Best Tech Stack 2023: Tips to have technology stacks in your favor for your next product

Guide To 7 Best Tech Stack 2023 for Software Development

Choosing the best tech stack is integral as it gives your development team tools that will be used from inception to deployment. Also, as a product owner, it gives you more flexibility and control over the finished software. Our experts at Sunflower Lab have compiled a list of the best tech stack 2023 so that you get the gist of which tech stack would best fit the bill.

Why the right tech stack is important:

  • It is the cornerstone or the foundation of your software-building process.
  • It speeds up the development process as well as the product’s efficiency.
  • It impacts the scalability and behavior of the software limiting your control.

Thus, before you put together your development team, check if you’ve got the stacks in your favor. Read on for a quick synopsis of the best tech stack 2023 and their individual benefits.

Sunflower Lab has over a decade of experience in assisting clients with digital solutions to their software development problems. Talk to our experts today to begin your journey towards digital transformation.

What is a Tech Stack?

At its most basic, a technology stack is a collection of the various applications and technologies that are used during the software development lifecycle. This includes:

  • Codes
  • Programming languages
  • Tools
  • Frameworks
  • Platforms, etc.

Components that Make Up a Tech Stack:

  • Front end/client side – Consists of what the user sees and interacts with and is also called ‘client facing’.
  • Back end/server side – The logic that is behind the features of the application. It uses various programming languages and tools in handling the requests that it receives from the client-facing end.
  • Database – For the storage of application data like user profiles or information about the product or software.

How to Choose the Right Tech Stack for Your Business’ Software Development Life Cycle?

The tech stack that you choose depends upon:

  • Your business needs
  • The scalability you require
  • The level of security needed
  • How easy to maintain it would be
  • Your budget and the resources available

7 Best Tech Stack 2023 – The Pros & Cons

We’ve listed out the pros and cons first so that you can compare and contrast these technology stacks and then read up in more detail on the one that most fits your purpose. Or you could talk to our experts, click here.

Popular Tech Stack The Positives The Negatives
Java Spring Boot, Angular and MySQL → Preferred for Saas and enterprise web applications.
→ Is easily scalable, with a robust architecture and is flexible.
→ Spring Boot has starters that are basically popular libraries.
→ The application loading time might increase due to Spring Boot’s dependencies.
→ There is less control in the developer’s hand.
.Net Core with React or Angular → Ideal for creating applications using Windows, MacOS and Linux.
→ React supports features like virtual DOM and server-side rendering.
→ Easy to find support and solutions for Angular.
→ React does not provide additional security.
→ Angular is slower in execution when compared with React.
→ React uses JavaScript which is easier for most developers as compared to the default Typescript in Angular.
MEAN → Dynamic HTML pages can be created.
→ Response times can become faster through request routing that is optimized.
→ Routing and request management through HTTP make the software more responsive.
→ The server could block the reuse of come specific services and lead to substandard isolation of the business logic.
→ MongoDB could suffer from a loss of data because of partitioning or the loads being on a higher side.
MERN → Lower developmental costs as it is an open-source stack.
→ Less time consuming from the building to deployment stage.
→ Flexible code writing. Can be done on the server or on client-side.
→ Testing tools are pre-built facilitating easy testing
→ Testing would be a tad problematic as serverless environments would have to be replicated.
→ There could be possible security issues due to the multitenancy of the resources.
MEVN → Platform independent
→ Efficient software development through MVC capabilities.
→ JavaScript uses both the server as well as the client sides and thus, promotes faster development.
→ There is poor seamless integration with external services due to the lack of plugins and tools available.
→ Support too isn’t fully developed as the community of developers is smaller on account of being newer.
LAMP → You can replace any stack component as this is highly customizable.
→ Web-based software development has a more secure infrastructure here.
→ You get a significant amount of support for CMS and web hosts.
→ The Apache server’s performance suffers if there is too much load put on the system.
→ There could be possible bottlenecks in performance as there is shared hosting and code.
Serverless → Optimization in costs as you can pay on a per-use basis
→ Deployments and delivery of the software is accelerated
→ Extensive management of resources is not needed
→ There is a slight drag to testing as it isn’t easy to create a serverless environment for the same.
→ There could be security issues as there is resource multitenancy.

Got questions or looking to hire a development team? We have solutions to all your technology questions. Contact us and let’s take your software development lifecycle to the next level!

7 Best Tech Stack 2023 List

Java Spring Boot, Angular & MySQL

This is an increasingly popular tech stack because of the comprehensive features it provides while simplifying the application development process. Due to the programming model which is application based, it is easier to do coding and thus, errors during the development stage is reduced. Spring Boot helps make this a cost-effective and scalable model.

