Typical Invoice Processing Means:

  • AP staff losing valuable time manually entering data, leading to inefficiencies and errors.
  • Missed early payment discounts or late fees due to errors leading to increasing costs.
  • Toggling between multiple applications (email, ERP system) or paper invoices create a disorganized and inefficient process.
  • Slow processing delays payments to vendors, potentially straining relationships and causing order fulfillment delays.
Invoice Processing Automation
⸻ Problem Statement
Invoice Processing Automation

By Eliminating Tedious Tasks Like Manual Data Entry, Chasing Down Approvals, And Navigating Paper Trails, Automation Improves Your Entire Invoice Processing Workflow. The Result? Significant Improvements Like:




Lower Processing Costs


Reduced Workload

⸻ Impact

Proven Excellence & Customer Impact

Reputable Company Achieves 25% Efficiency Gain by Automating 140,000 Invoices Annually

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Energy Company Achieves 95% Faster Invoice Processing with Zero Errors

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New Jersey Manufacturer Achieves 100% Accuracy and 50% Faster Invoice Processing with Automation

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Customize Integrations According To Your Needs

Invoice & PO integrations

Why Sunflower Lab’s Automated Invoice Processing Software?

No Infrastructure & Licensing Costs 

Our Invoice automation software is a cloud-based solution, meaning:

  • No hardware limitations or infrastructure costs needed.
  • No IT burden for server maintenance or updates.
  • No additional charges for OCR or AI model services.
  • No extra added RPA Costs.

Pre-Built Custom Solutions

We understand that every business has specific purchasing requirements. That’s why we offer a range of customizable solutions to fit your unique needs.

  • Only pay for the features and volume you need.
  • Easily add or remove features as your business needs evolve.
  • These configurations can be further customized to perfectly align with your existing workflows.

Expert Support

We understand that transitioning from manual ways to automated processes can be too much, that’s why we offer comprehensive expert support from as part of our Invoice automation software package.

  • Not just basic setup assistance, but also guides you through the entire thought-to-life cycle process.
  • ⁠We will be there to support you 24*7.
  • ⁠No Extra Added costs for Hiring a Developer.

Why Our Intelligent Invoice Processing Software Stands Out?

Traditional invoice processing software can be rigid, struggling with invoices that don’t follow a specific format. This leaves you wasting time re-entering data, dealing with inaccuracies or additional costs due to late payments. Our Intelligent Automation bot:

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Handles Diverse Invoice Templates

Our Intelligent Invoice Automation bot tackles invoices from any vendor, no matter the format. No more manual data entry and error, freeing you up for what truly matters.

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Eliminate Payment Errors

Eliminate the risk of human error by automatically storing all your payment records. No more double payments, late fees, and the hassle of tracking down receipts.

Reduce 80% Data Entry and Save 70% of Your Employee’s Valuable Time With Automated Invoice Processing Software Solution!

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No, our software is cloud-based, eliminating the need for additional hardware or complex installations.

Our intelligent bots can handle invoices from any vendor, regardless of format. This eliminates the need for manual data entry for even slightly varying invoice layouts.

We prioritize data security. Invoice information and emails are stored securely in cloud storage solutions like AWS S3 Bucket, SQL Server, Azure Blob Storage, etc.

Our pricing is designed to be transparent and scalable to fit your business needs. We offer a pay-as-you-go model, so you only pay for the features and volume you use. To get a specific quote tailored to your requirements, please contact us.

From Ideation To Support, We Partner With You All The Way

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