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Increased Sales & Revenue with a Competitive Edge through E-Commerce App Development Services

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Better Customer Engagement, Loyalty, & Shopping Experience through Specialized E-Commerce App Development

Increased Sales & Revenue with a Competitive Edge through E-Commerce App Development Services

Better Customer Engagement, Loyalty, & Shopping Experience through Specialized E-Commerce App Development

Type of Services offered by SFL in Ecommerce

E-commerce brings out the full potential of how digital solutions can add to a business’ profit. While tracking customer trends and buying behavior is difficult at traditional storefronts, E-commerce makes the shopping experience more personalized as well as automates several aspects of a business. Our team of experts focuses on your business’ needs during the ideation stage and partners with you throughout the entire development process.

Web Application Development

E Commerce Web Application Development

At Sunflower Lab our experts specialize in providing businesses with tailor-made digital solutions as per their online sales needs. We ensure that applications created are functional, secure, scalable as well as user-friendly.

Magento ecommerce Development Services

Magento ecommerce Development Services

Magento provides a feature-rich platform that is open-source. It is flexible, scalable, and provides options for customization. Thus, as an e-commerce app development company, we can use this tool as well depending on your business’ requirements.

Shopify Ecommerce Development

Shopify Ecommerce Development

Shopify is a cloud-based platform. Businesses are provided with a comprehensive set of tools for the building and management of online stores. These make E-commerce mobile app development faster.



Our team of experts can customize e-commerce mobile app development as well as create web-based customizable versions. WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce plugin. It works well with WordPress and provides a scalable as well as a customizable platform when it comes to online sales.

Bigcommerce ecommerce


The platform used would depend on what the product owner wants to achieve. BigCommerce is a cloud-based platform that provides businesses with an all-in-one solution for the building and management of e-commerce stores. This focuses on enterprise-level businesses.


Mobile Ecommerce Application Development

When it comes to shopping online customers prefer using mobile devices. Due to this, e-commerce mobile app development becomes even more important. Our experts work on user personas, pain points, and the entire navigational journey so as to improve the functionality of your application. Through an e-commerce mobile app development company, the chances of an abandoned cart would become lesser as customers will find it easier to browse, search and make purchases on the go – user interface and design matters.


Mobile Wallet Apps Development

Our developers can create customized solutions so that your application has a secure payment option and is convenient to customers as well. Due to increasing digitalization, there is convenience in using digital modes of payments. Security and faster transactions also are other elements that have caused digital payment methods to gain more traction.

ecommerce-Logistics and Fulfilment Apps

Logistics and Fulfillment Apps

For any order fulfillment, the logistics element comes in. These applications provide capabilities so that businesses can streamline their operations while improving their efficiency. Through order management that is centralized one can easily manage orders from websites, marketplaces as well as social media platforms. Our team of experts will also automate the warehouse management and shipping and delivering

cross platform web app

Progressive Web Apps Development

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web applications that use modern web technologies so that customers have an app-like experience. Our experts ensure that applications have cross-platform compatibility so that they are compatible with multiple devices and platforms. This would also provide faster loading time and are cost-effective as well. Furthermore, PWAs are SEO-friendly and make it easier for users to find the product in search results and improve website traffic.

AR VR ecommerce


E-commerce mobile app development is flourishing with AR/VR. With augmented reality and virtual reality, customers find it easier to locate products they are interested in. Also, the one pain point most customers face is that they are unable to picture what the product would look like in real life, through AR they can do so. Thus, product virtual try-ons and product visualization make it easier for customers to decide and eventually make their purchase.

Chatbots Development ecommerce

Chatbots Development

Chatbots are another instance of how AI can benefit e-commerce apps development. Chatbots provide instant customer support and assistance. This improves the overall user experience. Through AI-powered chatbots it is possible to handle several customer queries in one go as well as deal with order status, returns, and updates. Since chatbots are there 24/7 they can reduce response times and also at the same time improve customer satisfaction. We can ensure that the chatbot is optimized for your e-commerce app for a seamless experience.


Business Analytics and Reporting Ecommerce Apps

Business analytics is a very important feature of e-commerce apps. Through the analysis of sales figures, website traffic, and customer behavior, it is possible to identify further growth and improvement opportunities. Our team of experts can set up visualization tools, predictive analytics tools, and CRM software to make the data collection process automated and more efficient.

Integration Testing

Application Integration Service

Integration is another means of getting the most out of e-commerce applications. We can integrate various types of applications from business applications to CRMs and ERPs. Through the integration of multiple applications, processes can be automated, and this saves time while reducing effort.

