Rapidly Deployable Pre-Configured Automation Use Cases

Patient Scheduling

  • Save 15% time and keep your medical practice organized with our pre-built patient scheduling solution.
  • It Handles everything from appointment scheduling and patient intake to sending branded confirmations & Stores PHI.
  • Delivers text and email reminders & allows patients to reschedule based on their availability.
  • Marks patients as checked in.
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Patient Letter Automation

  • Save up to 15% of time on healthcare administration with our pre-built Patient Letter Automation solution.
  • RPA Bots gather patient data from EHRs and automatically insert it into the letter template.
  • They can also fill out the envelope information.
  • Once everything is ready, the bots can print the letter and envelope.
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Patient Appointment Reminders

  • The patient missed appointment rate can go up to 52%.
  • ⁠To reduce mission appointments, create patient reminder profiles to notify them about. appointments. Our pre-built solution allows for the creation of one-time or recurring reminders.
  • ⁠Reminders can be set for days, weeks, or months & patients can be reminded several times prior to the planned event.
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Billing and EDI Automation

  • Patient visit information can automatically be sent from the EHR to billing, enhancing communication between front-office and clinical staff.
  • The EDI billing process involves the care provider sending an inquiry with member and payer details to the payer or through a clearinghouse.
  • The payer responds, either confirming the request or requiring corrections and re submission.
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Claim Status

  • Use our pre-built Insurance Claim Status solution to automate claim status intake in real-time.
  • The data from Insurance claim location goes through a simple dispatcher process.
  • Collects the invoice files & converts EDI data into desired format.
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Claim Submission

  • Easily consolidates and submits claims data with our pre-built solution & enables automated verification of claims.
  • Automatically routes information through the claims department.
  • Keeps customers updated on the progress of their claim.
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EOB Posting

  • Spend more time on quality patient care, less on billing and RCM with our pre-built EOB posting services.
  • System checks EOB accuracy against the original claim sent to the insurance company.
  • Once confirmed, payments and adjustments are posted in the patient’s account in the healthcare facility’s billing management system.
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  • Cut operational expenses by 45% and reduce manual labor by 80% with our pre-built PA solution.
  • Automated PA systems allow you to verify benefits for multiple health insurance carriers using a single system.
  • It can gather patient insurance information & cross-check it with an insurer’s database to obtain pre-authorization.
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Insurance Eligibility Verification

  • Pre-built insurance eligibility automation solution eliminates the hassle of searching through multiple record systems.
  • Ensures care can begin quickly and payments are processed on time.
  • Automates the process of finding patient insurance data, extracting, evaluating & confirms relevant plan details and updates information in the EHR.
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90% of healthcare facilities have an automation strategy

Use our custom automation solutions to streamline processes in your facility, boosting efficiency, productivity, and patient care quality. Automate tasks like patient registration, appointment scheduling, medical documentation, prescriptions, and follow-up care.

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Northwest's Medical Personnel Increases 15% Time Spent on Patient Care with Patient Letter Automation Solution

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Shore Medical Reduces Missed Patient Appointments by 30% with Patient Scheduling & Reminder Solution

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Sectors/Sub Vertical

  • Physician group and Speciality Care
  • Hospital and Home Health
  • Dental Service and Group
  • Hospices
  • Surgery Centre
  • Urgent Care Centre

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Our pre-built solutions are designed with scalability in mind. They can be adapted to handle increasing complexity as your healthcare processes evolve. Additionally, our team stays up-to-date on evolving regulations and compliance standards, ensuring your solutions remain HIPAA compliant.

We understand that every business has unique needs. We offer customization options to tailor pre-built solutions or develop custom solutions from scratch to perfectly match your requirements.

The level of technical expertise needed for deployment depends on the specific solution. Many pre-built solutions can be configured with minimal technical knowledge. However, some may require assistance from your IT team for integration with existing systems or for customization purposes. We offer implementation support plans to guide you through the process, regardless of your technical skillset.

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