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Ed Brown is a sports lawyer, community leader and hockey player. He saw the opportunity to create the social media platform based on the recommendations of your network with three-degrees of separation. In the current digital world, we still rely on recommendations and reviews. It’s a unique way to combine recommendations provided by not just first but, up to third-degree connections. Ed Brown wanted to create a platform that not only reviewed businesses but also people, politicians and polls.

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Social media platforms to focus on the theory of linking users by up to three degrees of separation.

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Search Algorithm For Third Degree Connection

Ed Brown wanted to create a platform that provides the users with the ability to get live recommendations from people they know, right at their fingertips just to see if they know someone or some business without disrupting them. Sunflower Lab created the search algorithm that searches businesses and people with third-degree separation. It will find businesses/people that users’ friends and users’ friends of friends have reviewed or recommended.

They were able to take what was in my head and conceived to paper and turn it into a working product.

Ed Brown , Founder, Bridgi

Find People and Business you know. People you trust.

Find people you know and trust. It’s like asking your network “Have you used or know a reliable, reasonable landscaper?” and received the answer in seconds instead of days. Bridgi provides a platform for businesses and individuals to be located in a passive manner of advertising their services/skills that utilize the “word of mouth” theory. It aims on having people that are within a similar social sphere of trust leading a user to them with other users’ referrals.

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I am impressed by Sunflower Lab's patience and commitment to customer service. They have taken an active role in deciding the direction of the project.

Ed Brown, Founder, Bridgi

Phone and LinkedIn Contact Sync

Bridgi provides the easy way to connect a user’s different social media accounts and phone contacts and sync them with Bridgi contacts to create one comprehensive contact list. This helps users to find their connections and gain their recommendations.

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