(Spoiler alert: An added BONUS checklist of what to keep in mind before choosing software development companies in USA)

The mere premise of selling is that no one wants to sell themselves short. As charming as this can be from the marketing perspective, it leaves a lot to be said when choosing a product or service. After all, how do you know for certain when there is a catch to a seemingly good deal?  

According to Boston Consulting Group, 70% of digital transformations fall short of their goals. Looking for a  company that won’t fall short? Check out Sunflower Lab a USA based Digital Solutions Provider. We have over a decade’s experience in assisting clients with digital solutions.

Warning Signs That a Software Development Company is Taking You for a Ride:

  • Does the company seem too eager to close the deal?
  • Are the prices quoted way too low?
  • Is communicating with them difficult?
  • Are they transparent about their team structure?

When it doubts it is best to find out. Over the course of our decade and more experience with providing digital solutions to clients, we’ve found this to be the best mantra. In fact, this is why Sunflower Lab insists on a structured on-demand team approach. Many of our clients vouch for the same as they’ve been burnt once by cost-cutting firms and realized that there is no substitute for quality.

1. All Stacked in Their Favor

In attempt to keep up with the competition there are many software development companies in NYC and around that will lay it on too thick with the expertise. In order to close the deal, companies tend to bank on expertise they do not have but they know the end client wants. This apart from being a disappointing trend is downright dangerous as you might end up paying more for substandard services.

Also, if you wanted developers in New York with a specific skill set you won’t be actually getting them if your software development company is trying to pull a fast one. Normally such outfits run on low staff with multi-taskers. Thus, the compromise in quality is inevitable. Among companies in New York known for their software development and digital solutions expertise, Sunflower Lab is a trusted name. We vouch for excellence, and we deliver the Same

2. When You Should Double Check the Price Tag

The Chaos Report from the Standish Group reveals that only 35% of software projects stay within their time and budget constraints.

Software development companies that cut corners are always on the lookout for new clients which is why they project ridiculously low quotes. This serves to confuse product owners into thinking that they actually might be on to a really good deal. However, when a software development company in New York quotes you too low you should smell a rat.

Usually, to meet running costs and still make a profit over low-pitched deals; such firms take shortcuts. This can prove detrimental to the software development life cycle of your product. And it is but natural that such firms are on a constant lookout for clients as you cannot retain clients on the promise of low prices. There is no substitute for quality services and keeping one’s Word.

3.Structured Teams are a Necessity!

Transparency is an important part of any business relationship. When you choose a team to assist you with the software development aspect, it is obvious that there will be more than one person working on the product or software. If a company is not transparent about who you will have on your team or seems hesitant to introduce you to them it indeed is a red flag. After all, you need to know who is working for you and most reputed organizations have an organogram stating how and in which teams or under which reporting managers members work. Sunflower Lab; for instance, has a matrix organizational structure.

A lack of structure is an early warning sign of a shoddily run organization. If a software development company is in the clear, it will ensure that you have fixed points of contact and are aware with all transparency of the members on your team.

4. When to be Suspicious of a ‘Yes’

No one likes to hear ‘no’ but when it comes to business, integrity, and transparency are most important. Thus, a company that seems too eager to please you and says ‘yes’ to whatever you say should ring a few alarm bells. A firm that knows it will have to deliver would be cautious at commitment. However, a firm that does not care about the quality of the product or your actual needs could make arbitrary commitments that it has no intention of following up.

5. When a Software Development Company is Too Eager to Do Battle

Most development companies that are genuine are interested in getting all the details from their client. Without proper information, for instance; we at Sunflower Lab, would not be able to transform our client’s digital dreams into realities. Thus, any development company that is taking your tasks or information without much attention to detail is indicative of sloppy work. A golden rule of business is to ‘ask’. Being the product owner, you would know what your business’ needs are. Your product or software needs to reflect this otherwise you certainly aren’t getting the best deal even if you are getting it a fraction of the original cost.

6. Already at the Finish Line, are We?

We’ve all heard of delayed deadlines or those never met, but what are ‘ushed deadlines? Work takes time, and quality work can take a bit longer at times, however, work that is rushed through should raise your suspicions. Development companies that cut corners use old codes and so they can save time as they need not go to the drawing board. However, when it comes to your software development life cycle, this is detrimental. Shortcuts or rushed jobs only leave things to be done for later. And when taken up later they prove to be costlier and more complicated.

This abrupt unstructured approach will lead to haphazard testing leaving the product or software open to bugs and other glitches.

Your Checklist for Choosing the Right Software Development Company

  • Check and verify their experience and expertise – customer reviews and recognition prove handy here.
  • What are the range of services offered? – ensure that the ones beneficial to you are on the list.
  • Communication is the key – miscommunication or lack of transparency do not translate into happy working experiences. Checking out how open communication lines are is integral as if response times are too long this could lead to delays later on. Also, if you have trouble communicating with the company or they cannot understand the objective there is little point in furthering business.
  • Terms and conditions – when dealing with any company, be it even a software development company in New York, reading the contract carefully cannot be overestimated.
  • After Project Service – Software deployment is not where things end. There might be other aspects that come up post-deployment like sudden glitches, a need to upscale and etc. Therefore, you need support from the software development company that you choose and they should have enough experience and resources to provide the same to you.

Thus, when choosing a web development or software development company for your next project, do not merely look at the price tag. What you need are dedicated and qualified professionals. If you require digital solutions and an on-demand team, we at Sunflower Lab can be of assistance. We are a trusted digital solutions firm since 2011. However, don’t merely listen to us singing our praises, talk to our team of experts and see for yourself! Click here, to contact us.