Ecommerce Banking

Ecommerce Banking

E-commerce provides several benefits for customers as well as businesses. Through e-commerce app development services, you need not worry as a product owner about the nitty gritty like ensuring secure transactions or the payment process technicalities. Our team of experts will focus on your vision and based on this they will build an app that is convenient, secure as well as customized to specific needs.

Python ML & AI Application Development

AI based Ecommerce Apps Development

AI has premediated industries and by incorporating AI into a customer’s shopping experience our experts allow your customers to have a more personalized experience. Through AI algorithms it is possible to generate recommendations for offers and products. Apart from personalizing the customer’s product experience through AI it is possible to optimize pricing strategies. Our experts use collaborative filtering to personalize product recommendations on the basis of behavioral analysis. Through content-based filtering an analysis can be done of the characteristics of products.

Check out why Progressive Web Apps are much in Trend

User experience has become increasingly important over the last few years. Phillips for instance, created an application called ‘LightFinder’ incorporating AR and AI technology just so that the customer’s experience of buying a bulb was effortless and correct. Thus, staying on par with industry standards and being ready to innovate are part and parcel of a business’ game plan.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have gained more popularity over these last few years as they can provide a native-application akin experience even on the web. PWAs can combine the benefits of web and mobile applications and thus, can deliver seamless user experience.

PWAs have an advantage as they are highly responsive so no matter what device or screen size the user is using, they will have a consistent experience. Multi-platform compatibility is now a requirement and so PWAs having this feature help in making things smoother. Furthermore, users are not pressed to install or download a separate application for the same. Users can also access content and functionality even when not connected to the internet.
Progressive Web Apps have proved to deliver outstanding results. Just check the statistics below:

  1.  +300% increase in revenue at Best Western Hotels
  2.  +100% increase in engagement at Forbes.com
  3.  +74% increase in time spent on AliExpress
  4.  +70% increase in conversion rate at Flipkart
  5.  +3X increase in conversion rate at MakeMyTrip.com
  6.  +3X increase in ads CTR at Wego

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A New way to Find Right Bulb

Brightening Up Customer Buying Experience Through AR & ML

Request demo icon CASE STUDY - Philips Light Finder

Finding a bulb was never this easy! Experience the AR and AI advantages! Simply scan your old bulb, have AI recommend your options, and instantly validate the same through augmented reality!

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Sunflower Lab works efficiently and effectively. The vendor launched a prototype in three weeks and a working version in just three months. Their speed and willingness to respond to the client's needs were impressive. They were always accommodating, responsive, and supportive.

Alexandru Darie

Philips, Signify

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Do you want to include Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) in your e-commerce application?

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SFL Excellency in Developing Feature Rich Ecommerce Apps Development

Live Streaming Shopping

“Shoppertainment” consists of businesses connecting to customers through live video broadcasts that showcase their products. This feature can be tapped into by online video, chat etc.

Buy Now Pay Late

Think of Amazon and EMI payment schemes. The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) feature allows customers to make purchases without needing to foot the bill in one go. With this flexibility, customers do not have to worry about maintaining a budget.

Loyalty Programs

Through loyalty programs, customers stay connected to the brand and feel privileged. These can consist of rewards as well as incentives.

Product Navigation

Customers need to be able to browse and search for products with ease and efficiency. Through filters, search functionality, and categories, customers are better able to locate what they want.

Add To Cart

Though the ‘Add to Cart’ feature is a common one in most e-commerce applications there is a lot that plays out behind the scenes. Making the button functional includes making it able to retrieve product and discount information.

Varied Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are now multiple. However, there are basic features that need to be built by your e-commerce app developers like secure card processing, auto-save card details, and a user-friendly check-out experience.

Push Notifications

These help in keeping users engaged as well as informed about new products, deals, and updates related to your application and products

Third Party Integration

Through third-party integration tools, the functionality of an e-commerce app is boosted as merchants are better able to manage their businesses.

Catalogue Management

Catalogue management is as important as it is extensive. A good catalogue organizes and presents products in a way that appeals to the customer while making the product search process easy.

Product Management

Product management involves the planning, developing and the marketing of products to ensure that customer needs are met, and revenue is generated.

Staff Management

Staff management is another important function as it deals with the overseeing of employees, their onboarding and scheduling as well as management of shifts.

Order History

Through this, customers can get the history of their orders, track new orders, re-order products as well as return or exchange as per the situation. A search feature makes navigation more user friendly here.