  • Java Spring Boot – This is a Java-based, open-source framework that is perfect for web applications.
  • Angular – There is already a good support network in place which makes getting support and information easier.
  • MySQL – If there is a large amount of data that has to be managed then this is ideal as it offers security with scalability.

.NET Core with React or Angular

Applications can be prepared quickly and with more cost-effectiveness as .Net Core has a good set of tools. ReactJS is good for the creation of dynamic interfaces that need to be fast, easy in maintenance, and responsive.

  • .NET Core – Technologies like C#, Entity Framework Core, Xamarin and, ASP.NET
  • React – This is popular in tech stack as it is good when you want to build user interfaces especially those of single-page (SPA) applications.
  • Angular – Just like React, Angular to is great for SPAs as there are templates already present so there is less developer effort needed.


Mean has four primary points in its favor; it is adaptable, fits most budgets, can be scaled, and is user-friendly. Plus, it has proven its mettle in taking on heavy loads with ease; think Twitter and Netflix. Also, there is less code re-inventing to be done due to there being a single language i.e., JavaScript end-to-end. This cuts down on the need to keep creating new code. It works well for cloud hosting due to its being extensible and scalable.

  • MongoDB – Fast, efficient, and simple storage of data with a strong database that is document oriented.
  • ExpressJS – Makes it easier for your development team to create web applications through its lightweight and quick application framework.
  • Angular – Eases the creation process of user interfaces through its frontend MVC framework.
  • NodeJS – Speeds up and facilitates the development of network applications


MERN is a popular tech stack similar to MEAN except for the part where Angular is replaced by React. MERN’s JavaScript base is what makes it a favorite with full stack developer. It is best known for being affordable, efficient, scalable and secure. These features come in handy when you want to expand the capabilities of your software or application further.

  • MongoDB – Makes storage of large volumes of data easier.
  • ExpressJS – Managing the middleware and routes of the application through a we framework that is light.
  • React – Used to build user interfaces through its JavaScript library.
  • NodeJS – Works well when building web applications that are scalable.


MEVN is similar in composition to MEAN and MERN, with the difference being that VueJS replaces Angular (in MEAN) and React (in MERN). This stack has been a popular tech stack since the past few years. VueJS is adds to the performance while also providing a good set of tools thus, combining the best of React and Agular’s features.

  • MongoDB – Data can be easily stored in documents that are JSON-like as it has a robust database that is document oriented.
  • ExpressJS – Easier to route requests or handle responses through its simple API.
  • VueJS – User interfaces can be quickly built through its easy to use, light and progressive framework.
  • NodeJS – Perfect for application building on the cross-platform level as code can be written in JavaScript which runs both on the client side and server.


LAMP s another popular tech stack due to its being accessible, fast and scalable along with being customizable (WordPress too has used this). Its being open-source adds flexibility as you can choose Microsoft Windows over Linux if you prefer that OS. LAMP differs from the rest due to its scripting language where JavaScript is replaced with PHP, Python or Perl.

  • Linux – As an operating system, Linux proves to be very versatile.
  • Apache – Powerful features are combined with a secure web hosting feature.
  • MySQL – Databases are well-maintained along with being fast and stable.
  • PHP – Complex applications can be easily developed through this user-friendly language


When it comes to scalability that can be accomplished both efficiently and quickly, the serverless stack comes to mind. It is a popular tech stack especially among startups. The beauty of this stack is that you can choose to scale up or down as required as instead of physical servers, everything is on the cloud.

So, Which Best Tech Stack of 2023 is it to be?

Software is all about being up-to-date. Once you have chosen from one of the best tech stack 2023 you need the best development team as well.

That’s where Sunflower Lab comes in. We assist our clients by providing them digital solutions and on-demand teams. We’d love to hear from you, so do contact us!

Let us start your company’s journey towards digital transformation. Afterall, our clients dream it, we build it!

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Outsource Java Development for Business Success

Why Outsource Java Development for Business Success in 2023

Digitalization demands foresight. When creating a digital product, it is not mere functionality that is the key. One has to keep in mind multiple platforms, support, reliability, and even more important in recent years, security. Considering this, it is no surprise that Java programming language is the increasingly popular choice for success in 2023.

Java has been gaining popularity as the programming language of choice for a wide variety of software, from mobile and desktop applications to web services. It is actually the features of Java that make it both versatile and powerful. However, though Java is considered to be easy for building applications and digital products, there is a skillset requirement that not every developer can fulfil which is why one has to hire java developer.

