Microservice Architecture Benefits And Its Business Value

Benefits of microservices architecture and business value it delivers to organizations planning to embrace enterprise agility through automated processes.

Key Factors To Identify Whether Your Business Needs Customized Software

When to use custom software development services - Benefit from optimized business automation and agile work processes to enhance your brand quality.

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Why And When To Choose Microservices Over Monolithic Application Architecture

Understand the pros and cons of monolithic and microservices architectures and when they should be used - Why microservices development is popular.

custom software development

11 Benefits Of Custom Software Development

What are the benefits of custom software development in automating business processes? Discover how customized software development can grow your business.

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How Amazon Alexa Works

Discover how Amazon Echo listens to you, translating your voice into commands so it can play music, turn the lights on, or order stuff from Amazon.

Kotlin Vs. Java – Which One To Choose?

Even though Java has more universal exceptance over Kotlin, there are a few instances where Kotlin scores over Java. Find how Kotlin is a better choice.

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Questions To Ask Before Starting An IoT Project

Questions to ask while planning your Internet of Things transformation process - Tips how to build your IoT project and what issues to avoid.

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How To Chart An IoT Road Map?

What are the essential elements for designing an IoT strategy? What kind of capabilities do you need? What are the roadblocks and how can you overcome them?

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Using Jackson To Write A Custom Jackson Serializer

JsonNullSerializer to send empty string instead of null value - Set them to "empty string".

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Integration Of Jenkins With AWS EC2 Instance Using SSH Plugin

Connect self hosted Jenkins server with AWS EC2 Instance using Public IP Address, Pem file, and SSH remote hosts plugin provided by Jenkins.