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Blue Sky Propane is a mobile platform for refilling propane LPG. It lets you automatically monitor your propane LPG tank’s fuel level 24x7, check gas consumption, order refills, view billing history and do much more.

Blue Sky Propane
Never run out of propane again

The domestic market consumes approximately 50% of propane gas in the United States. One of the biggest issues faced by domestic propane consumers is ordering the gas in time before it is exhausted. It takes some time before you can get a refill so chances are you’ll be ordering food or eating outside with your family if you’ve ran out of propane.

Blue Sky Propane see the problem and opportunity within. There is no easy way for their customer to see the tank level, pay the bill, refill the gas and see the billing history except calling the back office. Blue Sky Propane saw this problem as opportunity to provide better solution for their customer, provide better service.

Blue Sky Propane

Automatically monitor propane gas level 24x7 with Blue Sky Propane's Smart Tank Technology

Smart Tank Monitoring
Fuel tank monitoring

Get an “inside” view of your propane tank and find how much of gas has been consumed – automatically monitor the propane gas level inside the tank. As propane is consumed and its level falls below a certain point a refill is automatically ordered for you. You have four refilling options – Smart tank, Scheduled, Auto fill and Will Call.

Fuel Consumption Details

View fuel consumption records, average and total gas deliveries, total gallons of gas consumed and billing amounts for the entire year or within a specific period using filtering options.

Fuel Comparision
Order Gas
Order And Pay Online

If you haven’t opted for the Smart Tank Technology feature, you can order and make payments for your gas manually anywhere and anytime. Simply enter the total quantity you need in gallons, confirm your order and pay your bill online to receive propane gas at your billing address.

Touch ID security

It is a fingerprint recognition feature that allows you to unlock the Blue Sky Propane app. No more worries about unsecured or unauthorized access – Touch ID security feature ensures only you access your app.

Instant Chat
Instant chat

The chat facility helps you instantly communicate with other Blue Sky Propane customers who’re currently online – You can share information, receive messages from others and do a lot more. If you’re facing some problems you can resolve your issue by contacting the company’s support team using the feature.

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Available in IOS & Android