industries and data lake

Data Lake Solutions for Industries

Understanding Data Lakes A lake in reality is a water body with billions of gallons worth of water stored in it without any…

Learn how mobile app development helps in enhancing business growth.

Turning Businesses Digital with Mobile App Development

Try imagining a day without your smartphone. Honestly, it is impossible. Our life revolves around these electronic devices, and…

Which platform to choose - Native v/s Cross-Platform for Mobile App Development

Choosing between Native and Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

The mobile application development industry is very vast, more than 90 thousand apps are launched each year and the probability…

conversational ai

The Power of Context Awareness in Conversational AI

A Contextual Inception The use of Artificial Intelligence for our day-to-day guidance and advice is very common. Most of them are…

Evolution of AI

The Evolution of Conversational AI: From Simple Chat-bots to Sophisticated Virtual Assistants

Rise of a Digital Mind A world without virtual assistants and chat bots cannot be imagined presently, but not long before we were…

Build Context Feature Image

How to navigate without BuildContext

Technology abhijith thejan BuildContext…

ListWheelScrollView- Feature Image

ListWheelScrollView – Display List of Items in a Different Way

Growing along with Flutter by knowing tones of building blocks of UI called ‘Widgets’, gives us goosebumps when we get to know…

Flutter App Development for State Management

Flutter – Bloc to Bloc communication for improved state management

Flutter has many options for state management, and Bloc is one of the popular and recommended state management options we have.…

Flutter 2.8

Flutter 2.8 – What’s new & improved that everyone must know.

Technology Finally, the good news for every flutter developer is…

Eliminate EHR Fatigue, Speed Up Claims Workflow with Process Automation for Medical Billers

Introduction Physicians Global is a medical billing company. Physicians Global works with many different doctors offices who see…

Flutter: Using Firebase In-app Messaging

What is Firebase In-App Messaging?Firebase contains different unique services for different technologies like Web, Backend,…

RPA Use Case Employee Expense Receipts Processing Workflow

RPA Use Case: Employee Expense Receipts Processing Workflow

Technology Employee expense receipt management is the perfect…

rpa use case facebook data scraping problem statement (1)

RPA Use Case: Facebook Data Scraping

Technology We take you through an example of how RPA can be used in…

What is a Citizen Developer and How They Help Scale

What are Citizen Developers and How They Help Scale

Automating From the Bottom Up Citizen developers play a vital role in helping you scale your RPA strategy. The idea of knowledge…

robotic process automation for invoice

RPA Use Case: Automate Your Accounts Payable Workflow

Problem Businesses of all shapes and sizes waste valuable time and energy every day by managing their invoices by hand. The…

automated invoices and po requests

RPA Use Case: Automating Hospital PO Requests and Invoices

Problem IONM companies have different billing requirements for each facility they work with. Most of the requirements concern…

process automation

The Great Resignation and How RPA Can Help

Surviving the Great Resignation with RPACovid-19 has not only changed the way we work, but the way we view work. Employees are…

digital transformation strategy

Digital Transformation Strategy for 2022: First Steps, Benefits, Technology

Digital Transformation Strategy for 2022Having a digital transformation strategy in 2022 will be critical for you to stay ahead…

robotic process automation

When to adopt RPA? 9 Situations Business Users Need Automation

When should you adopt Robotic Process Automation?We’ve touched on what is RPA, why it’s important to digital transformation, and…

Digital Product Innovation in the Healthcare Industry

Digital Product Innovation in the Healthcare Industry

The digital health landscape is exploding with projections that it will hit $350 billion per year by 2024. If you’re considering…

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