Customized CRM Solutions for Briskheat

Heating Industry

Our Customized CRM solution is helping Briskheat's Engineering and Design team in managing various tasks ranging from "Requirement Gathering to Designing and Revisions in Design"

CRM Solutions for Briskheat
Web-based platform for Requirement Gathering

The Briskheat team observed that they were unable to receive the expected output from their existing CRM systems which had various technological constraints. So the Briskheat team contacted Sunflower Lab to upgrade their CRM systems to increase their operational efficiency.

Web-Based Platform For Requirement Gathering

With the new Web app for CRM, engineers can now gather requirements effortlessly

Complete The Tasks Effortlessly And Save Time
Complete the tasks effortlessly and save time

With the new web-based CRM for Briskheat, engineers will now be able to complete the requirement gathering tasks in lesser time than they used to with their existing systems. Once requirement gathering is completed, the engineering team prepares the quotation for the customer. The customers can also provide additional requirements according to which the quotation can be revised by the engineers.

A web-based CRM which can be accessed from any location

Design team can work harmoniously with Engineering team

On completion of requirement gathering and revision process, the design team will obtain the data from the web-based CRM and proceed with designing and manufacturing the heating solutions for Briskheat’s clients.

The new and upgraded web-based CRM will help the engineers and designers work efficiently and in-tune with each other without any communication gaps. This will help them avoid errors and will also save time and cost.

Design Team Can Work Harmoniously With Engineering Team

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