SaaS Platform For Online Personal Fitness Training


Vigor Workout is SaaS platform with most advanced Online Personal Training Individually crafted for YOU, cheaper and more skilled than the competition.

SaaS Platform For Online Personal Fitness Training
SaaS Online Personal Training Platform

Patrick Magno and Daniel Johnson teamed up with a vision of revolutionizing the personal training industry with SaaS Online Personal Fitness Training Platform. The concept was to offer a comprehensive and affordable source of fitness expertise, which could help anyone achieve their goals. They wanted to create the platform that gives the online user personal training experience.

Vigor Wrokouts

Online workout plans from real personal trainers

Exercise Library
Extensive Exercise Library

An extensive workout library, created by Vigor, includes detailed information on exercise routines and workouts, “how to” videos, and videos focusing on toning different body parts. Vigor required a trouble-free navigation system to be built, that allowed end users to filter videos based upon various types of exercises. Sunflower Lab worked with Vigor to design a unique solution that helped users visually filter exercises by selecting different body parts.

A lot of the functions that we were trying to achieve worked better than I expected. The development team’s honesty, accessibility, and service ensure trust from non-technical experts

Warren Claiborne, COO, Vigor Workouts

Easy To Use Workout Tracker

Since scheduling and tracking are the two key aspects which make Vigor workouts successful, they should be intuitive and easy to use. A trainer schedules a workout and the student tracks it every day.  Instant notifications and various analytics reports concerning the workout starting and completion times keeps the trainer informed about the student’s progress.

Vigor Instant Communication
Instant Communication

Instant communications are essential for any SaaS fitness-training platform to succeed. To make the online workout experience more real and effective, the communication levels between the trainer and the student were enhanced through an app chatting feature that also provided instant notifications.  Moreover, the chat feature retains past chatting history.

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