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Flexible Packaging's raw material is like commodity their prices changes everyday. With custom CRM Dayana team's goal is to keep their client self sufficient and informed about price change, quotation, invoices, instant communication, delivery schedule and details.

Custom CRM Solution
Manual Communication and Human Errors

Dayana PolyPlast is global company with office in different part of USA,Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia They are one of the major manufacturers and exporter in flexible packaging solutions. Because of daily changing rates of raw material, its hard for dayana team to keep their clients and prospects informed. There was no ready made solution available that can easily be blended into their workflow.

World class house for a variety of bags used in various industries like Fertilizer, Cement, Sand, Food Grains, Sugar, Cattle Feed, Pulses, Spices, Agro Products, Minerals, Resin, Polymers and Rubber.

quick communication
Quick Communication and Availalbe on Any Device

Custom CRM for Dayana provides the features where customer and team can community using same platform which is available anywhere and on any device. Dayana team can create quick genral quotation and send that to all customer who is using same product.

If an issue comes up, I can call them at any time, and it’s resolved within 24 hours.

Pragnesh Patel, Managing Director, Dayana PolyPlast

Instant Notificaiton on Price change

When admin updates the price it will update the price of each product and send notificaton to all the customer with new price of their concerned products. Customer receives the email and has option to login to Dayana CRM and look at updated price.

Dayana Edit Invoice

The new software product provides the labor equivalent of two full-time employees, foreshadowing significant company cost reductions. In addition to ongoing problem-solving, Sunflower Lab soon will expand from targeting distribution to developing manufacturing solutions.

Pragnesh Patel, Managing Director, Dayana PolyPlast

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Region and Overall Business Inteligence Reports

Admin has overall view of what’s going on in each region. Admin can run quick KPI matrix per region and also overall performance. Quick task allocation and tracking helps team to be organized. Easy task reminder make sure that you never miss or delay client deadline.

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