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Kara Kushma

Process Improvement and Training Specialist – Domeng

Kara Kushma
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“They helped us to automate our process, saving us 10-15 hours a week! They were incredibly friendly, adaptable, and always kept us informed. The experience has been overall positive. The communication has been great.”

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Prebuilt Solutions

Experience the difference prebuilt automation can make. Reduce errors, boost productivity, and gain valuable insights – all with minimal

Adaptable & Scalable
AI Solutions

We help businesses achieve exceptional efficiency through AI. Our AI experts seamlessly integrate AI into your operations, making the future of work more productive. Embrace AI with confidence and let it pave the way for innovation.

Automate Core

Focus on what matters most while automation handles the repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time & resources. RPA’s versatility tackles complex tasks, while Power Automate streamlines processes within Microsoft products


Faster and more cost-effective way to build the applications you need. Empower your business users, reduce dependence on IT resources, and accelerate your digital transformation journey with our user-friendly platform

Industry-Specific Solutions

We understand that every industry has its own unique challenges. Our team has deep expertise in various industries like Manufacturing, Healthcare, Real Estate, Finance & many other, allowing us to tailor our solutions to your specific needs & regulatory requirements.

End-to-End Support

We’re here for you every step of the way. From initial consultation to implementation and ongoing optimization, our team will provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth transition and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Business Transformation Services for
your Accelerated Growth

With our customized AI and automation consulting and strategy blueprints, you can be sure that your company is adaptable, quick, and ready for expansion. To realize full potential, we turn ideas into reality by rethinking procedures and combining digital and human workforces. Join us to lead your company’s success.

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With Custom Build Generative AI Model solutions, we help companies transition from using generic public models to tailored, trusted solutions based on their own data and knowledge. This ensures reliable outputs that create significant, tangible outcomes. We focus on building secure, privacy-protecting, and reliable high-scale generative AI solutions.

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Use AI to automate data extraction and processing from documents for better accuracy and efficiency. Transform your document workflows with IDP, using AI to capture, extract, and process data from different document formats, boosting performance.

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IPA combines robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to assist optimize your business operations. This effective combination increases productivity. Through the integration of these technologies, businesses can achieve growth and success by simplifying workflows, decreasing errors, and improving decision-making.

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We offer consultation and implementation for a unified platform that handles all your data, analytics, and AI workloads. By leveraging Databricks on Microsoft Azure, we create a seamless data platform. We connect data lakes & warehouses, scale with Azure Synapse, and provide insights with Power BI. Make data-driven decisions with unmatched clarity.

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Optimize your company’s processes with our Power Apps Development Services. Simplify workflows and boost productivity with our low-code/no-code Power Apps. This innovative approach reduces manual coding, allowing people with different technical skills to easily create applications.

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