Justice Tracker


Managing pre-trial intervention programs for Offenders

Justice Tracker
Assign and Manage pretrial intervention programs effortlessly

Justice tracker is a custom platform for Clients and their representatives (typically government offices running pretrial intervention programs). This portal is used to add, assign and manage pretrial intervention treatment programs for certain offenders (Users). The Offenders (Users) will login to the mobile platform to register and update their progress for treatment programs assigned to them. Once these offenders login to the app, their attendance is automatically registered with the portal. This helps the representatives keep a track of the offenders attending the treatment programs.

Justice Tracker is the one-of-its-kind platform used to effortlessly assign and track offenders attending pretrial intervention programs

Easy to know the status with GPS location tracking feature

Since Justice tracker uses the GPS – location tracking feature, the offender (user) just needs to register and login to the app and, the attendance of the user will be automatically recorded. Thus, it will be easy for Client Representatives to keep a track of all the offenders attending various pretrial treatment programs at different locations and different times.

Manage and edit users and treatment programs easily

Easy to use - gives you a bird's eye view with analytical reports feature

Justice Tracker allows the Client Representatives to add new users, generate various analytical reports as well as add, assign, edit and manage the treatment programs.

This platform also generates various analytical reports so that the Client Representatives can keep themselves updated and have a bird’s eye view on all the pretrial intervention programs for various locations.

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