When it comes to Java software development outsourcing you need to consider the expertise and experience that the developer is bringing to the table. For this, it is best to have a look at past projects, and products as well as the service package of the firm you are considering. Also, transparency is paramount. At Sunflower Lab, our experts have had experience in over 32 industries and this certainly shows in our work and services.

The Features that Equal Success

Java provides a lot of features that add to the control a product owner has over the final product as well as shorten the time to the market. This creates a win-win situation. Also, it has been used by the likes of Amazon, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, and eBay due to its host of features as listed below:

Feature Description Java Empowered
Cross-platform compatibility Allows products to run on multiple platforms without the need to changes. This makes it ideal when you need your product to run on multiple operating systems Uber & Airbnb use Java for seamless operations across different operating systems and devices. Airbnb is available on platforms like Android, the web and iOS.
Speed & Performance The speed and performance of Java has steadily improved over the years due to is JIT compilation and garbage collection features. Due to multi-threading, it can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Netflix uses Java as it allows requests and streaming processes to take place at the same time causing increased speed and performance
Scalability & Security Due to its security features like its sandbox environment, it is considered to be safe for developing software that needs to handle sensitive e information. It can also handle large-scale workloads and environments. Amazon is a vast e-commerce platform that has several thousand products listed and needs to keep customer data like Wishlist and profile information along with orders and feedback. Java improves its security and scalability.
Versatile & Standardized Java is a versatile language that can be used over various platforms. Because it is standardized developers can expect consistent behavior in its various implementations. LinkedIn too uses Java. It is a social networking site that is able to handle users across platforms as well as manage their data.
Large community & Eco-system It has a large community of developers who have contributed to its extensive library of frameworks and open-source libraries. Google Docs, Gmail, and Maps have all been built with Java. All three can be used across platforms and are user-friendly as well as interactive.

Why Hire Java Developers?

With so many programming languages out there, it is a valid question. Plus, Java might provide an extensive library, frameworks, and support, but it needs experts for proper programming. Considering that having an expert team on-hand might not be an immediate alternative, why is Java preferred for digital product development or a custom java application?

Flat. Impersonal. Disengaging. That is what eHumanize had set out to transform. It wanted to create an eLearning model that was a breath of fresh air as compared to traditional dehumanizing eLearning. Our team at Sunflower Lab worked with them to build digital transformation in the form of a web app for education that changes the world.

Java is preferred by developers as it can be used on the front end as well as the back end of an application. Due to this, it hits the right notes with product owners as well as you have powerful, faster, and more efficient applications ready in less time to market.

Thus, Java can be empowering and can be used to explore the full potential of a digital product. For this, you do not need the best java developer but instead an on-demand team. And it isn’t just the cost that proves this choice worth its mettle. You need an experience which adds versatility to a developer’s profile and ensures that you have someone who can take a multi-faceted approach.

Furthermore, technology means staying up to date which can be a grueling task. For instance, take customer support for example. Customer support was once a simple (though perhaps not as efficient) process of dialing a toll-free number, being redirected to an IVR and then connecting to an actual human representative. Now, Java and Chat GPT have simplified this even further by the introduction of chatbots that understand NLP (Natural Language Processing).

This has taken customer support to a new level via chatbot as merely by typing a few sentences, customers can get answers and be satisfied. Plus, because of the advanced machine learning of AI, the responses will be personalized. Thus, there will be a human touch without the need to employ human staff! Read more on this.

Java Software Development Outsourcing: The hidden perks apart from the cost-effectiveness

Through outsourcing, it is easier to get java developers with the right experience and skillsets. Java though popular is not entirely straightforward. Thus, expertise cannot take a back seat. However, being a specialization, a full-time hire of a java language architect would not be cost-effective. Thus, outsourcing has become an increasingly popular alternative. This aids in boosting productivity while at the same time keeping costs lower. Through outsourcing, some of the burden from the company is also lifted as they do not have to worry about the training or management of a coding team for custom java application building.

When you hire Java developer through outsourcing you are building a team of experts for the building of your product. However, if you are not certain about which programming language to build your product in it is best to first get a consultation done. Also, you can check the products that the team you are planning on hiring has already built so that you can make a more informed decision.

At Sunflower Lab we believe in partnering with our clients from ideation to deployment which is why we provide them with full support and a wide range of digital solutions. Read about our work.

Checklist of when your digital product will work best with Java

  • ◢ Does your digital product require web applications, mobile applications, or enterprise software?
  • ◢ Does your digital product require the handling of vast volumes of data or do you foresee or prefer having the flexibility to easily upscale?
  • ◢ Do you have a product that requires secure data storage and secure communication?
  • ◢ Do you want faster development time? Java has many built-in frameworks and libraries that help in reducing the time to market.
  • ◢ Do you require easy integration? Java provides extensive support for web services and APIs.

