Optimizing Business with Digital Transformation Services & Solutions

With Sunflower Lab you get digital product specialists with a product mindset who believe in user-centric design & high-end engineering. Our team endeavors to provide you with the features and functionality that best meet your business goals.

We are with you all the way from ideation to design, testing, deployment & support. Our experts have 32+ industry experience with over a decade of experience in providing digital product development with a difference.

Product Discovery Success

In order to build your dreams into a tangible product that meets your business goals, the first step is ideation. Here we not only plan out the essential features and functionality of your product but also focus on the user personas and journey involved. Our team loves building challenging complex products right from getting that idea off paper to formulating a strategy that meets business goals. We then move on to prototyping and user testing and are with you post-deployment with ongoing support.

Now Wireless Activation is Truly Mobile

Enables retailers to manage customer accounts in real-time within a safe, secure, payment transaction framework.

Making Real Estate Agents Lives Easier

Real estate agents can capture & connect leads from different sources on one platform.

Simplifying Project Management Process

An easier way to manage project staffing, estimating, and utilization management.

User-centric UI/UX

While we focus on making your product as functional and feature equipped as possible, we also ensure that the design is user-centric with an intuitive user interface. With our 15+ years of experience, we’ve found that users prefer applications that make their journey easier and involve less of a learning curve. Our team ensures great design with a UX focus that turns code into a genuine human experience.

Banish Those Hunger Pangs with a Click

Ethnic cuisine delivery is now possible in Africa through Nomad Bite’s easy-to-use interface.

Secure Investment Data Listing

Simple, intuitive design that needs a minimal learning curve with an easy to navigate user interface.

Bringing Life Back to eLearning

Breaking e-learning out of the mold of being flat, dull, and disengaging.

Our very first project was an iPad application for none other than Forbes Magazine. We build Android and iPhone mobile applications that are innovative and adjusted to user preferences with features ranging from secure audio/video calling, payment processing, and in-app purchases to e-signatures and even e-prescriptions using third-party integration. Our team not only ensures your mobile application has a beautiful design but is robust, reliable, and scalable as well.

Our team has successfully completed over 300+ projects with a 97% client retention rating and so we have web application development expertise across industries. We’ve created CRM and workflow management applications, customer-facing portals, ERPs, and ticketing platforms. We build web applications geared towards helping businesses build better customer relationships, automation of business processes, quicker deal closure, and better workflow management; to name a few.

Automation has become recognized as a tool to improve decision-making, expand growth prospects, and accelerate the entire organization reinvention process rather than just a means of reducing expenditures and boosting productivity. SFL has been partnering with a number of companies to produce streamlined Automation Tools which has been proven highly impactful for their business.

RPA provides businesses with increased productivity, savings in terms of time & cost as well as greater accuracy. We offer full support to our clients throughout their digital transformation journey from consultation to implementation, development, and integration as well as support and management. Consulting is the first step of any RPA journey as each business needs a unique digital solution. Our team analyzes your current operations and zeroes upon areas that need automation. We then suggest the best RPA tools for you and organize a roll-out plan supporting you throughout.

Aggregating and Analyzing Consumer Feedback

With sentiment analysis and NLP-driven answers, this chatbots is effective in customer feedback.

Improve onboarding experience

RPA automates admin tasks, while AI chatbots assist new hires for you

With the assistance of our Power Automate professionals, you can accelerate your repetitive tasks and improve your business proficiency. Our Microsoft Power Platform’s no code/low code technique enables us to offer an extensive selection of services, including Power Automate consulting, Design, Development, Integration, and a lot more.

Automation of the Employee Leave Management

An efficient leave management workflow is ensured by the approvers' ability to effectively handle requests and double-check calendars for relevant overlaps.

Streamlining Healthcare process

Automating scheduling, reminders and billing process with Power Automate

Utilize our Power Apps Development Services to optimize your company’s processes while utilizing its primary benefits. The era of investing a lot more money and effort developing applications for your organization is past. Streamline workflow and boost productivity with our Power Apps, which are low- or no-code tools.

Effortless claim management

Optimize insurance claims with Power Platform. Deliver a user-friendly Power App for easy attachment submissions.

Credit memo approval

Streamline client expenditure processes using Power App.

Rebuild the Virtual Chatbot Support by utilizing AI. Minimize the amount of preparation required through improved automation in Virtual Agents. Simply tell the AI-powered chatbot what you want and what your preferences are, and it will handle taking care of the rest.

Implementing Automatic Employee Leave Management

Using Power Virtual Agent to Automate Employee Leave Management to automate employee leave administration.

Collaboration with Teams Integration

Achieve better collaboration, essential support delivery, and excellent display of technology’s capacity to provide real-time solutions.

To assist you in reaching your established targets and goals, our experienced group of UiPath RPA Developers will collaborate alongside your company. Our end-to-end services ensure the highest quality through offering support, guidance, and maintenance for UiPath integration.

Hospital PO Requests Automated with UiPath

UiPath's RPA automation experts, turning PO requests into invoices and optimizing scheduling. This increased their output.

Optimizing manufacturing operations

Transformation in manufacturing company through extensive automation by leveraging software robots.

Your business could leap forward into a better future by forming partnerships with suppliers of advanced data and analytics services. Prominent companies recognize our expertise in providing BI and large-scale data consulting services, and AI managed services are currently strongly advised for increased performance.

