Amazon Alexa App Development for Echo Devices

Build skills and apps for Alexa-enabled devices with Sunflower Lab—an Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partner.

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AWS Solutions That Work

By utilizing the data, user accounts, and skills of a device in your organization, Sunflower Lab’s Amazon applications have the power to add a “brain” to any connected devices with a speaker and microphone. Alexa and other Amazon Web Services developed at Sunflower Lab can also help you improve customer experience by improving the flexibility, agility, and response time of your business. No matter your idea, Sunflower Lab has the experience and dedication to help find a voice-activated solution for your business. Together, we can create multiple solutions using AWS including: 

  • 24-7 Customer Support
  • Control Your Smart Devices for Home and Business
  • Shopping and e-Commerce
  • Interactive Gaming
  • Company Wiki
  • Retirement Home
  • Emergency Assistance

Our Clients Dream It. We Build It

residential real estate council

A voice-enabled search, education & networking platform offered by Residential Real Estate Council.

Sunflower Lab partnered with RREC for developing the skill to provide an alternative to locating the agents in other markets using voice automation.

Case STudy

An IoT Application Development Company You Can Trust

With over 10 years of experience designing and developing the latest software solutions, Sunflower Lab is leading the way in programming custom Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa solutions. We have been of service to numerous satisfied clients over the years, including businesses in the retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and real estate industries. With a rigorous training program for our personnel, as well as a history of high-quality service, Sunflower Lab can make your business smarter, faster, and more productive with the latest Amazon applications.


Design & Prototype

We begin with designing and prototyping after discovering our customers’ wants and needs.

Build & Test

We bring the dream to life by building the mobile app, then testing it on targeted mobile iOS versions and hardware.


Once the app has been perfected, we deploy it to Google Play store and/or the Apple store. With the mobile app deployed.

Measure & Market

We measure the customer experience, usage, market penetration, and application performance through various analytical tools.

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Addressing 550,000 Bike Injuries Per Year

“Sunflower delivered professional service and quick turnarounds with updates. The team created a very clean responsive iPad app for us. Great work!”

Web Application Development - Groove Image

More Than 100% Growth in Revenue in Last 3 Years

“Sunflower has been really good at not only helping automate and streamline our current processes, but they have also been really good at affecting our processes and giving us ideas as to how we could work better. That’s been really valuable.”

Press Sports image

Over 25,000 Downloads in 2019

“Sunflower Lab has created an elegant native mobile app for Press Sports that brings together the best features of social media and sports recruiting. Press Sports boasts a 4.9 rating in the iOS App Store based on 150+ reviews. It just goes to show that users love this platform.”

Our Clients

Sunflower Lab has been trusted by companies in 12 different industries for their mobile app development needs.

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