Optimizing Business with Digital Transformation Services & Solutions

With Sunflower Lab you get digital product specialists with a product mindset who believe in user-centric design & high-end engineering. Our team endeavors to provide you with the features and functionality that best meet your business goals.

Digital Products

We are with you all the way from ideation to design, testing, deployment & support. Our experts have 32+ industry experience with over a decade of experience in providing digital product development with a difference.

Product Discovery Success

In order to build your dreams into a tangible product that meets your business goals, the first step is ideation. Here we not only plan out the essential features and functionality of your product but also focus on the user personas and journey involved. Our team loves building challenging complex products right from getting that idea off paper to formulating a strategy that meets business goals. We then move on to prototyping and user testing and are with you post-deployment with ongoing support.

Now Wireless Activation is Truly Mobile

Enables retailers to manage customer accounts in real-time within a safe, secure, payment transaction framework.

Making Real Estate Agents Lives Easier

Real estate agents can capture & connect leads from different sources on one platform.

Simplifying Project Management Process

An easier way to manage project staffing, estimating, and utilization management.

User-centric UI/UX

While we focus on making your product as functional and feature equipped as possible, we also ensure that the design is user-centric with an intuitive user interface. With our 15+ years of experience, we’ve found that users prefer applications that make their journey easier and involve less of a learning curve. Our team ensures great design with a UX focus that turns code into a genuine human experience.

Banish Those Hunger Pangs with a Click

Ethnic cuisine delivery is now possible in Africa through Nomad Bite’s easy-to-use interface.

Secure Investment Data Listing

Simple, intuitive design that needs a minimal learning curve with an easy to navigate user interface.

Bringing Life Back to eLearning

Breaking e-learning out of the mold of being flat, dull, and disengaging.

Mobile App Development

Our very first project was an iPad application for none other than Forbes Magazine. We build Android and iPhone mobile applications that are innovative and adjusted to user preferences with features ranging from secure audio/video calling, payment processing, and in-app purchases to e-signatures and even e-prescriptions using third-party integration. Our team not only ensures your mobile application has a beautiful design but is robust, reliable, and scalable as well.

Web App Development

Our team has successfully completed over 300+ projects with a 97% client retention rating and so we have web application development expertise across industries. We’ve created CRM and workflow management applications, customer-facing portals, ERPs, and ticketing platforms. We build web applications geared towards helping businesses build better customer relationships, automation of business processes, quicker deal closure, and better workflow management; to name a few.

Business Intelligence with AI/ML

From data analysis and preparation to AI/ML integration and cloud-based solutions through Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure; our digital specialists can guide you in leveraging AI for business growth and success. With machine learning, customer experience can be personalized while digitalization will increase revenues while cutting costs. Through the addition of easy voice search, AR, and RPA, customer experience can be improved which in turn boosts business sales and productivity.

Positive Healthcare Outcomes with RPA

A HIPAA compliant digital solution that offers comprehensive data analytics, claim management, EMR, etc.

Synchronized Compliant Tracking

Improving complaint management, tracking & support for the best customer service.

The Smart Way to Find a Home

Made possible user search of 33,000 agents through natural language for the Residential Real Estate Council (Chicago).

Digital Transformation

We have completed more than 300+ successful business transformation journeys with businesses from start-ups to enterprise-level businesses and established brands ranging from: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Real-estate, Automobile & E-commerce.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA provides businesses with increased productivity, savings in terms of time & cost as well as greater accuracy. We offer full support to our clients throughout their digital transformation journey from consultation to implementation, development, and integration as well as support and management. Consulting is the first step of any RPA journey as each business needs a unique digital solution. Our team analyzes your current operations and zeroes upon areas that need automation. We then suggest the best RPA tools for you and organize a roll-out plan supporting you throughout.

Combining Data Analytics with RPA

Automating the information entering and processing process along with claims, forms, and EHR data.

Automation for Improved Productivity

Empowered by automation processes can be completed faster boosting productivity due to increase in quality work time.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM

We build seamless systems so that our clients can get work done faster and easier through Microsoft Dynamics. Our digital solutions can integrate with your business’s current task management processes from finance to marketing, to sales and operations. For this, we use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Business Central, Finance & Operations for sales, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for both sales as well as marketing.

Integrated Microsoft 365 Dynamic Dashboards

Microsoft 365 Dynamic dashboards make it easier for businesses to stay on track with sales, inventory, pending orders, etc.

Sales Effectiveness and Visibility with Integrated Microsoft 365 Dynamics

Integrated Microsoft 365 Dynamics Dashboards to drive sales effectiveness, enhance visibility, and improve deal management.

Data Analysis

We have worked with various clients to streamline their data and workflow processes. We have assisted in finding digital solutions for industries like manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce, and real estate to name a few.

