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Applancer has chosen Sunflower Lab CEO Ronak Patel to interview. Here is some overview of the interview.

Tell us a little about your company? (Give a general explanation about your domain. What do you do?)

Sunflower Lab is an intersection of technology, business, and innovation. We are a family of Software Engineer, Technology Enthusiastic, and Creative people. Our focus is to deliver a high-quality product with the highest quality of service to our clients. Sunflower Lab is proficient in building a mobile application, web application, IOT, AR/VR, Alexa and custom software applications.
Sunflower Lab is AWS certified consulting partner. We help our clients for cloud
migration and deployment, DevOps automation, and test automation.

Mention about your talent in development? or achievement in app development? (Highlight the one you feel the best)

Our achievement is customer delivering high-quality product highest customer satisfaction. Our achievement is measured in the success of each of customer. And we feel very blessed that each of our customers happy with our products.
As far as technical perspective, we have done wide range of applications in different technologies like Mobile, Web, AR/VR, Wearable, IOT and Voice

You can read the full interview on website. Click on the link below to view the complete interview.


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