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Delivering a superior Intra Operative Neuromonitoring (IONM) Service

NeuroMonitoring Service Provider
IONM Service for various Healthcare Verticals

As Accurate Neuromonitoring provides IONM services, keeping a track of their technicians and readers is very important. So they approached Sunflower Lab to upgrade their systems for the efficient allocation of resources viz., readers and technicians as well as tracking the schedules of surgeries. They wanted to increase efficiency along with optimal utilization of resources. Thus, Sunflower Lab worked with the Accurate Neuromonitoring team for this.

IONM Service For Various Healthcare Verticals

Accurate Neuromonitoring, LLC is a dedicated IONM practice that provides service in eight states.

Seamless Scheduling And Monitoring Is Now Possible
Seamless scheduling and monitoring is now possible

Scheduling and management become inevitable when there are a lot of surgeries in a day. And that’s where Accurate Neuromonitoring plays an inevitable role. It provides IONM services for a wide variety of neuro-surgical, orthopaedic, vascular and ENT procedures in addition to other surgeries where neurological structures are at risk. It also provides supplies to doctors and hospitals wherever required for these surgeries. Thus, monitoring supplies is also an important part of this platform.

Accurate Neuromonitoring LLC insists on the level of excellence that exceeds the standards of the profession

Faultless scheduling and monitoring

With the Accurate Neuromonitoring platform, tasks like scheduling and management of resources, monitoring of supplies, billing or invoicing and raising a PO request can be done seamlessly. Billing can be done for readers’ services as well as for supplies used by the hospitals and doctors. All this can be done seamlessly just by using the Accurate Neuromonitoring platform through fax, email, phone or it can also be done online.

Accurate Neuromonitoring also plans to launch a mobile application for technicians who will be able to log in and check their schedules for the day. The Accurate Neuromonitoring team has the vision of making the IONM service as a standard of care for all surgeries which entail a risk of neurological compromise.

Faultless Scheduling And Monitoring

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