Apart from these factors you need to consider the maintenance element as well as long-term support and stability are required. Furthermore, when choosing the technology powering your applications you are defining how much power and control you will ultimately have on the end product.

If you are uncertain what would best suit your digital product share your hassle with our team! Your idea is 100% protected by our non-disclosure policy. And we believe in working as a partner in building digital solutions from ideation to deployment. Contact our experts today so that we can guide you as to the best solution, and if you do want us to work with you on your product, it’ll be great!

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8 Challenges Affecting Software Project Management

It is easy to start projects but to see them to their successful completion is the difficult part. Having a structure or outline ready helps give all parties concerned a clear idea as to what is required throughout the various stages of the software project management process. Sunflower Lab provides digital solutions to companies that need on-demand software development teams.

Industry trends are for the wise. If you cannot go with the flow and adopt new strategies and ideas, you might as well close shop as competition abounds. In a bid to even the playing field, technologies and automation of monotonous repetitive processes can refine things.

Projects involving cloud computing, in-house development of products and services, infrastructure-related, product enhancement and upgrades, web-based solutions, mobile app development, etc. are a constant in the software industry.

Software Project Management

Increasing the speed of deliverables

Project planning needs to be done carefully so that a project can be successful. However, when developing software projects, time is certainly of the essence. Therefore, reducing the time a project is in the pipeline can significantly boost your chances of entering the market at a monopoly. The faster your product enters the market the faster you get to see the return on investments. However, apart from just having the product delivered one needs to consider the global market as well. This is where a software development project manager is useful in meeting the gap between what the user’s new requirements are and what the company had planned to offer.

The Tools of the Trade

Administrative systems and automation systems are avenues in which businesses invest heavily. In-house automation helps in saving on man hours as well as leads to the optimal use of resources. Unfortunately, systems need to be updated as they are as dynamic as software development. Funds on the other hand are not as forthcoming. Most project managers find the management reluctant to take on new technologies as this would increase the overall expenditure.

However, software development is a continuous process and so existing projects need to be revamped otherwise how can a company keep up with the competition? Our Sunflower Lab team has spent over a decade providing clients with digital solutions and from this rich experience, we have found that staying up-to-date is a sure ticket to success.

On-demand Teams

Each project has different demands which is why finding the right tech stack and then the right team isn’t a one-off problem. And this isn’t restricted to one or two projects, the larger the organization the more the scope of projects and the requirement of specialized teams and project-applicable tech stacks. Furthermore, it is not merely finding the right people or the needed skill set that is difficult. Budget constraints are also elements that need to be considered. Also, there is the fear that by selecting software developers that are priced too low, one is setting up oneself to be swindled. After all, it is not a new thing for software development companies to cut corners.

The SaaS Edge

SaaS platforms aid businesses that are small and mid-level to avail the capabilities of a large enterprise. Applications need to be robust as well as scalable and so businesses prefer the SaaS model as the technologies are advanced and at the same time reliable. These applications are flexible, easily maintained well as user orientated. Due to this the budget attributed to a custom software development process can be redirected to other avenues i.e. projects or processes that are more value-oriented.

Thus, a business will have to either hire managers to oversee these projects on an in-house basis. With a decade of assisting clients with digital solutions under its belt, Sunflower Lab strongly believes that on-demand project teams can prove to be an asset to a business. This proves to be more economical to a business than the recurrent hiring of SaaS vendors which is an ongoing development cost. This would ultimately lead to an increase in expenditure at an annual level.

Levelled User Engagement Practices

The number of users accessing your system at any point in time depends largely upon what your business model is like and what it offers. Your customers as well as on what rights have been allocated to the user.s personnel might be sharing the same web-based application to access data. However, how much can be accessed depends on the rights that have been given to the user. There is after all, no point in letting users access sensitive information, it merely adds to the potential of security threats.

Adding in the New

Managers are expected to be savvy about new technologies prior to their integration into their systems. This is stressful as time needs to be invested in such processes as one needs to understand the modules as well. Furthermore, whether these modules can impact deliverable timelines positively too has to be factored in. This is an added task apart from their managerial roles.

