Think Like A Girl


IOS Application that empower students in Georgia to begin making cultural changes.

Why Now?


Nation research has captured the frequesncy, scope, and many faces of sexual bullying. The Georgia Netwrok to End Sexual Assault (GNESA), founded by a grant from Georgia Department of Public Health, began examining sexual bullying among Georgia’s yourth in 2010.

  • 41% of Georgia middle school students have been bullied on school property.
  • 20% of Georgia high school students have been bullied on school property.
  • 12% of Georgia high school students who are dating (seriously or casually) were physically hurt on purpose by someone they were dating.
Why Now - think like a girl

Female Empowerment Resources Make Difference

Step Up Step In is led by the Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault (GNESA). Step Up Step In is a collaborative movement that engages schools and communities to identify and stop sexual bullying from occurring between youth. This application provides various tasks intended to engage girls in gaining self-confidence, giving to others and finding their voice as well as a space for journaling

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