Healthcare Digital Transformation


Seamless Scheduling And Monitoring Is Now Possible

Accurate Neuromonitoring is a dedicated IONM practice that covers over 12,000 surgical cases annually and provides service to over 400 surgeons and 100 hospitals and ambulatory centers in eleven states. Their business is complex with a lot of moving parts including technicians, neurologists, patients, supplies, client specific billing policies, and much more.

Accurate Neuromonitoring is growing fast but has made it a priority to maintain its excellent reputation for being able to meet its clients’ scheduling requirements on a short timeline.

In order to get ahead of the growing pains that often come with geographical and personnel expansion, Accurate Neuromonitoring partnered with Sunflower Lab to build a cutting edge custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool.

Core Features

The ERP enables the Accurate Neuromonitoring team to efficiently schedule technicians and neurologists in a relatively unpredictable environment as the next surgery could be scheduled at any one of 100 hospitals on very short notice. The feature-rich scheduling component includes:

  • Multi-region support: know what personnel are available within driving distance of the client
  • Emergency Support: who can be called to surgery on a moments notice
  • Pre-surgery confirmation with the hospital 24 hours prior to scheduled surgeries
  • Delay alerts that allow a technician who is onsite to alert remote neurologist of delays via the platform
  • Utilization Reports that factor in recent workload to scheduling helping to avoid burnout among technicians

The ERP’s human-centric design essentially includes an empathy component making sure that  Accurate Neuromonitoring’s personnel do not get overworked or overstressed.

The ERP also includes client specific billing features that split each case’s invoice between the hospital and the insurance(s) that may be involved. For example, professional service (neurologist) fees are always billed to the insurance but technician and supply fees may be billed to the hospital or to the insurance depending on the client specific contract. Business rules have been programmed into the ERP that allows the correct billing allocation to happen at the click of a button.


A Customized Solution: The Accurate Neuromonitoring ERPs ability to handle variability makes it extremely unique. The scheduling and billing components enable the IONM service provider to meet client needs more efficiently enabling patients to get healthy faster.

Mobile Apps for Technicians making them 100% Digital: Technicians can access the customer portal, view, and download case reports from their mobile devices. This is a significant problem solver as it allows techs to quickly access what they need on the road or in the hospital without having to sit down at a laptop.

Technician Widget: The ERP’s ultimate feature is an application that has been coined the Tech Widget. It can be used during the surgery to add, update, and capture case-specific information like modality, procedure, documents, IONM time to the minute, and patient information among other components.

“I think the runaway winner of our platform is the tech widget. The organization and time savings it provides our technicians in the operating room is considerable. We’ve definitely made our technicians lives easier. I’m excited for the future as we will continue to add features and improve our employees work experience.”

Accurate Neuromonitoring’s COO, Gene Boucher

What's next for the platform

The roadmap for the Accurate Neuromonitoring platform is bright as they will continue working with Sunflower Lab to make the tool even more robust. Features that are currently being engineered include:

  • Integrated native chat which saves the conversation directly save to case
  • Inventory management system that directly connects with supply vendors
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) that will more efficiently update patient information on each case instead of the technicians having to type everything
  • Financial and analytical reports inclusive of predictive analytics

The predictive analytics are especially exciting as they will provide forecasting for the number of cases Accurate Neuromonitoring will have and when they can expect to get paid by insurance companies.

This will be a strong step towards taking the guesswork out of forecasting revenues and cash flow allowing the Accurate Neuromonitoring team to more effectively plan their growth strategy.