No Substitute to Quality Control

Testing is one aspect that a company can never cut corners with as it would have a detrimental effect on the quality of the products offered. A product with defects or bugs can cost the company its reputation post-deployment. Reliability is crucial and so project managers have to ensure that testing is stringent through the software development life cycle process. These tests include:

  • ✔ Unit Testing
  • ✔ Integration Testing
  • ✔ Functional Testing
  • ✔ System Testing
  • ✔ Stress Testing
  • ✔ Performance Testing
  • ✔ Usability Testing
  • ✔ Acceptance Testing
  • ✔ Regression Testing
  • ✔ Beta Testing

At Sunflower Lab we have assisted over 200 clients across New York and New Jersey with their digital solutions and so we understand the importance of structured testing. It is integral that project managers are conversant with the latest testing methods and project management methodologies. Testing methods vary depending on the developmental platform i.e. mobile apps, web-based, monolithic or cloud-based apps, custom software development projects, etc. Thus, managers need to be aware of the same and also supervise this process.

Transparent Reporting

There is a lot on the shoulders of a project manager. Right from the commencement of a project to the tasks in-between like the design and plan; and right to the execution – all of this falls on a manager’s plate. Furthermore, upon deployment of the project, things don’t end there as the administrative end needs to be closed. Thus, project management tools need to provide reports that are objective and transparent so that the management and other members of the team are taken up to speed.

Report Type Description
Timesheet Report Monitors the availability of resources for tasks related to development.
Expense Report Overhead costs related to work like fixed or recurrent costs (subscription expense).
Resource Workload Report Easier to know which resources can take on work and also can monitor the impact of a budget.
Portfolio Report Varied views on the project’s status, resource utilization, and health of the product.
Project Status Report Indicative of a project’s overall health.
Risk Reports Details out the project risks and their mitigation.
Board/Executive Reports These are weekly status reports that go to the project’s team as well as the key stakeholders.

Other Causes of Failure

For instance, incorrect task time estimate and incorrect cost estimate both would lead to a negation in the transparency of reporting. Thus, a project manager would be hard put out to find the actual root cause.

Sunflower Lab has been a trusted digital solution provider to its clients since 2011. We have built upon this reputation by ensuring that what clients dream, we turn into reality. For project-related queries do reach out to us. We would be glad to assist. You can reach out to us by clicking here.

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Custom Software Development Services for Operational Efficiency

From personalized dashboards to scheduling applications, and reporting, custom software development has a lot to offer towards increasing your operational efficiency.

Within a business, several different teams need to coordinate at various levels. Thus, to smoothen this coordination process a business requires custom software development services.

Briskheat headquartered in the USA faced a similar problem in task management. Requiring custom software it contacted Sunflower Lab (a custom software development company) for building customized CRM solutions.

Now Briskheat’s Engineering & Design team can effortlessly manage various tasks from requirement gathering to design & revisions.

What is Operational Efficiency?

Operational efficiency is a process that needs continuous working on. A business owner is always on the lookout for new ways to improve the same. This is where custom software development services enter the equation. For a business there can never be a one size fits all solution as each business has its own needs and ways of operation.

Custom software development is merely an avenue that can profit a business by speeding up its operations. However, choosing efficiency comes at a cost. There is research and execution that is involved as well as familiarizing oneself and one’s team with new software systems. The rewards are there and to be had in the long run and so though overhauling things might not be easy – in the name of operational efficiency, as a business owner, you are doing the right thing.

There are many software development firms and several on-the-shelf products to be had promising operational efficiency. But from our experience of assisting 30+ industries with their digital solutions, we’ve found that efficiency cannot be generalized.

Our team at Sunflower Lab (a custom software development company) has found a customized approach to work better. On the basis of this approach and our understanding of our client’s pain points we are trusted for software development services in Ohio and New York for over a decade.

Why Custom Software Development?

Tempting as an off-the-shelf option is, it is hardly ideal when one considers how business goals differ from organization to organization, and software systems need to be attuned accordingly. And the best part is that it is not so difficult to find a custom software development services company. The tough part is finding a software development firm that meets your needs and is genuinely interested in being a partner to your success.

Custom software development isn’t a difficult subject. All you need is a bit of research and a clear understanding of your business needs. Then you need to choose whether you’d prefer a web-based application or a mobile one, though the latter holds more favor now as it is easy to use on the go. Basically, you would need to choose the application type based on what fits your business and operational model while at the same time helping you achieve the results required.

Going Mobile

Mobile applications solve the purpose of getting the required tasks done while also providing much-needed flexibility (and they are trending too). Based on our observation while providing digital solutions for over 200 clients we have found some of the common use cases for custom software mobile app development include the following: (though they are not limited to the same)

Common Use Cases of Custom Software Development

Streamlining an approval process

Work getting done or ideas being presented aren’t the end of a process. In truth, these are the beginnings of the approval process. And it is in the approval process that most firms find the most bottlenecks. By streamlining the process decision-making is speeded up making things more agile with a smoother workflow. Through custom software development this can become a step-by-step process and hence, make execution faster.

