Chatbots and Conversational AI Service

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Chatbots and Conversational AI Service

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Chatbot Innovation at its best

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Build the latest Conversational AI and Chatbot products for your diverse business needs. As Artificial Intelligence is widely influencing the business outputs, with our Expertise in AI/ML across all the industries, we are bound to provide you with the most innovative solution for your organization.

Chatbot Innovation at its best

Build the latest Conversational AI and Chatbot products for your diverse business needs. As Artificial Intelligence is widely influencing the business outputs, with our Expertise in AI/ML across all the industries, we are bound to provide you with the most innovative solution for your organization.

A variety of services to choose from

As an organization built to assist businesses in every sector, we are bound with all the Chatbots And Conversational AI services and solutions at your disposal.

Custom Chatbot Development

With our professionals, create conversational bots and virtual assistants to meet all of your business's and customers' needs. Make use of our scalable and cost-effective conversational AI services to get one step closer to a digital customer experience.

Deep Learning Model Development

Chatbot Integration

Conversational chatbots and virtual assistants can be effortlessly integrated with other third-party digital solutions. Use our chatbot integration capabilities to add conversational features to your business platforms and social media platforms.

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Custom AI Voice Assistant

Our AI voice assistants are designed to comprehend and react to user inquiries accurately, providing prompt and reliable assistance and revolutionizing the way your organization engages with both clients and staff.

Custom CRM/ERP Bots

We design intelligent bots that function in harmony with your CRM, ERP, and CM systems. By automating repetitive operations, delivering data insights in real time, and increasing workflow efficiency, our bots enable your business to achieve operational excellence.

OpenAI App development services

A voice-enabled Search, Education & Networking platform

⸻ Case study – Alexa Find a CRS

Finding Certified Resident Specialists across the country is now an easy task as we built an app with voice search capability which can be used across Alexa and Google Home app.

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Sunflower Lab works efficiently and effectively. The vendor launched a prototype in three weeks and a working version in just three months. Their speed and willingness to respond to the client's needs were impressive. They were always accommodating, responsive, and supportive.

Alexandru Darie

Philips (Signify)

With chatbots integrated to your websites, make your customers comfortable with simple and quick query responses.

Integrate chatbot on your social media handles to carry out easy automated responses.

As data retrieval gets complicated, it can be made easy with conversational AI tool for quick information.

Chatbots are capable for Android app integrations, get effortless embedding with our Chatbot experts.

Get assistants to chatbots in your iOS Apps with our experts getting it ready for integration.

Enterprises can look for a more efficient future with chatbot capabilities extended to HR, CRM and ERP systems.

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Adding simplicity and innovation with Chatbots is going to leave a huge impact.

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Highly Customizable

Enhanced chatbot for better understanding of application

⸻ Case study - Zinniax

Utilize the conversational bot capabilities of Zinniax to understand and educate yourself with valuable information, thus maximizing the usage of application

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Our Capabilities have left an impact over many industries

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OpenAI App development services

Patient Assistance with Intelligent chatbot

⸻ Use Case – Healthcare

Healthcare providers could improve patient experience and provide individualized treatment and support by utilizing conversational AI to collect patient data at scale and extract useful insights.

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Easy Account Management & Query Response

⸻ Use Case - Banking

With the aid of artificial intelligence, conversational AI, also known as a banking virtual assistant, can verify client balances, handle transactions for all bank accounts, assist with transfers, freeze accounts, or raise limits.

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Procuring Insightful and Precise AI Managed Services

Our process starts with understanding your exact needs, a sequential course of action starts taking shape in the form of AI ML products. We have a credible methodology which has proven vital for our customers in the past. Have a glimpse at our process line.

Discovery & Ideation

Ideas are brainstormed and potential AI cloud solutions are analyzed upon to address the needs of users and their problem areas. Pinpointing the exact area to work on and identifying the inefficiency for AI to work is always the first step.


Creation of the product includes coding, integration, and testing. Development of the AI managed services for product’s core functionality as well as its features. This stage produces the first look at your AI product which will be further tuned.


This stage includes a comprehensive design of the AI/ML product and modeling of the intelligent prototypes or wireframes for visualization of the product’s framework. This part of the process enables you to customize the program.


It involves assessment of the product by real users to compile reports to check that the product meets its expectations. This includes usability and affirmation to gather user feedback & pinpoint issues and areas that must be revamped.


Deploying of the product to market and promotion of its content to intended users. The formation of a launch plan and timeline. The product performance will be examined, and the user feedback post-launch is also analyzed.

Ongoing Support

This is an incessant process as it involves the maintenance and upgradation of the AI/ML product over time. Bugs, glitches, monitoring of software performance and updates are part of this long-term product support.

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The primary advantage of chatbots is likely their ability to speed up and scale your customer service. Chatbots, as opposed to humans, have the capacity to manage thousands of interactions at once and operate around the clock, offering customers immediate responses and accessible data.

The type of AI that resembles the language of humans is known as conversational AI. It is made conceivable by Google’s foundation models, that underlie new generative AI capabilities, and natural language processing (NLP), a form of artificial intelligence that allows computers to comprehend and process human language.

A dataset could be made up of text documents, audio files, videos, or photographs. The data that was utilized to train the chatbot influences its ability to interpret language and react effectively. The first step in the process involves collecting task-oriented, realistic dialog data so that the chatbot can begin developing.

Chatbots minimize the workload of workers by monitoring and redirecting possible requests. They assist clients in finding the solutions they require by performing repetitive jobs, answering simple questions, and providing self-service alternatives. This enables employees to concentrate their skills on requests or complex problems that demand human interaction.

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