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Dominion Engineering, a leading Nuclear Electric Power Generation company, is renowned for its expertise in developing safe, reliable, and cost-effective designs, operations, and maintenance solutions for nuclear reactors. They have partnered with the Allied Power to provide end-to-end solutions for the Nuclear Power Industry.


– Process Automation


– Power Automate


– SharePoint

– Dynamics 365

– OneDrive

– QuickBase


Domeng’s Pain Points

They had a complex product receipt and inspection workflow and realized that their processes were outdated, and they need to simplify the repetitive and manual work of the whole product inspection process.

  • icon MAI pageSpending 50% of employee’s time to enter receipt information manually
  • icon MAI pageDelays and Errors in assigning product inspection tickets
  • icon MAI pageMaking a data-driven decision was hard with Data stored at different locations (Excel, Dynamics, QuickBase)
  • icon MAI pageChallenges in scaling manual tasks as company growth leads to an increase in purchase receipts.

Four Main Goals of Domeng

Free up employees’ time so they can focus on critical thinking tasks.

Improve traceability and accessibility with digital document management.

Have a centralized place to store information to make data driven decisions.

Reduce the time to enter the receipt information with minimum or no error.

We identified 3 Key Features to meet Domeng’s needs, which saved time & money. Here’s how:

  • icon MAI pageAutomated the inspection ticket creation workflow
  • icon MAI pageAuto-attachment of Files to the respected Purchase Order and Receipt
  • icon MAI pageCreated relevant SharePoint Filters to manage Purchase Receipts for a PO
Dominion Engineering SFL Timeline

We told them what we had in our imagination and asked them could you guys do this for us. We are not super technical people. We only imagined in our heads. But you guys did a great job with just showing us the ability of our system and what will be the best way to display this for our users to make sense through a SharePoint dashboard.


Kara Kushma

Process Improvement and Training Specialist – Domeng

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Manual Inspection Flow is Repetitive and Consumes 60 Hours in a Month

With 50-70 receipts arriving daily, and each inspection taking approximately 15 minutes, some requiring immediate attention, Domeng faced several challenges:

  • icon MAI pageRisk of missing inspection threads amidst the high volume of inspection tasks
  • icon MAI pageInefficiency in managing the growing demand with the increase in receipts
  • icon MAI pagePotential delays and errors resulting from manual handling of tasks
Domeng problem and solution

Our Solution

SharePoint Dashboard:

  • icon MAI pageMaking Centralized platform for all inspection-related activities: status, assignee, condition reports, etc.

Automated Workflow with Power Automate that:

  • icon MAI pageTriggers upon receiving a purchase receipt in Dynamics 365.
  • icon MAI pageFetches relevant information from Dynamics 365.
  • icon MAI pageAutomatically generates an inspection ticket in a SharePoint list.

“ Really, it’s just about improving our process, saving time so that our resources can complete other tasks, other safety related items. ”


Kara Kushma

Process Improvement and Training Specialist – Domeng


Time Consuming Document Attachment in SharePoint or Dynamics 365

Initially, all documents were attached in Dynamics 365 Business Central, leading to 2 main issues:

  • icon MAI pageDifficulty in finding important documents by attaching unnecessary items.
  • icon MAI pageManually attaching documents ate up employee’s valuable time.
Dom Eng Dynamic 365 Business control SFL

Our Solution

  • icon MAI pageProper naming conventions for files based on predefined criteria: Files will have clear names based on set rules aligned with PO Number.
  • icon MAI pageAutomatically attachment to Dynamics 365 or SharePoint lists based on the File Name: When they store any files in a Teams folder, the files will be automatically attached to the right PO number in Dynamics 365 or SharePoint List.


Struggling to Find Every Receipt Details for a Single PO in Dynamics

They needed to share purchase receipts with vendors, but without a filter:

  • icon MAI pageVendors see too much information as they can access all purchase orders, not just the ones related to their receipts.
  • icon MAI pageA cluttered system with too many attachments linked to each purchase order makes it hard to find relevant information.

Our Solution

To address this challenge, we created a URL that redirects to the SharePoint Dashboard with an applied filter. When the purchase receipt email is sent to all necessary departments, the URL is included. This enables easy access to all purchase receipts related to a particular PO, ensuring organized data and limiting vendors’ access to only their purchase orders.


