Typical Purchase Order (PO) Processing Means:

  • Switching between applications like email, PDFs, and the ERP system taking away sales representative’s valuable selling time.
  • Manual data entry errors slow down the process and require rework. 
  • Frustrating back-and-forth communication to fix errors leads to delays and disrupts their focus
  • Repetitive tasks like data entry and administrative burdens steal focus from sales and prevent them from closing deals.
ERP PO Automation
⸻ Problem Statement
PO Automation

Our PO automation software eliminates the administrative headaches of purchase orders, freeing up sales reps to focus on closing deals and building customer relationships. No more switching between applications, manually entering data, or fixing errors, instead achieving:

$100 - $217

Cost Savings per PO


Reduced Time


Accuracy in Processing

⸻ Impact

Proven Excellence & Customer Impact

A reputed Healthcare Provider were able to Save $11,934 Annually by Automating Purchase Order Process

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A Ohio Based Manufacturing Provider Achieves 93% Efficiency Boost in Purchase Order Processing, Reducing Time per Order to One Minute

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Customize Integrations According To Your Needs

Invoice & PO integrations

Why Sunflower Lab’s PO Automation Software? 

No Infrastructure & Licensing Costs 

Our PO automation software is a cloud-based solution, meaning:

  • No hardware limitations or infrastructure costs needed
  • No IT burden for server maintenance or updates.
  • No additional charges for OCR or AI model services.
  • No extra added RPA Costs.

Pre-Built Custom Solutions

We understand that every business has specific purchasing requirements. That’s why we offer a range of customizable solutions to fit your unique needs.

  • Only pay for the features and volume you need.
  • Easily add or remove features as your business needs evolve.
  • These configurations can be further customized to perfectly align with your existing workflows.

Expert Support

We understand that transitioning from manual ways to automated processes can be too much, that’s why we offer comprehensive expert support as part of our PO automation software package.

  • Not just basic setup assistance, but also guides you through the entire thought-to-life cycle process.
  • ⁠We will be there to support you 24*7.
  • ⁠No Extra Added costs for Hiring a Developer.

Why Our Intelligent PO Automation Software Stands Out?

Traditional rule-based automation software struggles with the real world. It can only handle purchase orders that come in a single, predictable format. This means you’re stuck re-entering data from any POs with even minor variations in layout. 

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Handles Diverse Templates

No more limitations! Our PO Automation bot can handle POs from any vendor, regardless of their template format. Say goodbye to manual data entry for all your Purchase Orders.

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Smart Exception Handling

Our intelligent PO bot does more than automate; it matches pricing, quantity, and product type to existing quotes, flagging discrepancies for review. This reduces errors and ensures accurate processing.

Reduce PO Processing Time by 70% & Free Up
Your Team for Strategic Work

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Yes, our PO automation software integrates seamlessly with a wide range of popular ERP systems, including SAP Business One, IFS, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle NetSuite ERP, Xero, etc. We offer a variety of integration options to ensure a smooth connection with your existing software.

Yes, your data is secure! We use secure cloud storage, strong encryption, and access controls to keep your information safe.

Implementation takes 2-4 weeks on average. It depends on your ERP complexity, data volume, and desired customizations. Contact us for a more precise estimate.

Our software is designed for ease of use. No extensive IT knowledge is required. We also offer comprehensive training resources and support to ensure a smooth transition.

From Ideation To Support, We Partner With You All The Way

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