Databricks: The Ultimate Cloud-based Lakehouse Platform

Use data, analytics, and AI to build a single platform by implementing and scaling the Databricks platform, which combines the best aspects of data lakes and warehouses. Our Databricks consulting services ensure seamless integration and optimization for data success.

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Implement Data Transformation with Us and Databricks

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Advanced analytics, data science, and data engineering are areas of importance to all. We provide end-to-end Databricks Consulting Services, empowering you to gain additional benefits from your data.

Implement Data Transformation with Us and Databricks

Advanced analytics, data science, and data engineering are areas of importance to all. We provide end-to-end Databricks Consulting Services, empowering you to gain additional benefits from your data.



An important milestone for the company was reached when Databricks certified Sunflower Lab as a consulting partner. We’re dedicated to using our partnership with Databricks to provide top-notch Data Lake services, assist our clients in making the most of their data, and uncover relevant findings that will help them expand their enterprises.

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Description: With our strong partnership with Databricks, we ensure top quality services to meet your data needs.

Databricks Consulting

With our skilled Databricks consulting services, you could streamline the adoption of Databricks, improve the architecture, and put best practices into effect.

Java application upgrade and support

Databricks Migration Services

Switch to Databricks for your data assets. Training, go-live processes, and the stand-up and configuration of Databricks technical migration details for every system are all included in your distinct migration plan.

Power Pages

Databricks Data Analytics

Utilize advanced analytics methods like anomaly detection, clustering, and predictive modeling to extract insightful knowledge from your data. Gaining end-to-end visibility into data and doing large-scale analysis of datasets are made simpler by Databricks.


Data Architecture on Databricks

Using Databricks, we develop extensible data structures which encourage the use of relevant, high-quality, and easily available data. These cloud-based solutions boost productivity, reduce expenses, and enable you to grow with your company.

AMOT – Leave approval flow

Innovative dashboard development solution for business

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As AMOT is a global manufacturer, understanding sales results, customer order patterns, and reservation status is essential to the business’s functionality. Sunflower Lab took care of creating a dynamic dashboard that would refresh them with the latest sales information and provide them with data analytics because they were aware of this.

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We Have Various Data and Analytics Services for All Your Data Needs

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Improved Patient Service with Databricks

With innovation in data and analytics get better R&D in patient care and drugs. Facilitate safe and transparent data exchanges and teamwork with institutions throughout the healthcare system to expedite life-saving research and enhance your patient care.

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Healthcare Case Study

Know Why Databricks is the best solution for all your Data Needs

With Databricks, you can bring together all of your data, analytics, and AI workloads into a single platform, modernizing your data infrastructure.


Singular Network

Databricks offers an integrated platform that effectively combines data science, data mining, and business analytics, allowing enterprises to quickly gain valuable knowledge from their data.


Adaptable to your needs

Databricks’ concurrent processing capabilities and capacity to handle large datasets allow enterprises to swiftly and efficiently handle challenging analytics tasks and extract insights.


Better Productivity

Together with capabilities like version control, notebook sharing, and real-time communication, Databricks provides a collaborative workspace. encouraging collaboration and output.


Secure as it gets

As an operational service, Databricks handles security, upkeep, and infrastructure provisioning, freeing you to concentrate on deriving insights from their data.

Sunflower Lab has been serving a number of companies with digital solutions.

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Energy and Fuel Case Study

Enhanced Efficiency with AI & Analytics

Request demo icon USE CASE - Energy and Fuel

With Databricks you get the capability of:

Better energy reserve prediction and equipment data

Predictive analysis for maintenance schedules, downtimes and failure predictions.

Precise forecasting of energy reserves in real-time.

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What Makes Us Your Most Trusted Databricks Consultants?

Together, Databricks and Sunflower Lab represent two prominent players in the market that are dedicated to fostering innovation, enabling data teams, and supporting customers in realizing their strategic goals. Through the incorporation of Sunflower Lab consulting skills with Databricks’ Lakehouse platform, enterprises can expedite their digital transformation endeavors and fully leverage the value of their data.

Transform and Optimize All Your Business Data

With Databricks, attain a new position in your manufacturing business:

Obtain scalable and effective end-to-end equipment monitoring.

Optimize plant operations through data-driven decision-making.

Compute insights at scale and distribute them to numerous downstream applications.

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Request demo icon USE CASE - Manufacturing

Manufacturing Company Case study

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This platform for data analytics, DataBricks assists companies in tracking their performance and making defensible decisions. Businesses can make sure they are running as efficiently as possible by tracking key performance metrics like user engagement, revenue growth, and customer acquisition over time with DataBricks.

The time it takes to produce AI apps can be minimized by using Databricks to manage the full ML lifecycle, from data preparation to deployment. A cluster set up for machine learning projects is automatically created by the Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning.

To ingest data from several sources, including batch and streaming data, this process is simplified by Databricks. One can also use AWS Glue to streamline ETL and data categorization procedures, putting data validation and cleaning procedures in place to guarantee data quality and consistency.

A unified platform for data science, data engineering, and business analytics is offered by Databricks. In a single collaborative environment, it integrates data ingestion, preparation, exploration, modeling, and visualization capabilities.

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