  • icon MAI pageEnhanced Efficiency: The chances of missing any inspection thread are significantly reduced.
  • icon MAI pageSaved Resource Time: Eliminates the need for a person to spend 10-15 hours a week emailing the inspection personnel and handling excel sheets for data organization, thereby saving valuable human resources.
  • icon MAI pageTime Reduction: The time to resolve a single Purchase Receipt has been drastically reduced from 15 minutes to mere microseconds.

Additional Automation Processes

Dom Eng automated emails

Automated emails Purchase Receipt

  • icon MAI pageEliminates manual communication: By automatically sending emails to the purchaser, vendor, and relevant departments upon ticket generation, the need for manual email drafting and sending is eliminated, saving time and reducing the chance of human error.
  • icon MAI pageKeeps the client and vendor informed: Receiving immediate updates improves transparency and allows for quick action if necessary, ensuring that stakeholders are promptly notified of inspection activities upon ticket generation.

Auto-attachment of CR number

  • icon MAI pageEnhanced Data Accuracy: By fetching the number directly from QuickBase, there’s no chance of human error during data entry.
  • icon MAI pageEasier Tracking: Having the CR number readily available in the SharePoint List simplifies searching and tracking specific reports.
Domeng auto attachement
Hold Tag Domeng

Automatic Creation of Hold Tag

  • icon MAI pageImproved Consistency: Predefined formats ensure all hold tags follow the same structure, enhancing clarity and organization.
  • icon MAI pageReduced Errors: Manual creation is prone to mistakes, but automation eliminates the risk of typos or inconsistencies in formatting.

Automatic Notifications in teams

  • icon MAI pageImproved Visibility: Inspectors receive instant notifications about new tickets, including priority ones, ensuring they’re aware of upcoming tasks and can plan their schedule accordingly.
  • icon MAI pageReduced Response Time: Real-time notifications eliminate delays in receiving information about new tickets. Inspectors can react quickly and prioritize urgent inspections.
  • icon MAI pageMinimized Missed Inspections:The immediacy of Teams notifications significantly reduces the risk of missing or overlooking critical tickets, especially high-priority ones.
Notification In teams Dom Eng Domeng


  • icon MAI pageEnsures Prompt Task Assignment: By reminding the assignor within 24 hours if a ticket remains unassigned, the system helps prevent tasks from getting stuck in limbo. This ensures inspections get assigned quickly and avoid delays.
  • icon MAI pageMaintains Timely Status Updates: Reminding inspectors to update the status within 48 hours keeps everyone informed about the progress of inspections. This promotes transparency and helps identify any potential bottlenecks in the process.


Kara Kushma

Process Improvement and Training Specialist – Domeng

“The experience has been positive overall. The communication has been great. Just working directly with the delivery manager and the developer. So, it’s been just a very positive experience working with sunflower so far.”

Evaluating Our Performance

SFL Services

Account Manager – Yash Patel

Delivery Manager – Dhruvin Patel

How we Used Loop as a Good Collaborative Environment?

We utilized Loop for detailed discussions, covering timelines, brainstorming sessions, and providing updates.

We held twice-weekly meetings for demos and brainstorming, allowing the client to provide feedback and make changes as needed to ensure the solution met their expectations.

Loop Project Domeng

Meet the Project Team

We selected a team that could truly understand Dom Eng’s challenges and provide
effective solutions.

Dominion Engineering Team

MAI Number 1Swift adapting from Power Automate Desktop to API calls showed ability to change and improve.

MAI Number 2By streamlining their workflows, SFL reduced task completion times from 60 hours a week to a few minutes, showing their commitment to optimizing operational efficiency.

Faced with limitations in SharePoint customization, the team’s exploration of alternative solutions ensured project objectives were met without compromise.

Integrating Dynamics and QuickBase with SharePoint showed technical expertise in delivering complex solutions.

“I’d say communication is really good. They keep us up to date on what we’re missing, what we need from you, and what we’re currently working on, here’s our blockers. So, that’s been very beneficial to keep me on track of where we’re at with everything.”


Kara Kushma

Process Improvement and Training Specialist – Domeng

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