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Partnership with Nationwide Insurance to Address Child Safety

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The “Make Safe Happen” app is the cornerstone of Nationwide Insurance’s safety awareness campaign. The campaign was initiated to address the thousands of unintentional accidents and deaths suffered by children in and around their home every year.

This award-winning app has empowered parents with information about child safety by sorting educational materials by room, by age, and by risk category.

Wearing helmets can help reduce up to 88% risk of head, brain, and severe injuries.

Nationwide Insurance wants to save children from such accidents and severe injuries. So, they reached out to us at Sunflower Lab to build a mobile app that can be used for creating awareness amongst parents about the benefits of wearing helmet and bike safety.

Nationwide’s “The Make Safe Happen” app demonstrates how to choose & fit a child’s helmet. With this app, the parents can now easily understand how the straps should form a “V” below the ear while fitting the helmet on their child’s head. And, the chin strap should be buckled around the jaw while the helmet sits flat on the top of a child’s head.

“The Make Safe Happen” app was created

Sunflower Lab has helped Nationwide in creating a digital platform. Through this platform Nationwide wishes to create awareness amongst parents with “Make Safe Happen” campaign and aims to prevent children from accidents and the parents from trauma.

The “MISSION” statement

Truly built with the user and the mission in mind. We here at The Sunflower Lab are honoured to be a part of this initiative and are huge supporters of this important mission—keep our children safe. To learn more about this initiative :

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