20 Mobile App Development Companies

Sunflower Lab listed As One of the Top 20 Mobile App Development Companies Worldwide for 2018

Sunflower Lab is in the news for being one of the Top 20 Mobile App Development Companies Worldwide for 2018. The list of Top 20 Mobile App Development Companies was unveiled by Goodfirms on new-site EIN Newsdesk.

Angular 2+

Using Observable in Angular 2+

Angular 2 came out with observables isn’t feature, but a standard used for managing async data. Observables are extensively used in the HTTP service.

Industry 4.0

Webinar on “Taking Advantage of US Tariffs” and Smart Manufacturing – Key takeaways for manufacturers

We recently presented a Webinar on “Taking Advantage of US Tariffs” which leverages Smart Manufacturing practices. In North America, we call it Smart Manufacturing which you know as Industry 4.0 in the EU or Made in China 2025 in China. The purpose of the webinar was to make manufacturers aware of the incredible opportunity that they have, to use these tariffs as a trigger to launch or improve their own operational efficiency initiatives.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking and Mobile App Development

Design thinking is a method used by designers in ideation as well as mobile app development. It is used to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions for clients. It also helps in tackling problems which are unknown or ill-defined. Apart from Information Technology, it is used in various other fields viz., Engineering, medicine, business, architecture, sports, research, mobile app development etc.

How To Use async-await in Angular 2+

The newest way to write asynchronous code in JavaScript. It is non-blocking (just like promises and callbacks). Async/Await was created to simplify the process of working with and writing chained promises. Async functions return a Promise. If the function throws an error, the Promise will be rejected. If the function returns a value, the Promise will be resolved.

Benefits Of Industrial Automation

What Are The Benefits Of Industrial Automation?

It is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers to adopt industrial automation and smart manufacturing capabilities to streamline production and boost profit margins. Manufacturers can benefit largely through industrial automation processes to reduce downtime and provide customer-centric services.

predictive analytics

Why Is Predictive Analytics Important In Smart Manufacturing?

Predictive analytics, an integral part of the smart manufacturing process, helps manufacturers to reduce manufacturing downtime and maximize production capabilities by as much as 25 to 30%. Operational technology is blending with information technology to create new opportunities for digital manufacturers. Terabytes of data produced by connected products, people and things can be accessed to extract deep insights and optimize the business and manufacturing processes to make them better than before.

the manifest | sunflower lab | philadelphia

Sunflower Lab Recognized as a Top Technology Provider in the Philadelphia Metro Area

Sunflower Lab has recently been acclaimed by business news site The Manifest as one of the best app developers in Philadelphia. In a recent press release that features the city’s top app developers, The Manifest recognized Sunflower Lab as a leader in web, mobile, and custom software development services.


Automate REST API Testing Using Spring Test Framework

Nowadays, REST API is extensively used to implement all backend business logic. It is essential to verify the backend functionality implemented using REST API. That is why the automated testing of REST API has gained much deserved popularity. The integration testing of REST API checks the functionality, performance & security aspects of API's. There are many open source tools and libraries are available to support REST API development and testing. It helps to automate these tests before the GUI development is completed.

3 Core Components Defining Digital Transformation Success

Three core digital transformation aspects that businesses should focus upon to make their transformation process successful.