Custom ERP Solution For Groove Competition

Event & Entertaintment

Our custom ERP solution helps the Groove team to manage things before, during and after events. Once the team started using our system, they were able to organize more than double the number of events. They are now hosting over 50 events each year throughout the USA and Canada regions.

Custom ERP Solution
Manual Registration , Manual Event Scheduling & HR Mangement

Groove Competition was started in 2011. During their initial years they managed their activities using Excel spreadsheets. They faced many challenges and experienced human-errors due to lack of organized data. Groove’s founder and CEO Daniel DeFranco quickly realized that a proper system was needed to run the event successfully. He searched for a good solution to resolve his problems, but none of them fulfilled his unique business process and workflow.

Groove Phone App

Groove's first touring season hosted 9 regional competitions and about 1,200 dancers. Last season, we saw over 20,000 dancers cross our stage! In 2018, we will be hosting 54 events!

groove Registration System
Registration System for Dance Studio and Dancer

Daniel DeFranco contacted Sunflower Lab to evaluate the business process and suggest a solution. Sunflower Lab understood the business process and provided a high-level business flow with a proper plan. We’re working as Groove’s technology partner since last 3 to 4 years. We’ve helped to automate their business process, minimize human errors and provide quick and easy access to their data.

Since we began our relationship with the Sunflower Lab, we have gone from a business to a machine. Sunflower Lab's team is really a bunch of rock stars!

Daniel DeFranco, CEO, Groove Dance Competition

Event Scheduling and HR System

Running one event per week in different part of USA and Canada is not an easy job. It requires detailed planning and efforts. Event scheduling and HR system provides an easy way for Groove’s management team to schedule low level tasks, and set priority for each individual, or each team. It provides before, during and after event management and scheduling options, in addition to managing back stage participants.

Groove HR

We are most grateful for the outside perspective Sunflower brings to the company's business processes and their availability. Also of note is Sunflower's ability to navigate the our priorities and preferences without much guidance.

Daniel DeFranco, CEO, Groove Dance Competition

Judge Scoring System
Windows App For Judge Scoring

A Windows based application developed in C# and SignalR framework captures the score, audio comments and personal video-feeds for each of the judges. The same system also provides instant notification for any changes in the event lineup.

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