Database Management

Be it the integration of databases from legacy systems to the latest technology, or database configuration and SSI warehousing, our team provides a one-stop solution. For this, we start with data strategy management to align ourselves with your company’s goals. This is followed by data collection through APIs and other integration tools. We then move on to the storage, infrastructure, and quality management of the data. Analysis, compliance, and finally lifecycle management follow along with measures for backup, monitoring, and quality assurance.

500 million Medical Records at a Click

Upgrade to new technology without losing data with cloud computing, Virtual Reality & AI.

Real Estate Leads All on One Platform

By synchronizing leads from various platforms to one, this CRM offers real estate agents better control.

Easy Quotation Tracking for Faster Sales

Quotation update and tracking made all the easier and collaborative for internal teams.

Power BI Development

We start our data analytics consultations by first analyzing your current business environment so that we can identify and strategize in a way that is most aligned with your business goals. This is followed by data visualization where dashboard elements like graphs, tables, and charts for data visualization are considered. Finally, we round off the process with data preparation and analytics. Through data-driven business decisions operations can be streamlined and informed decision making is made possible.

Operations Powered by Power BI

Real-time business intelligent dashboards that can be shared across applications.

Transforming Healthcare Administration

Improving patient outcomes through streamlined & real-time scheduling, documentation, and EHR.

Data Lake Consulting

Our Goals are always into seeing our clients and customers utilize the best available programs and innovations in the market. With our guidance and help, your enterprise’s data management can be developed into a much better scenario. Implementing Data Lake Services will streamline your data storage and convert all types of data to insightful ones.

Strengthening Pipe Manufacturing with Data Solutions

Proving Data Management Manufacturer with Synapse Analytics and embedding them to Power BI.

Infusing power of data into Life Sciences

Infusing power of data into Life Sciences

Turn data into valuable insights and quickly get results with the push from data lake services.

Improving decision making in health sector

Improving decision making in health sector

Data lake solutions could impact the decision making speed and thus boost productivity of healthcare

Maintenance & Support

Proper maintenance and support are integral to the smooth running of digital products. Our team of specialists has a product vs. project mindset and so are keen to give you the best support. You can count on us.

Quality Assurance

We provide software testing services and QA automation with our team proficient in automation, functional, security, and performance testing. We have expertise in unit integration, API, and end-to-end automation testing. We will ensure a structured testing approach throughout your product’s lifecycle. We start with a proper analysis of functional requirements followed by test planning in which the scope and objectives of the test approach are defined. Reporting and ongoing support are a part of this process too.

Assuring Users the Best Value on the Go

Interactive search features so that buying & selling becomes smarter.

Creating a More Sustainable Tomorrow

Making reducing carbon footprints a fun and informative activity


Our team is dedicated and passionate about providing qualitative service. The work towards server and pipeline management with automated testing and deployment tools. When it comes to the management of hosting environments where services and applications are deployed, we ensure application performance through provisioning, monitoring, and optimizing the same. Our team also works on the automation of infrastructure-related tasks as well as the monitoring of the health & performance of applications, infrastructure components, and servers.

Optimized Agent Efficiency

A digital solution that provides field agents with an on-the-job digital tool to improve customer solar investment.

Real Time Compliant Tracking

For businesses who want to stay on top of their game proper management of customer complaints is integral, which is what this app provides.

Large-Scale Enterprise Connectivity

Creating a scalable private wireless connectivity for a large-scale enterprise model.

Product Management

Our team is with you throughout the entire lifecycle of a product from ideation to launch and ongoing management. We first focus on your business goals and based on this define product requirements. The product strategy is the next step and is a roadmap for the product’s direction based on which the user personas and product plan are aligned to. Our teams collaborate from development to design and testing so that product deployment is quality assured. And our journey with you doesn’t end there as there is product monitoring, support as well as lifecycle management.

Bringing Fitness to the Palm of Your Hand!

With an attractive and easy to use user interface, Vici is the first step towards your fitness journey.

From Cleaning to Home Design Find it All

Need a handyman, cleaner, or cook? This is your one app solution to all your home care needs!

Secure Asset Management

Secure data management and business intelligence data synchronized dashboards.

Managed Support

Part of our being a partner and not a vendor mindset stems from the fact that projects end but products need continuous support and maintenance so that they continue to function as required. An important part of successful product consulting and management is a continual thrust on quality, support, and maintenance. Thus, from ideation to support, we partner with you all the way.

What Our Clients Say

Our team of 150+ digital product strategists, architects, UI/UX designers, and engineers is our brand. They are passionate and dedicated towards providing our clients with the best.

Our Clients

From brand leaders to mid-level enterprises and startups, our team of experts has assisted and successfully completed over 300+ projects.

Our presence has made a difference to clients across 12+ industries, from e-commerce, healthcare, finance, fitness, automobiles, real estate, manufacturing & more.

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