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As an IT service company, our expertise speaks volumes in every solution we have developed for the manufacturing industry. We have driven manufacturing organizations to the forefront of operations and become an Industry 4.0 leader. With a skilled workforce, our manufacturing software development services meet regulatory compliance and adhere to targets efficiently and productively.

Delivering Excellence with Every Manufacturing Project

As an IT service company, our expertise speaks volumes in every solution we have developed for the manufacturing industry. We have driven manufacturing organizations to the forefront of operations and become an Industry 4.0 leader. With a skilled workforce, our manufacturing software development services meet regulatory compliance and adhere to targets efficiently and productively.


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Your Esteemed Manufacturing Software Development Partner

We provide bespoke solutions for the manufacturing industry with a strong focus on innovation and client-centric results.

Data visualization

Manufacturing ERP and MRP Software

We develop fully functional end-to-end manufacturing software solutions for ERP and MRP systems that immaculately streamline business operations within an organization. Our custom-built software for manufacturing start-ups, SMBs and enterprises create a global vision that ease overall performance and enables daily activities like energy management, simulation and modeling, computer vision and more, easily.

Power Pages

Product Lifecycle Management Software

We excel in developing industry specific application like PMS software that track the entire process of a product initiating from its conceptualization to its final delivery. This helps the manufacturing organization to improve its planning and empower itself to take actionable decisions by demonstrating informed insights. It also offers the ability to collaborate between cross-functional teams and emerge triumphant.


Order and Inventory Management Software

The custom order and inventory management solutions we develop have proven to optimize the process of tracking stock levels immaculately. Our solutions help you estimate orders from inception to fulfillment and also visualize the demand-supply chain. This in turn eliminates the probability of stockouts and cuts down on operational costs. We have a seasoned team of solution architects who look into these manufacturing processes to enable delivery of optimized solutions with utmost capacity.

BI and Analytics Software

As an excellent software suite, we develop BI tools that help you ingest data from various resources, for instance ERP and MES system and give a holistic view of the process. These BI tools cater to any size, type and scale of manufacturing process thus providing visibility into KPIs such as production rates, yields and downtime. Harness the power of data to upscale your operational efficiency, reduce risk and costs and maintain a competitive edge in market. See Case Study of AMOT.

Java application upgrade and support

CRM Software

CRM software development for the manufacturing industry is one of the most significant elements of our expertise that helps you manage your leads and track buyer’s journey notably. You can view the sales and service team’s progress and make informed decisions by studying the sales pipeline and analyzing insightful analytics. We offer customizations for both readymade CRMs like Dynamics 365 CRM or optimizing your workflow by strategizing and fully unlocking your business’s potential with bespoke CRM solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Our bespoke custom software development comprising MES applications allows you to monitor, track, control and document the process of procuring a final product from its raw material. We help bridge the gap between ERP systems and actual manufacturing operations by acting as a middle layer with our MES applications. These robust custom software development methodologies aid in real-time monitoring, quality control, product scheduling, work order management and other functional processes.

Java enterprise application development

Our fully equipped custom QMS software helps your manufacturing firm enhance your product quality through constant inspections, audits, and taking corrective measures in case of non-conformity. It can also comprise tools for Statistical Process Control which helps in elevating the overall level and quality of products.

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Philips Interact City

Enhancing Lighting Solutions On The Go

Request demo icon Case study – Philips

With AI and Augmented Reality incorporated into the Philips Light Finder app, users can find the right bulbs based on their specifications like color, size, etc. In another app for Philips, we developed Philips Interact City integrating technologies, such as AI/ML, IoT sensors, data analytics, and citizen engagement tools, to improve urban cities’ lighting with Google Street View and ZIP codes. As a part of the continued venture with Philips, we developed Philips Light Play, one more app with which users can host as well as attend light shows with their iOS application.

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Speed Up Quotation Process with Bespoke CRM Development

Tracking leads becomes tiresome when done manually. This was counteracted by heating specialist Briskheat with our custom CRM development services. By using custom-built CRM development services, they automated the sales and quotation process via a real-time dashboard with zero delays. This helped with accurate calculation of material costs and streamlined their entire business process.

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Request demo icon Case Study - Briskheat


Visualizing Dashboard for Cross-Functional Teams

Request demo icon Case study – Vishay

Managing everything on paper could be heavy and cumbersome. Our partners at Vishay realized this in time and contacted us for an astounding solution development that could lower their operations’ cost and time. We designed a BI solution for them that provided insight into the dashboard centrally and allowed cross-functional teams to look at the progress with little scope for miscommunication.

