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Centralize and seamlessly integrate your diverse data into Power BI

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Partnering with the most recent Data Lake development services will help your company move one step closer to the future. Leading businesses recognize our expertise in AI and Data Lake services, and Databricks managed services are currently widely recommended for increased productivity.

Centralize and seamlessly integrate your diverse data into Power BI

Partnering with the most recent Data Lake development services will help your company move one step closer to the future. Leading businesses recognize our expertise in AI and Data Lake services, and Databricks managed services are currently widely recommended for increased productivity.

Data bricks + Power BI Services

Secure and Upgrade your business data management with our best-in-class Databricks Integration Services

Creating Best Dashboards

Our Power BI experts are adamant about delivering the best dashboards that suit your enterprise's needs. With a leading team of certified Power BI experts, you will be delivered the intended results.

Java application upgrade and support

Designing Visualizations

Power BI has the unique capability of venturing creative visual aesthetics that go with any of the leading industries, get our customized visual services now.

Power Pages

Automating & Sharing Reports

Our Services also enables you to create and share the business analytics and reports with the help of Power BI services, they save you a lot of time and has better accuracy.


Data Presentation

Present your data in a sleek and focused manner with the Business Intelligence that Power BI provides, with many visual tools at your disposal, your data analytics and presentation is elevated

Into Databricks

Uncover a simplistic and powerful AI driven data platform in Databricks for Data & Analytics. Businesses could make use of Power BI’s reporting capabilities by storing and processing data in Databricks Lakehouse to gain valuable insights. Businesses will be able to grow their analytical capabilities and make instant decisions. Unveil hidden insights, accelerate growth and gain advantage over your competitors.

Uncover a simplistic and powerful AI driven data platform in Databricks for Data & Analytics
Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company, LLC

Data Solution for Corrugated Pipes Manufacturer and Storm Chambers Provider

Request demo icon Case study – PCP Company, LLC 

They needed a solution for improving data management and thus we used Synapse Analytics to create pipeline to move data from on premise data server to data lake on schedule basis and then adopt that data in power BI report

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Knowing Databricks and Power BI Collectively

Databricks is deployed on many types of cloud and is known to have a good persona. Unity Catalog is an in-built tool which enables four cross workspace data management and provides the same experience as cross clouds. Databricks started out as ML oriented, but it tackles the same problems as unstructured data. You can connect Power BI Desktop to your Databricks Clusters using the integrated Azure Databricks Connector.

Additionally, you can publish Power BI Reports to the Power BI Service and allow users to log in using their Azure credentials to access the underlying Databricks data via SSO (Single Sign-on).

Optimizing Manufacturing Operations through Power BI

Amot adopted Power Automate to develop a workflow that automates the approval process, collects data, and creates reports for simple tracking and analysis. Amot was looking to streamline review processes and track approvals more effectively. Amot’s capacity to handle approvals has improved thanks to the solution, which has also sped up processing times and increased insight into the approval pipeline.

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Request demo icon Case Study - AMOT – Top Valve Manufacturing Company 

Amot - Sales OverView
Powering The Data And AI–Driven Financial Services Institution Of The Future

Powering the data and AI–driven financial services institution of the future

Request demo icon USE CASE - Finance 

Compile enormous volumes of internal and external data to provide cutting-edge financial solutions, generate revenue from new data products, and deliver powerful analytics capabilities to any cloud.

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Why Connect Databricks With Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics solution that offers interactive visualizations and self-service business intelligence capabilities, allowing end users to produce reports and dashboards independently without the assistance of database administrators or IT employees.

Databricks performance and technological benefits could be made available to all business users when you utilize Databricks as a data source with Power BI. This extends beyond data scientists and data engineers.

You can link your Databricks clusters and Databricks SQL warehouses to Power BI Desktop.

Accelerate audience on an open, collaborative platform for data, analytics and AI

The capacity to analyze unstructured data is crucial for efficient media asset management because media organizations are built on unstructured data like video, pictures, and audio files, it could be organized with Databricks Unity Catalog

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Request demo icon USE CASE - Media and Entertainment 

Mask media and entertainment

Best Practices with Databricks

With Databricks, there are numerous ways it can be implemented in your enterprise for simplifying your data management processes.


A Perfect Data Landing Zone

If you want to keep your data for machine learning and data lineage, save it completely to your data lake without altering or aggregating it.


Data Masking

To comply with GDPR and ensure that it can be retained indefinitely, personally identifiable information (PII) must be pseudonymized.


Role based Access

In comparison to role-based restrictions alone, adding view-based ACLs gives you more exact customization and control over the security of your data lake.


Tuning Performance with Delta Lake

Big data’s nature makes it challenging to provide the same degree of performance and dependability as databases have up until now. These crucial elements are added to data lakes by Delta Lake.


