insurance eligibility verification (VOB)

How AI streamlined Insurance Eligibility Verification in Healthcare

Managing insurance verification in hospitals, where a large number of patients visit daily, can be a time-consuming challenge.…

Invoice Automation

How Automating Accounts Payable can Improve Business Productivity?

Accounts Payable Workflow poses a big challenge to any business, especially if you’re transitioning from a small to medium level…

rpa for healthcare robotic process automation for healthcare

Return 15% of Workday Back To Employees by Automating Patient Letter Process

Problem Healthcare providers are responsible for notifying patients when they’ve been scheduled for an out-of-network healthcare…

Eliminate EHR Fatigue, Speed Up Claims Workflow with Process Automation for Medical Billers

Introduction Physicians Global is a medical billing company. Physicians Global works with many different doctors offices who see…

RPA Use Case Employee Expense Receipts Processing Workflow

RPA Use Case: Employee Expense Receipts Processing Workflow

RPA Use Case Employee expense receipt management is the perfect…

rpa use case facebook data scraping problem statement (1)

RPA Use Case: Facebook Data Scraping

RPA Use Case We take you through an example of how RPA can be used…

automated invoices and po requests

RPA Use Case: Automating Hospital PO Requests and Invoices

Problem IONM companies have different billing requirements for each facility they work with. Most of the requirements concern…

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