Custom reporting

Reporting structure varies from business to business. Reporting doesn’t merely create an atmosphere of discipline; it is integral for indicating workflow as well. It allows business owners, project managers and product owners to visualize internal data in unique ways that make sense to the business and are aligned with long-term objectives.

A mobile app development company can help in crafting reporting solutions that offer everything that you need without unnecessary fluff. With custom software development you get the chance to choose what the report is supposed to reflect and thus, get more value for the time and money invested.

Scheduling applications

With so many things going on a working day can be hectic and not everyone is up to creating their own to-do list. Software engineers understand this pain point and so mobile scheduling applications can aid in maximizing collaboration opportunities.

People tend to forget meetings or waste time waiting. With proper scheduling, it would be easier for cross-departmental collaboration as well as finding the right slot.

Personalized dashboards

A dashboard provides information at a glance and thus, is a virtual bird’s eye view. Custom software development offers sophisticated visualizations of your core metrics in real-time, giving you the insights that you need to make better decisions faster and more efficiently.

Also, the software engineers can be informed of any preferences or special information that is to be displayed as this is what customization implies. Sunflower Lab has over a decade of experience in custom software development. Click here to connect with our team of experts.

Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development Services

There are several key benefits that make using a mobile app development company a no-brainer but since we are considering custom software development we’ve listed the benefits accordingly.

Technical Expertise

The experience and knowledge that custom software developers bring can help to level up your internal technology stack and help you spot additional opportunities for additional improvements. Software developers can also suggest the technology stack that is most fitting for your business needs.

Mobile Apps That Are Fit for Purpose

A mobile app development company can create a unique app that is perfectly suited to your business and the way that it runs. This makes for something that can fit into your existing structures straight away and get you results in no time which is one of the leading points in favor of custom software development.

Ongoing Support

When you work with a reputable mobile app development company, you’ll have access to ongoing support to maintain your project and ensure that you’re getting the most out of it. From the development process to deployment, a reliable software development company will ensure you have ample support at all stages.

Those are just a few benefits that make mobile app development services so powerful. And when you invest in technology like this, you’ll find that it opens many new doors that can transform your organization for the better.


Custom software development provides endless opportunities for the better operational efficiency of your project managers and team. We have tried to illustrate how custom software development has advanced to include operational efficiency on the go through mobile applications.

When choosing a custom software development company, it is integral to check whether they are aligned with your business goals. Also, their responsibility doesn’t end with building custom software, support is crucial post the deployment stage. Thus, a custom software development team is expected to standby throughout the entire development process.

If you’re looking for a technology partner or a custom software development company in this, we’d love to help you. We’re based in Columbus, Ohio, New York and New Jersey.

If this sounds of interest to you, be sure to get in touch today, and let’s see how we can take your business to new heights with custom software development and mobile app development!

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AR/VR with the Experts – Sunflower Lab Declared the Best by DesignRush!

Are you looking to leverage the power of Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality in your business? Well, then you are spot on because:

“The global revenue of the AR/VR market will reach $52.05 billion by 2027!”

— DesignRush

Thus, AR / VR is definitely the way to go, and who better understands this than our team at Sunflower Lab who’ve put their best into providing clients with digital solutions for over a decade! And based upon our portfolio of services and client reviews (not to forget our 96% client retention ranking!) we’ve been declared amongst the best AR/VR com companies for helping businesses in leveraging and implementing such technologies.

We’ve been there and built that – when it comes to Augmented and Virtual Reality Application Development. Apart from the usual application development process, we have also partnered with PTC (a global biopharmaceutical company). To add innovation with a twist and to create more smiles along the way, we built an augmented reality feature in The Mission Duchenne Coloring and Activity app. Through this, young patients with rare diseases can reclaim their childhood by interacting with the coloring pages g pages they have completed. After all, every smile matters 😊.

View the List

Been There, Built That.

PTC is a global biopharmaceutical company committed to extending life’s moments for rare disease patients and their loved ones. The Mission Duchenne Coloring and Activity app is designed to be a fun and educational resource for young patients and their families. The app includes an augmented reality feature that allows children to interact with the coloring pages they’ve completed.

Get a Free Quote On your Project today!

Your idea is 100% protected by our Non-Disclosure Agreement

About Sunflower Lab

“This partnership positions us as an international leader in energy and sustainability and further strengthens Ohio State as a national flagship public research university.”

