RPA for Finance and Accounting

software bots RPA for finance and accounting is transforming the…

rpa for HR

RPA for Human Resources

software bots RPA for HR can help transform human resource…

rpa use case facebook data scraping problem statement (1)

RPA Use Case: Facebook Data Scraping

software bots We take you through an example of how RPA can be used…

robotic process automation for invoice

RPA Use Case: Automate Your Accounts Payable Workflow

Problem Businesses of all shapes and sizes waste valuable time and energy every day by managing their invoices by hand. The…

automated invoices and po requests

RPA Use Case: Automating Hospital PO Requests and Invoices

Problem IONM companies have different billing requirements for each facility they work with. Most of the requirements concern…

RPA Glossary

RPA Glossary: Key Terms and Definitions

Robotic process automation for enterprises is on the rise with no sign of slowing down. It’s many benefits, rapid return on…

rpa strategy

Why Organizations Need an RPA Strategy to Beat the Competition

Starting with a StrategyOnce you make the decision to adopt robotic process automation, it can be hard to resist jumping right…

sentiment analysis

Improve Customer Satisfaction with RPA and Sentiment Analysis

software bots The ability of sentiment analysis to show a…

robotic process automation

When to adopt RPA? 9 Situations Business Users Need Automation

When should you adopt Robotic Process Automation?We’ve touched on what is RPA, why it’s important to digital transformation, and…

intelligent process automation sunflower lab

Intelligent Automation for Senior Management: Benefits, Technology, Examples

What is Intelligent Automation?Digital transformation refers to integrating digital technologies in areas of businesses to…

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