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Struggling With Manual Order/Inventory Management and Quality Assurance. Reach Out to Us for an Exhaustive Manufacturing Solution Development That Gets to the Core!

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Aligning Internal Operations of Finance and Sales Teams

PCP was struggling to accelerate its finance and sales process via the automation of its quick reporting solution. Sunflower Lab extracted the data from MS SQL and created dashboards via Power BI for quick visualization. With this insight, PCP was able to look into their different locations’ performance, how many orders were pending, forecast the sales and demand patterns, and check the revenue of the organization.

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Request demo icon Case Study - PCP

Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company, LLC
AMOT – Leave approval flow

Powerful Visual Insights Leveraging Power Platform

Request demo icon Case study – AMOT

We developed an in-detail dashboard for AMOT, a top manufacturer, using Power BI empowered with DAX for visualizing its international bookings, revenue, inventory, backlog, and other details accelerating the process. Also, to catalyze its app development we used Canvas apps by PowerApps to develop a dynamic interface and seamless UX for this leading manufacturer of thermostatic temperature-controlling valves. Furthermore, we worked with AMOT to develop a visual dashboard in Dynamics 365 to quicken its sales process.

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Tools and Technologies Used for Manufacturing

We have technical experts who use various tools and technologies at different stages of development.


  • Monolithic
  • Microservice

Development Tools

  • Eclipse
  • maven
  • Gadel
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • VS Studio Code
  • NetBeans IDE

Analytics & Logs

  • Gray Log
  • Grafana
  • New Relic
  • Log4J
  • Cloud Watch
  • SonarQube
  • Sentry

Project Management

  • JIRA
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • MS Teams


  • Core java
  • J2EE
  • Spring Boot
  • Java Server Faces
  • Hibernate
  • Struts
  • Blade

API Design

  • PostMan
  • Swagger
  • GitLab
  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket
  • Jenkin
  • Bamboo
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • Digital Ocean
  • Lambda (serverless)
  • Dapr
  • Heroku
  • Docker
  • Nginx
  • Kubernetes
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • NoSQL
  • JUnit
  • Selenium
  • JMeter
  • PostMan
  • Mockito
  • RabbitMQ
  • Amazon MQ
  • Apache Kafka Streams
  • Apache NiFi

Custom ERP Solution to Manage Timesheets

BOBST identified that its workforce that had to work at different client locations found it tedious to come to the office physically and submit their work hours, travel costs, leave taken, or other such details. Therefore, we developed an ERP solution for them which enabled the employees to register their details in the application and thus saving time to come to the office to register their presence.

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Request demo icon Case Study - BOBST

Custom ERP Solution to Manage Timesheets

Expert Manufacturing Solutions We Offer

Address a wide range of areas viz. supply chain management, inventory management, quality control, and lean manufacturing.

CRM For Sales, Service & Operations

Our custom-built CRM systems are one of our core elements which enable you to automate the process of your sales and service and drive your lead management process. We enable you to have a bird’s eye view of your lead from the stage of generation to finally driving them into client by having insights into every step. This is something you can smartly do with CRM. We also excel in integrations for Dynamics 365 CRM that makes you a smart decision maker.

IoT Solutions Simplifying Tasks

It is one of the fastest-growing technologies that connects devices to the internet to extract relevant data and make data-driven decisions. It can be implemented in a wide range of industries and use cases. Some of the most prominent use cases of IoT in the manufacturing industry are Smart Automation, Fleet Management, Industrial IoT, and more. We have excelled in delivering IoT solutions that make you a smart decision-maker.

Mobile and Cloud Solutions

We develop cloud solutions that are hosted on web allowing you to access them from anywhere globally without relying on a system. With mobility, analyze your data while on the go and improve inventory management, production volume, inventory turnover, first-time quality rate and more. You can deploy these independent solutions on cloud computing platforms like AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure allowing file sharing and organizational benefits.

Dynamic Visual Dashboards

We have been at the front line of delivering a wide spectrum of dashboards for the manufacturing industry using Power BI and Tableau empowering you to make actionable decisions. This helps in data connectivity, modeling, transformation, quality control, defect analysis, and sharing results which in turn take your business forth with authority and conviction. We also help apply NLP to your BI tool to get live answers and gain clear insights that help you strategize your marketing and operational goals.

