AWS Lambda | Sunflower Lab

What Are The Benefits Of AWS Lambda Serverless Computing?

What is AWS Lambda? How it removes complexity of dealing with cloud based servers at all levels of technology stack, its advantages and use cases.

Improve your Conversion Rate with A/B Testing

A/B Testing is an easy way to measure the performance of your website. With a few steps you can optimize your site's appearance, content, and customer conversion rate.

Goodfirms | Sunflower Lab

Sunflower Lab CEO – Ronak Patel Gives a Guileless Tour of the Company to GoodFirms

Sunflower Lab CEO Ronak Patel explains the company’s inception, its operational background and describes how Sunflower Lab found a space in the global list of Top Custom Software Development Companies at GoodFirms.

5 Blockchain Use Cases for Industrial IoT Solutions

Blockchain technology is becoming a forerunner for industrial IoT solutions, providing answers to dilemmas from fully optimizing a business process to security concerns.

Overcoming IoT Development Challenges: Business Objectives, Security and Big Data

From conceptualization to after product launch, IoT development challenges can stop a project in its tracks. Here's the top challenges developers face and how to overcome them.

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3 Ways Big Data And IoT Can Improve Our Health

How health related data collected using wearable and IoT devices can improve medical decision making process and prevent certain diseases from occurring.

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Weedmenu App – Complete Cannabis And Marijuana Directory

A SaaS directory platform app for the cannabis industry to help everyday people gain access to legal cannabis products and services in the market.