Custom CRM Solution for Brivity

Real Estate

A New Digital Experience to Improve Communication, Productivity, and Efficiency in the Real Estate Industry.


Builders, administrators, real estate agents, and home buyers are all working towards the same end goal; selling and buying homes BUT effectively communicating with each other throughout the process is challenging.

Appointments get missed, listings and open houses are not well marketed, administrators don’t know what their agents are doing, etc. The Brivity team turned this problem into an opportunity to improve communication, productivity, and efficiency in the real estate industry.

In order to develop their idea Brivity collaborated with Sunflower Lab to create a custom mobile application for their CRM solution that provides a seamless experience to their customers (real estate offices) and their clients (home buyers).

Capture and connect real estate leads from all sources in one platform
A Mobile Solution Packed With Features

Sunflower Lab architected a beautiful mobile solution for Brivity that:

  • Connects real estate offices, their agents, and clients
  • Provides lead and transaction management
  • Prompts punctual follow-up
  • Tracks calls, text messages, and interactions
  • Enables marketing of real estate listings to social platforms
  • Includes a social media reporting dashboard that tells agents & administrators which social platforms have the best ROI
    All in one easy to use the app.
Nurture and convert like a machine while generating referrals and repeat business.
Win Listings & Close Deals While On The Go

Brivity’s mobile app empowers its users to work smarter not harder. It gives them a means to capture and connect with leads from all sources in one platform. They are able to nurture those leads, close deals, and repeat the process easier than ever before. It provides them scale, is cost effective, and gives them the gift of time – a very precious commodity.

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