Connected Healthcare - Using IoT with Mobile & Web App for Remote Monitoring

ModoScript partnered with Sunflower Lab for this digital transformation and from this was created a unique IoT device that connected with Mobile as well as Web application. With the help of Galen data, real-time remote treatment monitoring of patients is possible from the comfort of the patient’s home. Doctors are provided updated information on patient vital statistics, adherence and symptoms.

Thus, a new era of digitally transformed healthcare has arrived where patients can “Be in control, take control” and doctors can adjust treatment plans as per integrated patient data.

No wonder ModoScript is – Health Reimagined! With Sunflower Lab as a partner, it is also – Healthcare Digitally Transformed!


– Mobile App

– Web App


– AWS Cloud Computing

– React Native Framework


– Galen data Integration

– Security Protocols and Encryptions

– IoT devices Sensors and Protocols

– API and Web services


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Improved membership retention rate

IoT Empowered Remote Treatment Monitoring of Patients

Upon dispensing the medication, the device monitors the patient’s blood oxygen levels and heart rate. This Information is sent through Galen data to the Physician and can be accessed via a web application. The doctor simply needs to open the patient’s data to access how the treatment is going, the adherence, symptoms, dosage administered etc.
Any adjustments made to the treatment plan will also be reflected and their data stored separately. Since the device is connected via IoT, the patient cannot be administered an overdose or wrong dose, and any missed medication will also be recorded. Thus, the doctor has a comprehensive view of the treatment plan and is able to effectively monitor the treatment remotely.

Easy, Accessible & Quality Healthcare Access from Home

The patient can unlock the medication using their thumb. During this process, vital statistics are automatically collected so the patient need not record, remember or enter the same. Also, since the device connects to the patient’s phone via Bluetooth, it is possible for the patient to record information of other symptoms, fill surveys or indicate their pain score.
Thus, despite being remotely treated, the patient receives comprehensive care as all vitals, symptoms-related records and surveys will be sent to the doctor. Based on these real-time records the treatment plan will be modified or continued. This gives a patient more control over their life as they can be in a home setting while receiving hospital akin treatment monitoring. All this has been made possible by the interconnectivity of the device to the patient’s phone and the information sharing later to the physician through Galen data.

The Real-time Power of IoT Connectivity for On-the-Go Healthcare

Since ModoScript’s device is conencted to the patient’s mobile applciation via Bluetooth, real-time vital statistics are recordded in a remote setting. The patient need not make make any manual enteries. Thus, there is no pressure on the patient to keep up records, nor is there chance of manual entry error.

Track All Your Health Data by Your Thumb

ModoScript introduced a device that recognized the patient’s thumbprint and only then allowed the pill to be released for the patient’s intake. Since the patient has to press his/her thumb on the device, vital statistics like heart rate and blood oxygen levels too are measured. THe device then transfers this collected data to the patient’s phone via bluetooth. And all this data is later made available in real-time to the Physician by Galen data. Thus, just through thumb detection the time of dose, frequency of dosage and vital statistics are all updated eliminating the need of paperwork or a nurse & wihtout stressing the patient further.

Adjusting Treatment Plans in Accordance to Real-time Symptoms

Apart from vital statistics, ModoScript has also included surveys. These surveys can be accessed by the patient in their mobile application and consist of details like their pain score and general symptoms. Also, the behavioral element too is covered with questions on quality of life, mental health, and short-term memory. These details cannot be answered by vital statistics and so, the patient can fill in and submit these details. Through IoT, doctors can view them on their web-based applications and track the patient’s progress and make modifications to the treatment plan if necessary.

Correct Medication & Remote Treatment Monitoring through IoT

ModoScript is a pioneer that has been recognized by even the Oncolytics Today Journal for its Tamper-Alert-Lock-Dispensing Cap device powered with IoT. The device recognizes the patient’s thumbprint, administers only the dose as specified by the Physician and records vital signs like heart rate and oxygen saturation.

ModoScript, partnering with its technological partner, Sunflower Lab; has created a smart healthcare device empowered by IoT with the vision to improve patient outcomes.

Oncolytics Today Journal Spring 2022 Publication

in Client’s words!

“The company was happy with the end-to-end solution and prototype they received. Sunflower Lab fixed bugs and issues promptly, resulting in a fruitful collaboration. Their members were attentive and willing to go above and beyond to deliver a good product. They also facilitated good regular meetings. They understood our position as a startup and genuinely wanted to see us succeed.“

David Zuleta

Co-Founder & CPO, Medical Device Manufacturer

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