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Healthcare continues to be one of the most important industries in our society. Amid global pandemics, aging populations, and other illnesses, healthcare workers are working harder than ever to keep us healthy. Unfortunately, the healthcare software solutions that power our organizations are often causing more problems than solutions. The options available in the marketplace are outdated, hard to navigate, and fail to offer modern features. ZinniaX saw a gap in the market—specifically in the intraoperative neuromonitoring sector—for a healthcare software solution that suited the needs of today’s mobile healthcare industry.

ZinniaX healthcare software
ZinniaX healthcare software


ZinniaX IONM offers a comprehensive management system with a full slate of features that take users through the entire IONM lifecycle. From scheduling, surgery, billing to closing, users can track anything from our organized, feature-rich dashboard. Billing, invoicing, alerts, analytics reports, role-based dashboards, chat on cases, create new cases, and much more. ZinniaX is available on mobile devices, tablets, as well as desktop computers and laptops.

• HIPAA-Compliant
• ChatHub
• Comprehensive data analytics
• Scheduling
• Claims management
• Insurance and billing dashboard
• eSignature
• Patient history
• Electronic medical records (EMR)


ZinniaX is making a significant impact on the lives of patients, caregivers, and administrators by allowing healthcare facilities to run more efficiently and effectively than ever before. ZinniaX users are realizing better communication, more transparency, and less time spent entering and processing information. And with the intuitive design and comprehensive dashboards, ZinniaX users are also experiencing fewer errors and gaining a deeper insight into their organization’s performance. Together with ZinniaX, the healthcare facilities can leverage the most current technologies to dramatically increase staff productivity and effectiveness, maximize revenue, improve employee and patient satisfaction.

ZinniaX healthcare software

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