Software Development Company

7 Tips On “Choosing a Right Software Development Company?”

So what do you do when you decide to go digital or get a new software developed? The answer is
obvious. You either decide to hire a custom software development company or a team who provides
software development services.

Mobile Apps Are Must For Your Small Business

Why Mobile Apps Are Must For Your Small Business?

At times it becomes difficult for small businesses to develop and sustain mobile apps because of the time & investment demanded building such apps. But, mobile apps can bring sustainability to the business and increase revenue as well as customer reach.

Mobile Testing Frameworks

Which Are The Top And Trending Mobile Testing Frameworks?

When an execution environment is created to perform automated tests, it is known as a testing framework. It can be defined as a set of concepts, best practices, common tools, libraries & assumptions which comprises of a work platform or an environment for automated testing and can be used across teams.

Build or buy custom software

What are The key Factors To Determine Whether To Build Or Buy Custom Software?

There has always been an eternal debate on build vs. buy custom software. It still exists. Companies at times get confused whether to build custom software or buy pre-built software. Neither of them is bad. But, it depends on various factors which will determine whether to build custom software or buy pre-built software (off-the-shelf software) from the market.

California IoT Law

What is California IoT Law or SB 327?

Do you know what is SB 327 or California IoT law? Well, SB 327 is a bill signed by California’s Governor Jerry Brown which is a bill governing the law for Internet of Things (IoT). This is a first-of-its-kind bill, and signing this SB 327 bill makes California the first state in the USA to adopt such legislation.

Sunflower Lab Named in Another Clutch Award Event

Just when we though our mention in the Clutch 1000 would be the best way to finish off the year, we were included in their even more recent design and branding announcement which included us as top UX design company and top web design agency.

Augmented Reality App Development

5 Industries Benefiting From Augmented Reality App Development

We live in an era where if a company takes too long to embrace new technologies, it’ll have to shut down its business. Why do we think of something like this? Because in this era, technological evolution is a must and if a company isn’t embracing new technologies, it will die a slow but definite death.

Artificial intelligence

Top 5 Emerging Technologies You Should Invest In!

New and emerging technologies are important for businesses today. It will act as a catalyst for IT investment and in improving IT presence for various companies in the coming years. The companies have started realizing the importance of Digital Transformation and have started to embrace it.

The Clutch 1000

Sunflower Lab Named in “Clutch 1000”

As we approach the end of the year, we’re excited to announce our inclusion in the 2018 “Clutch 1000”. Just like this recent study by MOZ, we know that reviews are an important part of our digital presence.

Xamarin Or Native App Development

Xamarin or Native App Development – Which One Should You Choose?

Xamarin provides the tools which can help build cross-platform mobile applications that have all the features of native apps and also share a common codebase. With the codes in Xamarin written mostly in C#, Xamarin tools can be used by developers to write native, Android, iOS and Windows apps with native user interfaces.