DAX Empowered Dashboards for Real-time Data

Like most internally scaled manufacturing businesses, AMOT had a huge amount of raw data to deal with from various sources. This data consisted of important financial information like the number of international bookings, revenue, inventory, backlog, pipeline, etc.

AMOT required a digital solution that would assist it and its key managers and stakeholders make business intelligent decisions based on this data. However, the question was, what digital solution could consolidate various data, update the same, and also present it visually in such a way as to summarize it? Our experts at Sunflower Lab worked closely with the AMOT team to understand the business and came up with a Power BI dynamic dashboard solution empowered using DAX.


– Data Modeling

– Data Migration

– Consulting


– Power BI Dashboards

– DAX Reports

Technologies & Integration

– Power BI

– Excel

– Dynamic 365

– SQL Server


Through the use of this AMOT was able to access its financial data in real-time on the go. Team collaboration was also easier as the data was ready and already analyzed. This not only improved operational efficiency but also created a platform through which informed business decisions could be taken.  Through digital transformation, the AMOT was also able to digitally transform itself as well as the way in which business decisions were taken

Revenue & Finance Dashboard

Presents a visualization of the financial health of a company based on real-time data. It provides a breakdown of the revenue, profitability metrics, KPIs, etc. These dashboards can be dynamic and based on the specifications of the company. AMOT has international clients and so there is extensive data that needs to be processed. Having a bird’s eye view of the same makes things easier for stakeholders and decision-makers to make informed decisions

Inventory & Backlog Dashboard

AMOT deals with the manufacture of industrial valves. Considering this, keeping track in real-time of inventory and backlog is essential to avoid operational mishaps. Sunflower Lab suggested a dynamic dashboard model based on real-time data forecasting is also possible.

Orders & Booking Dashboard 

Orders & Booking Dashboard

Considering that AMOT is an international manufacturer, sales performance, customer order trends, and booking status is information integral to the company.  Understanding this aspect, Sunflower Lab ensured to creation of a dynamic dashboard that would update with real-time sales data. If you too want to stay on top of your sales-related information, contact our team of experts today!

Amot Power Bi sunflower


Staying Ahead of the Game through Real-time Financial Insights

AMOT required proper financial insights for a clearer idea as to how the business was progressing. Figures need to be updated in real-time without dedicating resources to this task.


Easy Navigation through Inventory & Backlog Challenges for Informed Decisions

AMOT also faced data consolidation issues as time and effort had to be put in merely to get a more comprehensive picture. This made team collaboration & information sharing difficult.


Experience the Power of DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) to Leverage Existing Data Models

By the use of DAX functions complex calculations as well as data manipulations are easily done. Thus, our team ensured that dynamic queries and time intelligence would be possible. Due to DAX, there is a more real-time element added to the dashboards making them more up-to-date.


Accelerate Business Decisions with Real-time Orders & Booking Information Right on Your Dashboard!

 AMOT is a leading manufacturer and hence, staying on top of orders can be demanding especially when dealing with a myraid

Dynamic Dashboards for Real-time Business Intelligence
Jignesh Bhojani  Business Intelligence and Analytics Lead at AMOT

Your Power BI solutions have greatly improved our data analysis, enabling us to make smarter decisions. Real-time monitoring of performance indicators and anomaly detection has boosted production efficiency and cut operational costs. Your data visualization expertise has simplified how we share complex manufacturing data across the organization, promoting better decision-making at all levels and nurturing a data-driven culture

Jignesh Bhojani

Business Intelligence and Analytics Lead at AMOT

Dynamic Dashboards for
Real-time Business Intelligence

AMOT knew that it required a better way to deal with all the raw data it had from different sources. Its team wanted to stay on-top-of data like inventory, backlog, revenue, etc. But was unable to envision how they could have a model that consolidated all this data, kept everyone in the loop, could be easily accessible, and at the same time, work in real-time. me.
Sunflower Lab during ideation worked with the client to know its pain point and vision. Our team of experts took time to understand the problems that were being faced at the grassroots. They also listed what type of data the client needed to be visualized to make the most of business intelligence. With all this in mind, our team presented a dynamic dashboard model with the added advantage of a forecasting feature. Now not only could AMOT know how it fared in real-time data, but its team could work with trends as well to see where they were and how they are progressing through forecasting based on real-time data that got automatically updated.
If you require a similar one-stop solution for your business, our team of experts can guide you on the same. Contact our team to set the wheels in motion toward your business’ digital transformation.

Power BI has saved us countless hours of manual data analysis. AMOT team can now quickly identify trends and make informed decisions

Through a PowerBI dynamic dashboard, you have raw data centralized and converted into Business Intelligence.  Thus, you only have to glance at a dashboard to know the number of bookings, pipeline, revenue, backlog, inventory, etc., based on your business specifications. The AMOT team benefited from their consolidated, comprehensive analysis and presentation of real-time data as they could pool the data from multiple sources and collaborate on the same. This led to more informed business decisions in less time but with accuracy.

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