Seamless Automation Using RPA

Automate repetitive and rule-based tasks with Robotic Process Automation. With our RPA solutions, we mimic human interactions with computers or machines to drive data entry, extraction, transformation, transactional processing, and more. These software robots automate routine tasks without the intervention of coding skills and increase efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. By incorporating RPA in your manufacturing firm, automate repetitive, rule-based tasks to improve productivity, reduce cost and improve accuracy.

Excellence in Every ERP Solution

Sunflower Lab provides a diverse range of solutions in manufacturing for ERP systems including SAP ERP and Oracle Cloud ERP which help you indulge in insights via Power BI building insightful dashboards for informed decision-making. With these solutions seamlessly manage production planning, inventory management, supply chain management, quality control, centralized business streamlining and financial planning. With a dedicated ERP solution for your manufacturing plant, improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs.

Implementing Data Lake

Unlike traditional warehousing that requires structured data and a defined schema, our Data Lake consulting and development services allow you to manage data in its raw native form. Some of the most popular Data Lake are built on cost-effective storage solutions like Hadoops Distributed File System (HDFS) with eminent data lake solutions and platforms like Azure Data Lake, Delta Lake, AWS Data Lake, and Databricks. By deploying your data on the cloud, we help your firm remove dependency on hardware and quicken your manufacturing, delivery, and maintenance. With Data Lake we source data from sensors, machines, and internal systems your organization may have. It helps manufacturers make data-driven decisions, optimize production processes, and improve product quality

Expediting Business Processes with Different Solutions

Achieving Excellence with Real-Time Dashboards

Request demo icon Case study – Storopack

Using real-time dashboards, we automated the process of proposal and approval by CAPEX and a real-time dashboard for sales team to manage orders faster and track them easily. In another project, we managed its content management system for mobile applications to add or modify content. We also developed a custom marketing solution for them, streamlining their workload and increasing efficiency.

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Complying With GDPR to Protect Data

We have a trained team of experts who comply with GDPR regulations when it comes to the manufacturing industry. With this norm, we handle personal data that includes information about your process which helps in implementing data protection policies, providing transparent privacy notices, and obtaining consent from your organization for data processing.

Our Knowledgebase Articles

Go through the pool of informative blogs on hot topics in manufacturing and educate yourself towards taking the next step.

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Following Guidelines for Your Manufacturing Company to Drive Maximum Growth

We mostly follow agile methodology to adapt to any changing demands in your business that may come impromptu. As we have worked on multiple manufacturing projects, we have a strong grasp of the factors that lead to growth in the manufacturing industry and will help you emphasize the same.


In ideation phase primary factors are outlining basic framework of the overall project and creating a roadmap of how and when the targets will be achieved.


This stage comprises a comprehensive design of the app/product and designing of the wireframes for visualization of the product’s anatomy and framework.


This is where we actually develop the project. All the tools, frameworks, and coding languages are used to create the project and adopt them to finally develop the end-product.


Finally comes the launch of the product, where it may be deployed online or on app stores to gain user and client feedback and embrace this feedback to tweak the product to what suits best.


In our product development process, we follow an agile model and continuously apply various testing methods, including unit testing, regression testing, and user-acceptance testing, to meet evolving project requirements during development.

Ongoing support

We constantly help you to have your software, app, solution or product perform seamlessly after delivery. This may help with fixing bugs, solving latency issues, or UX-related problems.

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To streamline operations, it is of utmost importance that you go by the best-in-breed solution. The first step is to gauge what your ultimate goal is – whether you want to track order and inventory, overview your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or target any other aspect of the operations. Keeping all these factors into account you can choose the most suitable solution development partner who incorporates all your checklist and develops a compliant manufacturing solution.

Yes, manufacturing software integrates seamlessly with other operation’s software like HR management and CRM systems to enable a seamless flow of data. This allows the software to deliver the latest and accurate data in real time. Complying with this, the resource planning can be done and the sales and services could be tracked along with inventory management. It helps in meeting the supply chain demand by tracking materials, components and finished products.

The manufacturing software allows manufacturers to extract and manage quality related data. This includes audits, conformance review, corrective actions and SPC to meet the regulatory compliance. Manufacturers can maintain SOPs, plan tasks and indulge in the firm’s incorporation with the KPIs to ensure all the tasks follow a process and procedure.

Yes, you can reach out to a manufacturing software development partner who will dissect your existing software and include the preferable modules you are looking for. This process involves meticulous planning and technical expertise so ensure you choose one amongst the top echelon of software upgradation providers. A responsive vendor support will allow you to reach out to integrate the customizations with fully functional properties.

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