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Custom App for Ethnic Cuisine Delivery


Hunger is a universal feeling. Yet, the food delivery services in Africa are scarce. With so much amazing food—cambuulo, injera, ugali—but with few providers to connect the dishes to the people, Africa faced a real problem. Not only did the people of Africa deserve a convenient method for food delivery, the restaurants needed another avenue to reach their customers. Nomad Bite saw the gap in the market and wanted Sunflower Lab to build them a custom food delivery app to fill it.


From Somali dishes to Ethiopian dishes to local Kenyan dishes, we deliver to you right to your doorstep. All these delicacies brought closer to you just through the click of a button.

• Stay home and order to your doorstep
• Explore Curated lists of top restaurants
• Explore Top Deals & Offers
• 100% Secure Checkout
• Delivery & Pickup Options

Your home and one stop location for everything tasty, sweet and mouth-watering.

Now, hungry people can order their favorite cuisine from their phone and get it delivered right to their doorstep. With more satisfied customers and local restaurants doing more business than ever, Nomad Bite has had a real positive influence on the African food industry.

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