At Sunflower Lab, we work on the latest technologies to solve the problems business owners face. With Alexa app development, we give you a voice-enabled solution that makes your office smarter.

Alexa (Echo) is Amazon’s voice-control service which empowers the voice experience in various devices like Amazon’s Echo, Dot, Tap, Fire TV, Raspberry Pi and more. Alexa voice-control service adds the brain to any connected devices which have speaker and microphone.

Voice-enabled devices are the third major computing platform alongside PCs and smartphones. Customers use their voices to interact with the device, completing tasks such as playing music, turning on/off the lights, online ordering, or setting an alarm, timer and to-do list.

Sunflower Lab is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partner based in Columbus, OH and New Jersey. We are an Alexa Echo app development agency with a team of certified AWS developers.

Alexa (echo) is Amazon’s voice control service which empowers the voice experience to many different Alexa enables devices like amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, Fire TV, Raspberry Pi and much more. Alexa voice control service adds the brain to any connected devices which have speaker and microphone.

Voice Enabled devices are the third major computing platform along the side of PC and SmartPhones. Customers can interact with devices using voice do lots of things like play music, turn on and off the light, order anything, get the flash briefing, set alarm, timer or todo list.  

Sunflower Lab is AWS consulting partner and expert Alexa Echo app development agency with the team of certified aws developers.

How Alexa Can Help Your Business

  • You can create multiple solutions just by using Alexa.
  • 24-7 Customer Support
  • Control Your Smart Devices for Home and Business
  • Shopping and e-Commerce
  • Interactive Gaming
  • Company Wiki
  • Retirement Home
  • Emergency Assistance

Opportunities with Sunflower Lab and Alexa

Many businesses these days have extended their products by providing customers new methods to connect with their services. Alexa can help you improve customer experience and at the same time make your business flexible. We have a team of developers who work on latest technologies such as Alexa Application Development, they can unlock new opportunities for you in a smart way. What we have to offer:

  • Responsible Alexa Application Development and prototyping
  • Best in class programming skills to make quality apps
  • Clean, performing peer, and maintainable code
  • Top design approach, evaluate technical issues, and integrating new tech
  • Agile environment to deliver quality apps in aggressive schedules
  • Strong Alexa architecture and selective design pattern
  • Customized Alexa voice service on all mobile devices
  • Native user interfaces with latest programming approach

Voice Is the Next Big Platform - Contact US to build your custom Alexa skills

Enabling Alexa Application Development in business

Alexa voice service is no doubt brain of millions of devices. It provide skills that help customers to create their own experiences. This voice service can help you look for information on websites. You can integrate it with your website so that customers can order easily. In today’s world, people look for easy ways to interact with businesses and providing what customers want can make you their favorite. Sunflower Lab’s Alexa App Development has applications in following businesses and much more:

  • Alexa for Home Automation
  • Alexa for Smart Office integration
  • Alexa for Hotel Management
  • Alexa for controlling Smart Devices

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