Databricks is a comprehensive and easy to use platform that facilitates collaboration, flexibility, integration, and utilization of an extensive ecosystem of software and libraries. For machine learning and huge data processing projects, it’s the most effective option available. Through our collaboration, you can get the most out of Databricks.

Employing integrated platform of data, analytics, and AI

Facilitating real-time decision-making, enhancing customer experiences, and fostering value-chain cooperation.

Empowering media and communications

The next-generation data platform gives you the ability to identify, grow, and keep interested viewers so you can generate smarter results for consumers.

You can expect advice from our Data Lake developers with managing your data and cloud transfer. To accomplish more, collaborate with specialists who are reliable and more efficient.

Infusing power of data into Life Sciences

Infusing power of data into Life Sciences

Turn data into valuable insights and quickly get results with the push from data lake services.

Improving decision making in health sector

Improving decision making in health sector

Data lake solutions could impact the decision making speed and thus boost productivity of healthcare

Business Dashboard Development Solution

Developing a dynamic dashboard that would refresh them with the latest sales information and provide them with data analytics for better sales analytics.

With our Delta Lake Service, we benefit from the Delta Lake table and storage. We have been actively delivering digital products and solutions for different sectors by considering their unique needs and pursuing advanced business data management.

Developing a digital library with Delta Lake

With AWS infrastructure and delta tables, implementing a digital library for public welfare is possible.

Benefiting your Data & Analytics

Take lead of delta sharing facilities, they provide you with a serverless warehouse, enable you to use partitions wisely.

We start our data analytics consultations by first analyzing your current business environment so that we can identify and strategize in a way that is most aligned with your business goals. This is followed by data visualization where dashboard elements like graphs, tables, and charts for data visualization are considered. Finally, we round off the process with data preparation and analytics. Through data-driven business decisions operations can be streamlined and informed decision making is made possible.

Data Integration and Reporting with Power BI

A product for upgrading data management powered by Synapse Analytics and Power BI

Transforming Healthcare Administration

Improving patient outcomes through streamlined & real-time scheduling, documentation, and EHR.

Partnering with your business to provide innovative AI/ML development services can help you move one step closer to the future. Leading initiatives recognize our knowledge in artificial intelligence services as, at present, AI managed services are an excellent option for higher efficiency.

RPA provides businesses with increased productivity, savings in terms of time & cost as well as greater accuracy. We offer full support to our clients throughout their digital transformation journey from consultation to implementation, development, and integration as well as support and management. Consulting is the first step of any RPA journey as each business needs a unique digital solution. Our team analyzes your current operations and zeroes upon areas that need automation. We then suggest the best RPA tools for you and organize a roll-out plan supporting you throughout.

Positive Healthcare Outcomes with RPA

A HIPAA compliant digital solution that offers comprehensive data analytics, claim management, EMR, etc.

Synchronized Compliant Tracking

Improving complaint management, tracking & support for the best customer service.

The Smart Way to Find a Home

Made possible user search of 33,000 agents through natural language for the Residential Real Estate Council (Chicago).

Because of our machine learning services, our professionals are able to convert unstructured data into competitive intelligence. You can boost output precision and data security by training large language models with your own customized dataset and further streamlining the deployment process.

An Effective Method to Pick the Correct Bulb

An AI-augmented solution that streamlined the procedure by using vision and object identification APIs

Creating Cloud & AI Based Legacy Systems

A Revolutionary healthcare cloud data management system with AI Capabilities.

The most powerful generative AI services with a user-centric framework are what we offer. Our generative AI engineers will deliver the ideal solution to help you achieve your company’s objectives.

Software for Marking and Tracking Attendance

Using facial recognition technology, this innovative Generative AI program automates the tracking of attendance.

Generate ready-to-present abnormalities

With all financial data and security compliances, get instant data regarding the status.

Create chatbots and voice assistants with AI using our skilled professional tools to grow your business. This will automate and streamline the query services.

AI-Powered Customized Communications

An artificial intelligence (AI) program that uses a prospect's LinkedIn profile to create customized messages for them.

Developing an Education Guide

A chatbot which can be developed to respond to all the educational queries of a student.

Our developers’ expertise in Optical Character Recognition and computer vision will benefit your company by facilitating data extraction and document detection.

X-ray Analysis Using Computer Vision

Automation of the process using computer vision can increase accuracy and efficiency.

Automating object detection in Logistics

Companies could implement computer vision and OCR for easy object tracking on the road and goods detection & recognition.

Get an ideal Natural Language Processing tool tailored to your business with the help of our professionals. Our professionals will exactly construct this emerging technology with the newest intelligent tools.

A Chatbot Solution to Improve Customer Experience

Building a trained AI model using company data and pre-written material for automated customer services by integrating NLP skills.

A Tool for accurate Spam mail detection

With NLP integrations and proper data analysis, your work inbox gets cleaner.

What Our Clients Say

Our team of 150+ digital product strategists, architects, UI/UX designers, and engineers is our brand. They are passionate and dedicated towards providing our clients with the best.

Our Clients

From brand leaders to mid-level enterprises and startups, our team of experts has assisted and successfully completed over 300+ projects.

Our presence has made a difference to clients across 12+ industries, from e-commerce, healthcare, finance, fitness, automobiles, real estate, manufacturing & more.

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