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Empower your enterprise with our Computer Vision services for productive results. Our AI/ML developers will create and deliver custom software according to your needs.

Meet Best services with our Computer Vision Experts

Empower your enterprise with our Computer Vision services for productive results. Our AI/ML developers will create and deliver custom software according to your needs.

Computer Vision services

Our developers are currently serving all the major sectors with our AI/ML services. With high quality Computer Vision service, you can transform your organization.


Image Analysis and Segmentation

Our image analysis services have capabilities of automatically detecting and classifying objects in images, extracting specific traits from images, and developing biometrics systems for facial recognition. These are then segregated into different classes.

Outlier Detection/Defect Detection

We implement computer vision for defect detection in the input data based on the trained dataset via machine learning algorithms. Some of the most widespread practices of outlier detection are surveillance, quality control, and fraud detection.

Data analysis and preparation

Visual Search

You could receive visual search capabilities that can power recommendation engines, search engines, and product catalogues with the assistance of our team of ML developers. We train image recognition models with high precision.

machine learning

Video Analytics

Our computer vision developers can automate video stream analysis, monitor movement patterns, create smart video description systems, and automate video tagging. These solutions can build you an efficient video analytical unit.

Deep Learning Model Development

Character Recognition

The character recognition services will provide you with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for text recognition and extraction, we provide Intelligent Document Processing and even guide you to search specific texts in video.

Image Generation with GANs

Our custom image generating services can generate distinctive pictures or video sequences using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). We will guide you with creating GANs for data augmentation, art creation and marketing automation.

Object Detection, Tracking, and Labelling

Computer vision solutions offered by us includes crowd counting, facial recognition, video-based surveillance, object detection, these elements could be tracked using our program and enables you to categorize them too.

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Philips Interact City

Streamline Urban Infrastructure by AI Computer Vision Powered Lighting Audits

Request demo icon Case study – Philips Interact City 

Running a smart audit has been even simpler with the help of Phillips Interact City powered by computer vision because Signify sales staff can utilize AI photo detection for a digital audit instead of a time and labor intensive on-site one.

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A computer vision solution for intelligent X-Ray analysis

Request demo icon USE CASE -  X-Ray Analysis 

Computer vision services can be employed effectively in the context of medical X-ray imaging for treatment and research, MRI reconstruction, or surgery planning. Computer vision can automate the procedure, boosting efficiency and accuracy.

Automated X-Ray Analysis
Quality Enhancement And Waste Reduction In Ohio With AI

Defect Detection with Computer Vision

Request demo icon USE CASE - Manufacturing

Utilize image processing methods and computer vision techniques to examine visual data (pictures or videos). This could entail identifying any anomalies, inconsistencies, or flaws in the product and putting in place a real-time monitoring system that continuously processes data and pictures from the manufacturing line, checking every product as it goes through for flaws.

Sunflower Lab works efficiently and effectively. The vendor launched a prototype in three weeks and a working version in just three months. Their speed and willingness to respond to the client's needs were impressive. They were always accommodating, responsive, and supportive.

Alexandru Darie

Philips (Signify)

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Industry Specific & Visionary Use Cases

The Computer Vision services have a great impact in manufacturing industry, have a look at various tools it can produce:
Defect Detection

  • Assembly process automation
  • Assembly line management
  • Visual progress monitor
  • Part detectors
  • Computer Vision-Guided Die Cutting
  • Barcode Analyzer


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Health will always be prioritized by society and thus Computer Vision in healthcare will be crucial in making innovations. There are number of cases where it can be utilized:

  • Early-stage Cancer Detection tool
  • Disease monitoring with facial analysis tool
  • Annamolly detector with medical imaging tool


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Logistics sector has a lot of benefit with AI, especially the computer vision can help them streamline their operations:

  • Object tracking tool
  • Goods inspection tool
  • Visual documentation and risk management
  • Predictive Analyzing tool


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AI and computer vision services can improve the reliability and security of the banking sector. With the necessary development, there are many possible programs:

  • Customer facial identification tool
  • Document Data Extraction tool
  • Customer Authenticator
  • Fraud detection tool with sentiment analyzer
  • OCR based task automation tool


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Education sector has transformed a lot in the past few years, with e-learning becoming a trend, computer vision solutions will be enhancing it further:

  • Posture analyzer for engagement measuring
  • Student Behavior Analyzer
  • Online invigilation tool
  • Suspicious object identifier
  • Automated attendance monitoring tool


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Smart Inventory Management

Automating inventory updates regarding product replenishment

USE CASE - Smart Inventory Management  Request demo icon

A thorough inventory scan could be completed by computer vision service by tracking objects on shelves at intervals of a few seconds. The technology will give workers immediate information about sales and stock-outs and assist with managing inventories.

Ideating safe self-driving cars with AI Computer Vision Integration

Request demo icon USE CASE - Self-driving cars 

In this new era of Artificial Intelligence, self-driving cars are not a concept anymore. Computer vision would be used to identify and categorize things (such as traffic lights or road signs), build 3D maps, or estimate motion. It also played a significant part in the development of autonomous cars.

Ideating safe self-driving cars with AI Computer Vision Integration

Our AI Powered Technology Tool Stack

Computer Vision OCR
Easy OCR
Easy OCR

Procuring Insightful and Precise AI/ML Managed Services

Our process starts with understanding your exact needs, a sequential course of action starts taking shape in the form of AI ML products. We have a credible methodology which has proven vital for our customers in the past. Have a glimpse at our process line.


Ideas are brainstormed and potential AI cloud solutions are analyzed upon to address the needs of users and their problem areas.


Creation of the product includes coding, integration, and testing. Development of the AI managed services for product’s core functionality as well as its features.


This stage includes a comprehensive design of the product and modeling of the prototypes or wireframes for visualization of the product’s anatomy and framework.


It involves assessment of the product by real users to compile reports to check that the product meets its expectation. This includes usability and affirmation to gather user feedback & pinpoint issues and areas that must be revamped.


Deploying of the product to market and promotion of its content to intended users. The formation of a launch plan and timeline. The product performance will be examined, and the user feedback post-launch is also analyzed.

Ongoing Support

This is an incessant process as it involves the maintenance and upgradation of the AI/ML product over time. Bugs, glitches, monitoring of software performance and updates are part of this long-term product support

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Computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows computers and systems to derive relevant data from digital photos, videos, and other visual content and then act or recommend on that information. If AI empowers computers to think, computer vision allows them to see, watch, and interpret.

Several tasks can be automated using computer vision solutions without the need for human involvement. As a result, it delivers several advantages to organizations: Faster and simpler procedure. Computer vision systems may perform monotonous and tedious jobs at a faster rate, making human labor easier.

Your company could be part of any industry and yet computer vision services can help you discover new market insights and a much-needed competitive edge in an increasingly competitive sector. There are several applications to transform your business with this.

In computer vision, 1000 images per category is a good starting point. This figure can be greatly reduced if pre-trained models are employed with pre-loaded data sources. According to recent studies, performance on vision tests grows gradually with the number of training data.

The cost for any of the computer vision service based software would depend upon the type of project and timespan utilized to complete the product by our developers. The easier solution it is, the more economical your expenditure would be, our company prioritizes cost and time efficient solutions.

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