The On-Call Doctor App for Improving Doctor Reach & Patient Outcomes

Ahoy! Is the On-Call Doctor app that provides hospitals with affiliated healthcare practitioners for emergency staffing needs. Thus, doctors can turn their ‘free’ time into quality time & patients get the best of medical attention during ad-hoc emergencies. It is a healthcare app built by Sunflower Lab, that focuses on improving efficiency and with-it patient experience and staff engagement.


– Mobile App

– Web App


– Twilio


– Java

– Angular

– IOS Native

– Android Native

Ahoy The On-Call Doctor App
Ahoy Quick Staffing Healthcare App

How to Bridge the Real-time Communication Gap Between Healthcare Providers & Patients?

In SaaS apps, socket management can be used to manage real-time communication between various components like the patient portal, provider portal, scheduling, electronic health records (EHR), etc. This is especially beneficial in ad-hoc situations where it is vital that important health information of the patient is shared quickly and efficiently.

Ahoy Real-time Communication Gap Between Healthcare Providers & Patients

Assignment Information in a Glance & in a Click

Ahoy! Works at improving staff morale and preventing burnout by making the ‘acknowledgment’ of an assignment a welcome choice, i.e., doctors can turn their free time into ‘quality time’. While doing this, Ahoy serves three purposes.

The doctor gets the assignment details with the time remaining to acknowledge and the patient compliant.

Upon the doctor’s opting-in, the hospital’s need for emergency staffing is met while the patient receives treatment on time.

The healthcare provider will receive confirmation of the appointment time and hours left making the entire selection process easy and straightforward for the doctor.

Managing Appointments was Never This Easy.

Healthcare providers can easily see assignments that are open and those that they have opted-in. Since the format is simple, the doctor is presented with the basic details like the requested time for an appointment, the interval of time left to the appointment and the patient’s compliant, and the name of the hospital.
Furthermore, the main dashboard provides a snapshot of the number of assignments opted-in so that it is easy to remember the same.

Facilitating Quick Consultations & Treatment Plan.

Through socket management, Ahoy as a SaaS healthcare app can not only facilitate urgent staffing needs but also streamline the creation of a treatment plan. After the doctor opts in for an assignment and checks in for the same, the app allows the doctor to view the patient’s EHR and other records. These records are vital in times of emergency for proper treatment. Based on the patient’s case history the doctor can then recommend further treatment or instructions to the staff or prescribe based on the diagnosis. Thus, the availability of crucial patient data aids the doctor in improving the patient’s outcome and being more efficient.

in Client’s words!

John Davidyock Managing Director, Ahoy

“I was searching for a team with the knowledge and expertise to bring my vision to life. That’s when I discovered Sunflower Lab. From day one, it was clear that they had a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and were committed to building a top-notch SaaS product for our Hospital System. I couldn’t be happier with the result, and I would highly recommend Sunflower Lab to anyone looking for a team of experts to build a healthcare SaaS product!“

John Davidyock

Managing Director, Ahoy

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