Speech Communication SaaS Platform

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Speech Communication SaaS Platform for therapists and teachers to assist children with speech disabilities.

Speech Communication SaaS Platform
Improve Communication with kids having speech delays

At Wells Foundation, Tony R Wells and his team work on varied community projects to help people and kids deal with impairments and physical problems. Using modern tools and technology, they saw an opportunity where they could help kids with speech delays. The opportunity was to create a platform where therapists, teachers and parents can support kids having speech delays, and help them communicate easily and rapidly through various tasks and visual activities.

Citra Mobile App

The Citra Speech Communications app makes language and tasks visible & accessible for children with speech delays

Stay connected and share everything in real time

Sunflower Lab worked with Wells Foundation team to give birth to their idea. The main feature of Citra was to connect the entire care team and share even the most minutest of details with each other to improve on speech delay in kids. Real-time communication using features like sharing notes logs and communication boards helps the team to collaborate and get instant notifications of details updated by other team members.

The entire staff is very professional, active communicators, and detailed oriented, ensuring they had a thorough understanding of our needs.

Tony Wells. President, Tony R. Wells Foundation

Library of 17,000 Images

The app not only helps the care team to communicate and share details but it also helps the kids in improving their speech delay. With an image library of more than 17,000 images, kids can easily communicate with the care team. This library is also enabled with a voice-over which helps these kids to learn pronunciations correctly.

Citra Library

Every conversation was well-documented creating tremendous confidence that we had alignment on expectations and deadlines. I plan to use them on future projects and would not hesitate recommending them to others.

Tony Wells. President, Tony R. Wells Foundation

Lessons and Achievements

Teachers and therapists can create and assign tasks and lessons to kids while the parents can view them and help their kids complete the lessons. Whenever kids completes a lesson, they get an “achievement” which motivates them to engage more actively on the platform.

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