every step of the development process, often having one of our members on-site with the client to facilitate better teamwork.

We continue to uphold a standard of urgency with each new client and look forward to working with new clients in other industries. The Sunflower Lab always strives to understand to business from the ground up and offering solutions one step at a time. Our recent innovations include working with new voice control technology and augmented reality kits. Our development team keeps up with the most recent app technologies and will innovate digital solutions for your business as you see fit.

Our website gives an ample look at the kinds of projects we’ve been successful at in the past. To get a quote for your business or consulting for your tech idea, contact Yash and the Sunflower Lab today.