Real Time Report Dashboards

When it comes to real-time updated and automated business intelligence, power dashboards are gaining momentum. We can add customizable metrics, alerts and notifications as well as data visualizations so that you have a real-time view of your business’ revenue, orders, backlog, pipeline, etc.

Manage Promotions and Rewards

This is a critical feature for attracting and retaining customers through promotions, discounts and rewards.

Third Party Integrations with Your Ecommerce Apps

SMS marketing is a perfect way to convey updates, offers, limited time deals and discounts to customers. Through proper timing and frequency, having opt-in and out features and analytics, a business can make the most of this.


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Keeping track of shipping and fulfillment is important so that a business can keep track of order delivery to customers.


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A robust payment gateway integration facilitates the payment experience building trust and reliability in the customer’s mind.


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Social media is vast and so a tool is required for management across channels, content creation, scheduling and analytics.


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Without proper management of inventory keeping product listing up-to-date or tracking of stock is not possible. It is also crucial for order management.


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CRM management is required to manage customer profiles, leads, communication and sales pipelines amongst other things.


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Choronation-Find the Right Watch in Time as it's Online now

Find the Right Watch on Time as it’s Now Online!

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Buy or sell – Choronation will be your next watch destination. Now you can scroll through a variety of timeless timepieces online and choose to exchange your old watch for a new one!

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4 Generations of International Heritage Diamond Jewelry Now Accessible to All

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International jewelry brand Kallati, now has opened its doors online. From stone/color to limited-time collections, and gifts by price

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Heritage Dimond Jewellery Now Accessible to all
The Best Customer Experience Award Winner on the Go!

The Best Customer Experience Award Winner on the Go!

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Fashion made accessible and versatile is the need for the hour. With ‘No Man Walks Alone’ men are provided with an easy to choose wardrobe so that style doesn’t precede comfort.

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SFL eCommerce App Development Process


Our team of experts focus on your vision of the product and try to match this with the customer or user’s pain points and requirements to create a functional effective model.


Through the ideation stage we work out the user personas and map out their navigational journey. We work with you as a partner, and so, we are open to communication.


Our UI and UX team collaborates to create a design that is appealing as well as functional and in keeping with the user’s requirements.


Prototypes are created so that the entire navigational journey and overall user experience is taken into account.


Testing cannot be underestimated. We offer manual as well as automated testing options and ensure the final product is glitch free and secure.


Upon final completion of testing the product is launched. We monitor user reviews and feedback and make any necessary adjustments or changes that are required.

Ongoing Support

This is another integral feature of our Product versus Project mindset. With us, the job is well done but not over as your product would need maintenance, support and updates. Thus, we are with you all the way.

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E-commerce is now the new trend as customers prefer buying over mobile or web-based devices instead of visiting actual storefronts. Businesses find that through the use of E-commerce, they can reach a wider audience base without worrying about location specifics. By having products and services online it becomes easier to be found by customers who otherwise might not have access to the physical store. Also, as compared to physical stores, we’ve found that our customers do better with online stores as they can gain insight into customer trends through the collection of customer data. This helps in the personalization of marketing offers and a more structured attempt at brand building.

When it comes to e-commerce app development services, technology is a very big element. Technology here includes platforms, frameworks, languages, and other aspects like Shopify e-commerce development. Our team is conversant in programming languages like JavaScript, Python, Swift, Kotlin, etc. Also, our experts use frameworks like Flutter, Iconic, and React Native. These frameworks ensure that the app is seamless in its working be it run on an Android device or iOS. Other technologies that are to be considered are back-end, payment gateways, cloud platforms, and analytics and marketing tools.

E-commerce apps are now the trend because shopping online and, on the go, has become the norm. One of the greatest elements in favor of e-commerce apps is the convenience that customers experience. By tapping into the benefits of an e-commerce app development company you can have the benefits of increased sales and well as improved customer engagement. Through automation, the usual processes of selling are taken care of through a brick-and-motor operation, and this reduces the cost of a physical storefront. There also is improved customer engagement as customers can be offered personalized discounts for a seamless shopping experience. This also helps in enhancing brand loyalty.

Also, the types of features and functionality would affect the development timeline as well. An app requiring complex payment gateway integrations, user authentication, order management etc., would need more time to be developed. A reputable e-commerce app development company would take from 03 to 06 months, but this would depend on their experience, expertise, and also on the technology stack used. Our experts are with you from ideation so that they know all the functional aspects required, the user personas involved, the navigation user journey, and the customized requirements.

From Ideation To Support, We Partner With You All The Way

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