How IoT for Retail can Improve Customer Experience

IoT technology will greatly shape customer experience in tomorrow's brick and mortar store. By having all equipment communicate information to the store and customer, your retail business can increase productivity and efficiency.

Industry 4.0

Industrial Cloud Computing and Cyber Security in Manufacturing

Technology like industrial cloud computing and IIoT is propelling us into a new industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, making processes faster and easier. Yet researchers and experts are concerned with one important lack of investment: cyber security.

Industrial IOT

Creating Your Smart Factory: Manufacturing IoT

Most people associate IoT centered on human interaction with interconnected devices, targeting consumer convenience... but, as author Dave Turbide pointed out, IoT is quite another thing when relating to manufacturers. Also called Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), it provides the same interactions but on a more sophisticated level.

Web Design

SEO inspired Web Design Services in Columbus, Ohio

Web design is often considered as separate entities, but the reality is that SEO inspired design distinguishes a website from others. Google is a billion dollar market and if your website is not targeting this search engine then you are delaying your success.

Alexa For Business – How It Solve Your Business Problem?

Amazon’s Echo is the most popular device in the new computing platform of voice-enabled technology. Powered by digital personal assistant Alexa, the Echo has found its way into the homes of many Amazon users.

android oreo

What you need to know about Android Oreo (8.0) ?

Android Oreo (8.0) was launch by Google this week at an event in New York. This launch was followed by months of initial releases from the tech giant. Android Oreo is an improved version of its predecessors to match smartphones and tablets.

Four Restaurant Technology Trends to Improve Your Business Process

Restaurants have a hard time when performing business-level and front-of-house tasks. The former requires owners using technology outdated and interferes with tasks on the floor. Yet there’s opportunity here to create an efficient work space, through the latest restaurant technology trends.

What Features are Key for your Uber-Like App?

The idea has fueled the economy in stagnant sectors and is one of the top business trends among consumers in the millennial generation. The main source of success for businesses entering the access economy has been their use of mobile app integration to facilitate user’s experiences.

Sunflower Lab Wins Best Software Development Company in NY Award

Sunflower Lab has won “The Best Software Development Company in NY” award from They organized the first 33 Under 33 awards for NYC Entrepreneurs.

Ment Airport App

App Launch – Ment – Airport Security At Your Fingertips

This is mobile platform app where you can get estimated wait time for your Airline at particular Terminal. You just have to select Airport and Airline, and there you go. Estimated Wait time will be available on your Screen.