Rapidly Deployable Pre-Configured Automation Use Cases

Purchase Order Automation

Purchase Order Automation reduces errors, verifies data, flags discrepancies, ensures accuracy, prevents costly mistakes, and maintains supplier relationships.

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Invoice Processing Automation

Reduce invoice processing time by 80% using our bots that capture and upload data, matching it with purchase orders and receipts.

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Quotation Management

Cut 1500 minutes of manual quotation management processing to 30 minutes, integrates with ERP/CRM, boosting accuracy, speed, and revenue.

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Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials automation gathers data, centralizes it, creates custom reports, and develops engaging internal dashboards.

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Contract Management

Contract Management automation streamlines legal team workflows, enables cross-team collaboration, and offers real-time updates and seamless document sharing.

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Inventory Management

Inventory Management automation optimizes manufacturing, boosts revenue, and includes real-time data, inventory valuation, barcode tracking, and auto stock adjustment.

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Production Tracking

Production Tracking bot enables informed decisions, real-time bottleneck identification, performance assessment, optimized operations, and accurate cost calculation.

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ERP Operation

Get a 360-degree view of manufacturing operations, from order to delivery, by automating ERP processes and tracking every step.

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Customer & Supplier Onboarding

With customer & vendor onboarding, centralize organizational data, collect and evaluate supplier information, assess risk and compliance efficiently.

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Employee Onboarding/Offboarding

Enhance employee onboarding experiences by streamlining document management and ensure efficient offboarding for smooth transitions in all work settings.

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Migration from Legacy ERP (Data migration)

Data Migrating automation ensures smooth data migration from legacy ERP, boosts efficiency, enhances functionality, and guarantees disruption-free business operations.

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Performance Report

Performance report automation provides you with key metrics like KPIs, finished goods count, quality issues, speed, and downtime.

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Credit & Collection Management

Boost efficiency by 53% with automated credit and collection workflows, real-time data, customizable risk parameters, and reduced DSO.

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Customize Integrations According to Your Needs

Over 63% of manufacturers use AI-Powered automation technologies in their production processes

Join them by using our custom automation solutions to streamline processes in your industry, boosting efficiency, productivity, and production quality. Automate tasks like Order-to-cash procedures, Inventory reconciliation, Quality assurance inspections, Compliance reporting & Employee Daily Shift Management.

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Benefits of Automating Your Manufacturing Workflows

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Up to 40% Operational
Cost Reduction

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Reduced Downtime &
Time to Market

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Enhanced Risk

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Production Operation

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GDPR Compliance for
Data Protection

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Improved Quality

Our Pre-Built Solutions are Ready
to Automate Your Manufacturing Workflows

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Our pre-built solutions are scalable and can adapt as your manufacturing processes grow more complex. Plus, our team keeps up with changing regulations and compliance standards, ensuring your solutions stay GDPR compliant.

We understand that every business has unique needs. We offer customization options to tailor pre-built solutions or develop custom solutions from scratch to perfectly match your requirements.

The level of technical expertise needed for deployment depends on the specific solution. Many pre-built solutions can be configured with minimal technical knowledge. However, some may require assistance from your IT team for integration with existing systems or for customization purposes. We offer implementation support plans to guide you through the process, regardless of your technical skillset.

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