NeuroMonitoring Service Provider

Leading a Healthcare Digital Transformation

Accurate Neuromonitoring provides critical healthcare services and keeping a track of their technicians and readers is core to their business. We developed and deployed a custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for Accurate Neuromonitoring to help them transform how they do business.

Seamless Scheduling And Monitoring Is Now Possible

“It’s amazing how Sunflower Labs was able to break down our business, determine a technical strategy to consolidate the existing systems, and then execute.”

A New Digital Experience Impacting Several Business Functions.

The Sunflower Lab team conducted dozens of interviews to understand Accurate Neuromonitoring’s business and mapped out all the potential workflows. In order to meet Accurate Neuromonitoring’s needs, custom business rules needed to be created for each of their clients given the variation in billing practices.We created several new digital experiences that simplify and streamlines their scheduling & billing that is all driven from information in the custom ERP.

Faultless Scheduling And Monitoring

Accurate Neuromonitoring LLC insists on the level of excellence that exceeds the standards of the profession

Streamlined Business Operations

With the Accurate Neuromonitoring platform, tasks like scheduling and management of resources, monitoring of supplies, billing or invoicing and raising a PO request can be done seamlessly.Billing can be done for readers’ services as well as for supplies used by the hospitals and doctors. All this can be done seamlessly just by using the Accurate Neuromonitoring platform through fax, email, phone or it can also be done online.