Ronal Patel

The importance of Project Management Triangle in Project Management

How important is a project management triangle or Iron triangle for a business? What are its important components? How will this triangle impact the strategies for start-ups? What is the most important c component involved? Watch our chaltalk video to know more.

How IoT will change the Retail Sector

How Internet of Things (IoT) will change the Retail Sector

The retail sector is currently driven by anticipation that consumers will spend throughout the year of 2018. Along with cut-throat competition amongst various store formats and channels in the retail industry, as per the NRF forecast, it is expected to grow at a projected rate of 3.2% to 3.8% in 2018.

native app development

Is Native App Development Beneficial For Your Business? Read This To Know How Native Apps Can Benefit Your Business.

Native apps are software programs developed to use for specific platforms or devices. Unlike web or mobile cloud apps, since Native apps are developed for specific OS or devices. Native app development uses a specific programming language such as Java or Objective C and so, they can take full advantage of the features provided by an OS and perform optimally.

Industrial Internet of Things in Manufacturing

Why we Love Industrial Internet of Things in Manufacturing and Smart Connected Operations (And You should too!!)

Smart Connected Operations are gradually becoming vital for various industries. The Industrial Internet of Things is revolutionizing many industrial verticals, including the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers now have started using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities to digitize their businesses and find new ways to engage with customers and boost revenues.

Smart Connected Assets

The Essential Guide To Anomaly Detection In Smart Connected Assets For Smart Manufacturing

Anomaly detection in Smart Connected Assets is an important aspect of Smart Manufacturing. If the performance of the machine or an asset is deviating from the set standards, it will affect the overall operations. Thus, detecting outliers or faults or anomalies before it actually occurs and, taking corrective steps is important during all the phases of the manufacturing process

Asset Tracking in Smart connected operations

Asset Tracking in Smart Connected Operations

Asset tracking is when you manage and keep a track of your company’s physical assets and its information either by scanning barcodes, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or GPS. These physical assets can include tools, IT devices, equipment (small & large), vehicles etc. and many more assets depending upon the type of business.

Myths About Mobile Application Development

13 Myths About Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development is vital for any company. There’s no denying to that. Those who think it otherwise will have to reframe their business strategies around creating a mobile app for their business. A lot of mobile app development companies have been developing mobile apps for a while now.

20 Mobile App Development Companies

Sunflower Lab listed As One of the Top 20 Mobile App Development Companies Worldwide for 2018

Sunflower Lab is in the news for being one of the Top 20 Mobile App Development Companies Worldwide for 2018. The list of Top 20 Mobile App Development Companies was unveiled by Goodfirms on new-site EIN Newsdesk.

Angular 2+

Using Observable in Angular 2+

Angular 2 came out with observables isn’t feature, but a standard used for managing async data. Observables are extensively used in the HTTP service.

Industry 4.0

Webinar on “Taking Advantage of US Tariffs” and Smart Manufacturing – Key takeaways for manufacturers

We recently presented a Webinar on “Taking Advantage of US Tariffs” which leverages Smart Manufacturing practices. In North America, we call it Smart Manufacturing which you know as Industry 4.0 in the EU or Made in China 2025 in China. The purpose of the webinar was to make manufacturers aware of the incredible opportunity that they have, to use these tariffs as a trigger to launch or improve their own operational efficiency initiatives.