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TnTransport provides the transportation service for oil industry in north Dakota region. We created custom Transportation Dispatch Software which helps minimize the manual work and increase the efficiency of TnTransport team

Custom Transportation Dispatch Software
Manual WorkSheet and Human Errors

TnTransport faced major issues in scheduling the run and getting updates on invoices in timely manner. After the scheduled deliveries, the drivers used to get papers signed from customers and deliver these papers to back office only when they came back from their journeys, which sometimes took them days and months depending on their schedule. Due to this, TnTransport management was unable to have updated information and so it became difficult for the back office to identify the current load and availability of drivers.

TnTransport Ticket
TnTransport Phone App
Schedule & View Current Run

Sunflower Lab created a responsive web application for TnTransport’s back office team to easily schedule the run and get updated information about the current run. With the auto update feature, team can now get a precise load time of the job. The secure role based system also makes it easy to add and update information about customers, product types, location facility, and delivery locations etc.

Driver Tickets & Scan Invoice

Drivers can create driver tickets and invoices easily from their own iOS or android phones. The easy step by step navigation system helps them fill out detailed forms. Sunflower Lab has created a unique document scanning feature which will automatically identify the edge or starting point of any document, scan the document and convert it into PDF.

Dispatch Software
Offline Access
Offline Access

Mobile app also works in offline mode. Data connection is not required to use the app. Application will sync the data when the driver has a strong network connection or whenever driver chooses to sync the data manually. The back-office team gets notified as soon as driver tickets are uploaded to backend server.

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Available in Web, IOS & ANDROID