Blue Sky Propane Case Study



Over 70M people in the United States use propane for their household heating, grilling and commercial purposes.

They all have the same problem: They all run out of propane before having another tank ready for them. Since they have no ability to see how much propane is left, Blue Skye saw a huge opportunity to build a smarter propane tank.

Blue Sky Propane reached out to us to help them build a digital companion to their physical propane tank, that gave their users real-time insights on their tank levels, as well as the ability to re-order and pay for their propane all within a mobile app.

Blue Sky Propane
Automatic, Smart and Secure Re-Ordering

Since the digital solution has near real-time data to your propane levels, we created the ability for the system to automatically re-order, or schedule a time to get your propane tanks refilled. Using TouchID biometrics, users are able to login with their fingerprint recognition feature.

The solution alone has resulted in happier customers & more predictable revenue.

Customer Analytics

In addition to viewing your propane level data, you’re also able to view historical reports and analytics about your usage.

You can view fuel consumption records, average and total gas deliveries, total gallons of gas consumed and billing amounts for the entire year or within a specific period using filtering options.

Easy order and pay online

If you haven’t opted for the Smart Tank Technology feature, you can order and make payments for your gas manually anywhere and anytime.

Simply enter the total quantity you need in gallons, confirm your order and pay your bill online to receive propane gas at your billing address.

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