— Michael V. Drake, Former President of The Ohio State University

Sunflower Lab is a USA-based leader in providing full-service digital solutions to clients from ideation to support. Our team of seasoned professionals are experienced across industries in Ohio, New Jersey, and New York. We bring our client’s ideas to life no matter how ambitious they might be as was the case with Ohio State University. Despite being one of the largest university campuses in the U.S. they wanted to be a thought and action leader to a greener tomorrow. And we’ve been there, and built that – as with their new custom app ‘Energy’ they are well on their way to reducing their carbon footprint!

At Sunflower Lab, we are technology-focused and customer-obsessed. We truly believe in the positive impact technology will create on the world. That is why we invest heavily in technology
training so we can offer our clients emerging tech concepts like augmented reality and virtual reality. We work closely with all of our clients to understand their businesses, solve their problems, help them reach their professional goals, and foster long-term relationships. With a reputation of high-quality products and services, Sunflower Lab can guarantee the end product while delivering constant communication and updates throughout the AR/VR app development process.

About DesignRush

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Node.JS vs Python - Which to Choose & Skills of Developers

(Spoiler Alert: Includes the Top Node.JS Libraries and Python Web Frameworks!)

“The backend or the server-side is the base or foundation of a project. The user-facing elements and client-side of the web application are supported by the backend. Therefore, if you want a high-performance application experience this is where you need to focus.”

Node.JS and Python are extremely popular back-end development technologies. Node.JS though comparatively new has a whole host of features that are tipping the scales of popularity in its favor. However, what technology you opt for depends on your application and your objectives for the same.

Our Sunflower Lab team can understand your dilemma as several of our clients approached us with this query. Thus, to simplify things for you, we’ve listed out the features and libraries of both along with a list of pros and cons. So, read on, and if you have any further questions, you can always contact us!

About Node.js Technology

The popularity of Node.JS can be seen in its users as Netflix, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and PayPal have all used NodeJS. Since Node.JS is scalable, fast, and versatile; it is extremely popular with developers. Due to its open-library and extensive community, developers get additional tools with support, which is why sunflower Node.js Software Development services are also people’s best choice. Our Node.js Software Developers use top Node.js Libraries  Here’s a look at the top Node.JS libraries in 2023.

Top 6 Node.JS libraries in 2023

Software development companies that cut corners are always on the lookout for new clients which is why they project ridiculously low quotes. This serves to confuse product owners into thinking that they actually might be on to a really good deal. However, when a software development company in New York quotes you too low you should smell a rat.

1. Hapi.JS

  • Hapi.JS a HTTP-API is Node.JS library that is great when you want to develop web applications that are both scalable as well as powerful. Plus, it is open source.
  • It is commonly used to create API servers, HTTP-proxy applications, and websites.
  • Apart from this it boosts several unique features so that developers can create applications that are more high-end and subsequently more powerful and secure.

2. Async.JS

  • Async.JS is considered to be one of the best JavaScript backend libraries available to developers.
  • It has functions for working with asynchronous JavaScript code.
  • Code can be run more efficiently as there is asynchronous JavaScript code used as it prevents the slowing down of the process due to operations that are long running. operations.

3. Request

  • Request makes HTTP calls. The benefit of this is that it is a safer way for applications to access content from external sources. This is also considered to be more dependable.
  • It provides a simple interface for sending HTTP requests and receiving responses.
  • One of the best parts is its flexibility as the response can be customized and thus handled in different ways.

4. Express.JS

  • Express.JS is a Node.JS-based open-source web application framework.
  • It provides a simple API for creating robust, scalable, and maintainable web applications.
  • It has earned a reputation as the library with the most flexible and minimalist Node.JS web framework.

5. Ethers.JS

  • Ethers.JS is a JavaScript library for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain and its ecosystem.
  • It is a complete, simple, and secure library for building Ethereum powered applications.
  • This is extensible and also flexible. Thus, it allows you to use a vast variety of Ethereum-based applications due to its being flexible and extensible.

6. Mongoose.JS

  • Mongoose.js is a popular JavaScript library for working with MongoDB, a popular NoSQL database which means it stores data in documents.
  • It provides a straightforward, schema-based solution to model your application data.
  • It includes built-in type casting, query building, validation, business logic hooks, and more making it easier to work with data in the MongoDB database from the Node.js application.

Python Technology

Python has high-end data structures, libraries, and dynamic bindings, making it more suited for application development. Its web frameworks (Django & Flask) make it easier for developers to create applications faster. Through web scraping it is possible to extract data that is on websites which helps developers in the monitoring of competitors as well as data analysis. Because of microservices developers can also create small and independent deployment services for the creation of a larger application.

