At Sunflower Lab, A Mobile App Development Company In Columbus, Ohio, we spearhead values, nurture customer satisfaction, and serve our clients and their businesses with enthusiasm. Our relationship with clients is open, trustworthy and based on communication. We are determined to deliver excellence and satisfaction to all their business needs.

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Why Mobile App Development?

An app comes with optimal features like accessibility, GPS, location services, augmented or virtual reality, and more.
Statistics show that the average American spends over two hours daily on his or her device, and this daily usage is increasing with each passing day.
Therefore, we make it our priority to offer end-user mobile apps with all functionalities available on web and other platforms.

How do we help you?

Based in Columbus, Ohio and New Jersey, we have a premier team of experienced designers and developers. Our goal is to help clients convert their ideas to a mobile app and then deploy it to any desired platform. Sunflower Lab has you covered, be it iOS, Androids, or a Windows platform.

Four phases of mobile application development

Design and Prototype

We commence by meeting with our client and understanding their business needs and requirements. We then brainstorm with our team of developers and create a prototype mobile app that visualizes the client’s needs coming to life.

Build and Test

Once the prototype design has been finalized, our team will begin building the app. When the mobile app has been developed, we test it on targeted mobile iOS versions and hardware.


After successful testing, the client’s app is now ready for distribution! We deploy it to Google Play store and/or the Apple store.

Measure and Market

With the mobile app deployed, we measure the customer experience, usage, market penetration, and application performance through various analytical tools.

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