Data Cataloging

To enable self-service data science and analytics, use technologies for managing the data catalogue and metadata at the time of ingestion.

Improving decision making in health sector

Deliver better patient outcomes with the power of data and AI

Request demo icon USE CASE - Healthcare 

Unlock machine learning’s potential to better comprehend diseases and foresee medical demands. With a full range of collaboration tools for sophisticated analytics, all your data is seamlessly connected.

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Key Benefits of Data Lake

API Development and Integration

Excellent Data Storage

With many sources of data consolidated in one area for simpler management and organization, data lakes are built to handle massive volumes of data. Especially with Databricks Unity Catalog

Best Tools for Development

The Data Lake platform offers resources for processing streaming data from various types of devices in real time.

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Higher Innovation factors

Your business can quickly create and roll out advanced data-driven apps and services because Data Lake supports advanced analytics, machine learning, and real-time processing.

DevOps and Continuous Integration/Deployment

Removing Server Management

You can bid farewell to the complexity of managing several data storage systems with Data Lake services. It offers a solitary, integrated platform for all of your various data types.

The unified data, analytics retailers use to deliver more in every phase of the customer journey

Databricks Solution Accelerators are specifically designed guidelines that accelerate retail results. They include fully functional notebooks and best practices. Save time with use cases like propensity scoring, customer lifetime value, order selecting optimization

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Request demo icon USE CASE - Retail  

Smart Inventory Management

In need of Databricks integration to Power BI, we have got your business needs covered.

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Our Data Lake Tool Stack

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Apache Hive
Apache Hive
R Programming
R Programming
Apache Spark
Apache Spark
Delta Lake
Delta Lake
Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Factory
Power BI
Power BI
Cloud Platforms and Hosting 
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Empower your manufacturing decisions with data lake

Data Pipeline Integration for Tool Manufacturers

Request demo icon USE CASE - Manufacturing 

With built-in ETL capabilities on the Lakehouse or using your preferred tools like dbt on Databricks SQL for best-in-class performance, you can easily manage dependencies and convert data in-place.

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Why Choose Us?

By choosing our AWS Data Lake Services, our team of experts brings you an unparalleled depth of knowledge, experience, and technical expertise

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Comprehensive solution design and architecture

DevOps and Continuous Integration/Deployment

End-to-end data lake implementation

API Development and Integration

Integration with your existing systems

Increased Productivity 

Performance optimization and scalability

Ongoing support and maintenance

Innovating New Solutions with Data Analytics for Delivery

Every analyst is given the ability to query, discover, and share insights through collaboration with Databricks SQL thanks to the integrated SQL editor, visualizations, and dashboards.

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Request demo icon USE CASE - Delivery Service 

Food & Beverages power bi data lake

We are broadly present across all the major economic sectors

As a top software development company, we are well-equipped with technologically qualified experts who are ready to serve any of the relevant enterprises in need of software development.

  • Finance
  • Restaurant
  • eCommerce
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Social Networking
  • Games and Sports
  • Travel
  • Aviation
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • On-Demand
  • Entertainment
  • Government
  • Agriculture
Radio Broadcasting power bi data lake

Know Audience Response swifter than Before

Request demo icon USE CASE - Radio Broadcasting 

The Databricks Lakehouse Platform has made it possible to conduct analytics that cut the time it takes to glean insights from audience behavior from weeks to just a few seconds.

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With Databricks now acknowledging Sunflower Lab as a recognized consulting partner, the company has accomplished a major milestone. Use the Databricks data and AI service through Microsoft Azure, to consolidate all of your analytics and AI workloads and store all of your data on an intuitive open lakehouse. Also utilize specialized connectors to seamlessly integrate into Azure data stores and services for quick data access and easier administration throughout your environment. This involves managing environments, setting up security restrictions, and processing all of your Azure data.

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In order to enable business intelligence (BI) and machine learning (ML) on any data, the Databricks Lakehouse combines the ACID transactions and data governance of enterprise data warehouses with Databricks Unity Catalog and adaptability, cost-efficiency of data lakes.

From unstructured to structured data, a variety of data types are supported: Images, video, music, semi-structured data, and text are just a few of the data kinds that may be stored, improved, analyzed, and accessed using the Databricks lake house which is powered by Databricks Unity Catalog

To protect and regulate access to data, Databricks supports the addition of a customer-managed key. There are two important aspects that customers can manage for various sorts of data: Managed services using customer-managed keys: Data from managed services is encrypted at rest in the Databricks control plane.

Databricks data lake services can be configured according to you your needs, the configuration is completely dependent on the services which you want to connect it to, for example you can easily connect it to Azure services and thus get the added convenience if both programs simultaneously.

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