In our 12+ years of providing clients with digital solutions, at Sunflower Lab we have found that Python is preferred among startups that have limited resources and operate under time and cost constraints. This is because Python always supports delivering high-quality outputs with lesser development efforts. Python is used by many organizations in the world, including Intel, NASA, Facebook, and Spotify.

If you have a project that requires Python developers, we’d love to hear from you!

Top Python Web Frameworks of 2023

1. Django

  • Django is a high-level framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.
  • It is a free and open-source web application framework written in Python. It follows the model-view-template architectural pattern.
  • It is maintained by the Django Software Foundation, an independent organization established as a non-profit and is one of the most trusted python libraries for software development.

2. web2py

  • Web2py is a free, open-source web application framework written in the Python programming language.
  • It follows the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern.
  • The program comes with two operating modes: one for development and one for production.

3. TurboGears

  • TurboGears is a full-stack web application framework.
  • It is a data-driven, open source and free-to-use Python web framework.
  • It supports multiple databases and follows a MVC pattern.

4. Pyramid

  • Pyramid is a flexible and one of the most popular python frameworks in the sense that it scales for medium-sized and small-sized web applications.
  • It is highly flexible and makes smart development and documentation of a complex application an easy task while offering a wide range of scalability.
  • However, for developers with low experience in coding, it can be a little tricky to understand.

5. Flask

  • The framework has a built-in server and debugger and that runs the application and can process multiple users’ requests at a time.
  • Being a micro-framework, it lacks database support, but this is being worked upon.

Skills of Developers

Sunflower Lab has 40+ experienced Node.JS developers ready to be a part of on-demand teams as we specialize in creating digital products and services that meet our client’s needs.

Our experts have extensive experience as BackEnd developer using Node.JS and its frameworks (e.g. Express, Koa, Hapi).

  • Experience with JavaScript unit testing and RESTful web services as well as relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Write well designed, testable, efficient code with a passion and curiosity for creating and building things.
  • Experience working within a continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) environment.

Our SFL team has a rich blend of expertise with experience which is why we have a 96% client retention rate. If you are on the lookout to hire a Node.JS developer, we are at your service!

Sunflower Lab has experienced Python developers ready to be a part of on-demand teams as we provide clients with digital solutions. Apart from the skills mentioned above other skills that a Python developer should have are:

  • Expertise in SQL and Python packages.
  • Knowledge of data clean up, wrangling, analysis and visualization.

Node.js vs Python: Key Differences

The most basic difference between Node.JS and Python is that the first relies on a similar language for the writing of both the front-end and the back-end.

However, to simplify things our experts have listed the common traits by which tech stacks are judged to make your choice easier. If you’ve already made your choice and are ready to hire Node.JS developer or hire Python developer, Sunflower Lab can be of assistance as we specialize in creating digital products and services that meet our client’s needs.

  • Performance and Speed – Python (and, in fact, JavaScript itself) is slower than a compiled language such as Java. As a single-flow option, it processes requests more slowly than Node.JS which uses the V8 engine to interpret JavaScript code, making the application more resource efficient.
  • Scalability – Node.JS has always been considered to be the master of scalability. This means that, for large-scale projects, Node.JS may be preferable, provided other criteria don’t matter even more.
  • Architecture – Node.JS is more supportive as Python requires special tools – such as the Asyncio module – to develop event-driven asynchronous apps.
  • Syntax – Python’s easy, curly bracket-free syntax. Often touted as one of its best features, it gives it a clear advantage over Node.JS, which requires a good grasp of JavaScript.

  • Project Range – Node.JS suits applications that experience lots of client-side rendering, have numerous concurrent requests, or frequent shuffling of data from a client to a server. Some examples include IoT solutions, real-time chatbots and messengers, and complex single-page apps. Python, on the other hand, covers a wider spectrum of applications ranging from web applications to numerical computations, all the way to network programming and even machine learning. It also happens to be the multi-tasking programming language of choice. Python’s multiple frameworks and accurate coding make it a great solution for sizeable projects.

A technology stack ultimately defines how much control you will have on the end product. That is why a product owner should take an informed decision at this integral phase. And at Sunflower Lab we provide full service to our clients from ideation to scale and support. Our expert team would love to make your project from a dream to a reality, contact us!

During our 15+ years as a reputable digital solutions provider across US, Sunflower Lab has found that it is better to focus on the “why” of a project first, than on the “what’s” and “how’s”. If you are uncertain whether Node.JS or Python are a better option or would like to explore more technology stacks, we encourage you to speak to our experts.

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